What are The Best Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo Cameras?

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo Cameras

In order for Arlo wireless cameras to work, you need rechargeable batteries. There are different types of batteries for their products. Although non-rechargeable or disposable batteries work better than their rechargeable counterparts one time, the rechargeable ones work decently multiple times, so longevity is their main claim to fame.

In this post, you can choose the best rechargeable batteries for Arlo cameras that fit your needs. Different Arlo camera models have different batteries. Keep on reading to find out.


The Best Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo cameras

If you’re looking for Arlo rechargeable batteries, the right batteries can go a long way; here are our favorite Rechargeable batteries to help get you started.

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For Arlo Ultra and Ultra 2; Arlo Pro 3 and Pro 4

If you have any Ultra and Ultra 2, Arlo Pro 3 and Pro 4 watching the inside or outside of your home, You can buy Rechargeable Camera Battery Compatible with Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3 and Pro 4 Cameras. This Battery does not work with Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera.

If you use Arlo Ultra camera or Arlo Ultra, you need the charging station to charge the battery. This charging station is Compatible with Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 3 Floodlight Camera Batteries.

You also get a Solar Panel Charger to use for you Arlo camera.

Rechargeable Camera Battery
Rechargeable Camera Battery


For an Arlo Pro or Pro 2 Camera

If you own this camera, you can get rechargeable battery compatible with Arlo Pro and Pro 2 camera. Buy it here.

For an Arlo Go Camera (VMA4410)

LP Arlo Battery has high temperature protection, short circuit protection and surge protection, overcharge protection with CE, FCC, RoHS Certifications.

It is tested by manufacturers to match OEM products.

It only can be fully compatible with Arlo Go.

Buy it here

Arlo Essential wire-free

The battery in the Arlo Essential wire-free camera can’t be removed.

You can use a VMA3600 Solar Panel to charge your Arlo camera.

Essential Solar Panel Charger
Essential Solar Panel Charger

You also can get the included USB charging cable to charge your Arlo camera.

The Best CR123A Battery for Arlo

Here are the top third-party rechargeable batteries compatible with most Arlo brand wireless camera models.

Arlo Certified 12-Pack Tenergy 3.7V Rechargeable Battery for Arlo Security Cameras

This means it belongs on this top-tier list of rechargeable batteries for Arlo cameras.

 Tenergy 12 Pack CR123A Batteries and Charger
Tenergy 12 Pack CR123A Batteries and Charger


In particular, They hold their charge well and they’re expensive exactly because they’re reusable. Using lesser brands than Tenergy or the other batteries on this list can result in incomplete battery charge and fewer than 500 times of reusability.

To be more specific, despite their upfront expensiveness, you’ll earn your money back and more by the time the third charge happens when compared to going the disposable battery route.

It’s specifically compatible to Arlo Wire-Free Camera models VMC3030, VMK3200, VMS3130 and VMS3230C 3430 3530.

Don’t forget to invest in a Tenergy Arlo Camera Battery Charger. Using third-party chargers on an already third-party battery can result in incomplete charging on the Tenergy rechargeable batteries when push comes to shove. It’s best to err on the side of compatibility. 


    • 650mAh batteries are UL UN Certified.
    • Superior Arlo Security Camera compatibility.
    • It comes in an affordable 12-pack product deal.
    • It’s cost-effective down the line rather than immediately.
    • You can reuse Tenergy 3.7V rechargeable batteries for 500 times.


    • You have to pay extra for a Tenergy Arlo Camera Battery Charger.
    • Expensive. The upfront cost is more than a disposable battery or even some of its fellow rechargeable batteries.

Tyrone-Battery 16-Pack Compatible Arlo Rechargeable Batteries

As for the 16-pack Tyrone-Battery CR123A, it’s rated as 4.5 out of 5 stars among 326 reviews at the time of this writing. On one hand, it has a lower rating than Tenergy. On the other hand, it gives you more bang for your buck or more value for your investment by being a 16-pack battery product instead of a 12-pack one.

On top of being Arlo compatible, you can use Tyrone-Battery 3.7-volt lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for other devices such as torches or flashlights, LED flashlights, photography cameras, adapters, memory backup, other surveillance camera brands, medical equipment, videogame consoles, and calculators.

This might explain the lower rating (it’s more generic compared to the Arlo-specific Tenergy). Please take note that after the battery runs out of power, you should charge it within 5 days to protect it from over-discharge.


    • Long-lasting. They can last quite a long time after every charge.
    • Compatibility. Arlo cameras don’t have any compatibility issues with this battery type.
    • Cost-effectiveness. You get more batteries for cheaper yet has similar ratings as Tenergy.
    • Versatility. Aside from Arlo cameras, you can use Tyrone-Battery on a host of other devices.
    • You get a good four batteries extra from what Tenergy offers and Tyrone-Battery is merely about 0.1 lower in ratings to boot.


    • Takes 2-3 hours to charge after charging it twice.
    • It has over-discharge risk within 5 days of discharging. 

Taken 16-Pack 3.7V 750mA Li-ion Batteries for Arlo Camera

 The Taken or Taken One CR123A Rechargeable Batteries to have high ratings on Amazon.

The 16-pack product is a must-have because it has an 8-port charger included in the package. It works for Arlo models such as VMC3030, VMK3200, and VMS3330/3430/3530, just like with Tyrone-Battery too.


    • It comes with its own charger.
    • It claims to recharge up to 600 times as well.
    • It’s a 16-pack product just like in the case of Tyrone-Battery.
    • It got a high rating due to how well it holds a charge without drainage.
    • It’s compatible with many of the major Arlo cameras that use Cr123a batteries.
    • It’s higher-rated than Tenergy and Tyrone, with many vouching for its longevity. 


    • Not as big of a name brand.
    • Not as popular as Tyrone and Tenergy.

WEGWANG 8-Pack 3.7V 800mAh Arlo Rechargeable Batteries 8-Pack:

Furthermore, these Arlo-compatible rechargeable batteries can deal with a myriad of high-drain devices such as digital cameras, flashlights, radios, medical equipment, and so forth.

Battery for Arlo Rechargeable
Battery for Arlo Rechargeable


We included this battery brand on this list despite being only available as an 8-pack item because of its longevity. There are claims that even if you leave it alone for 16 weeks, it will remain fully charged. This is in stark contrast to other batteries that lose charge within the same time period or sooner, like days or weeks.


    • It comes with its own charger.
    • Even after 16 weeks of not being used it remains fully charged.
    • When used, it can last for about 30 days before needing a recharge.
    • It’s a 3.7V, 800mAh high capacity CR123A rechargeable battery brand.
    • It works with a wide variety of Arlo cameras and many other items like radios and some such.


    • Quality control and charger issues dragged down its score.
    • Only comes with an 8-pack versus the 12-16 packs of the other batteries on this list.

Arlo Batteries Rechargeable 16 Pack, FARSAIL 800mAH 123A Batteries Replacement.

Despite its unusual company name listed on Amazon (that hints at being a generic battery type), we believe it’s a must-have 16-pack battery alternative to better ones like Taken One, Tyrone-Battery, and Tenergy, or even WEGWANG. Sure, it scores 4.2 out of 5 stars across 366 ratings at the time of this writing.

That means it’s the lowest-rated battery brand on this list. However, its pros or benefits allow it to make the cut, such as the fact that it comes with its own protected battery case and Arlo battery charger. The charger is good value for your money because it doesn’t only work with these batteries but also on AA and AAA rechargeable batteries you might have hanging around. This is to be expected from a generic “no-name” brand.


    • It comes with its own charger and battery case.
    • They easily recharge and can be recharged multiple times.
    • They’re compatible with all the usual Arlo camera suspects.
    • Quality 8-pack item that makes up for its mere 8 batteries by including a handy charger to the mix.
    • The charger in question also works on rechargeable batteries of the AA and AAA variety as well as your standard CR123A batteries.


    • No-name brand with loads of 1-star ratings.
    • Quality control issues such as claims that the batteries only hold 8 hours’ worth of charge before needing a recharge.

What Should You Look for in Arlo CR123A Rechargeable Batteries?

Most homeowners opt for non-rechargeable batteries due to their lengthy shelf life when unused. They’re easy to carry when you’re traveling and they’re a great backup option for power. However, people really began valuing the benefits of rechargeable batteries during the start of the smart revolution, with many smart devices having batteries of their own.

Arlo wireless cameras require third-party rechargeable batteries to work instead of their own battery but that comes with their own set of benefits when push comes to shove. You should look for the following features when shopping for the right batteries for your Arlo cams.

  • Period of the Battery’s Longevity: A good rechargeable battery should be able to hold charge for much longer than 8 hours or so when in use. It should also hold charge for about 16 weeks when in storage or not in use. Battery life is essential when purchasing this battery type. There are several points to consider when it comes to battery longevity, chief among them is the “Best Before” date. These batteries have an expiration date that supplants the number of times you can recharge them (500-600 times).
  • Expiration Date: Yes, batteries have an expiration date or “Best Before” date relative to their manufacture date. They’re like food items. Buy only batteries that are recently manufactured and have a lengthy “Best Before” date (like about five years or something). Don’t consider buying batteries whose manufacture date or expiration date is about to exceed five years. Rechargeable batteries especially are susceptible to going bad, energy drainage, and over-discharging (like when you don’t charge them within 5 days of discharging). When batteries spend more days on the shelf it’s likeliest to lose its power when used.
  •  Factory Sealed Packaging: Before buying a pack of batteries for your Arlo camera, you should also make sure that the package is factory sealed or not. This is easier to do when buying rechargeable Arlo camera batteries in the store. However, checking this feature out with online shopping is trickier. When dealing with “ecommerce” batteries, you should check the specs if it’s factory sealed and not previously used. Read the reviews if the batteries being sold come in a non-sealed package or not.
  • Battery Cost or Price and Package Deals: The cost of the batteries will naturally be important. Their price can range from $30 to $50 depending on the amount of batteries included in a given pack or package deal as well as whether or not the charger is sold separately. As a rule of thumb, the more you pay the better product you’ll get. This isn’t always the case so you have to also depend on the Amazon ratings to make sure that you’re getting value out of your money even when it comes to the expensive rechargeable batteries.
  • Brand Names and Brand Recognition: Like with other consumer products, certain batteries are priced different from others more because they’re a trusted brand name and not necessarily because of their raw value. Some of the reviewed battery types above are from more well-known companies than others with a generic or unknown manufacturer. A good brand is reputable, so they can raise their prices higher because of their reputation. Unknown brands or non-branded generic items, meanwhile, are less reputable but can contain hidden gems.
  • Battery Performance and Quality: There are several factors that boost or detract to the effectiveness and performance of your rechargeable Cr123a batteries. These include the expiration date, temperature they’re exposed to, strength, and the like. Battery efficiency is also influenced by how much it’s used or how much it can take. Read reviews to see if more often than not, the battery can take the 24/7 usage required from a surveillance camera from Arlo. The ratings and user reviews are there for a reason.
  • Value over Price: If you can get a 12 or 16 pack of batteries for a good price thanks to the bulk discount then that’s preferable too. Just watch out for low-quality batteries that make up for their deficiencies by offering you more batteries for your money. You should balance out affordability with quality so that you don’t end up with a cheap or bad quality battery at a bargain bin price. You want a high-priced battery with good ratings relative to your budget. You get what you pay for.
  • Availability: There are some batteries that get sold out rather fast on Amazon and beyond, so you better act fast in getting them. Availability can trump quality even since you can’t buy an unavailable high-quality battery. Sometimes, in a pinch, you might be forced to try out purchasing a lower quality 16-pack battery because the dependable Cr123a batteries are unavailable. You should also find a good supplier of your preferred and trusted batteries so that even in cases like the pandemic, you can get a regular stock of these products before they get sold out faster than toilet paper at the start of a lockdown.
  • The Kind of Device You’re Going to Use Batteries For: An Arlo camera is an energy-efficient but draining device. It has to run 24/7. Sure, you can put it in a certain mode where it only activates when it detects motion near it. However, for the most part, it needs to have a regular supply of energy to make it activate on time or sync with your base station and Wi-Fi. It’s a high-energy device that requires the highest quality and most rechargeable of CR123A batteries even though it’s a remote-controlled device and you have energy-saving options available.
  • Outcomes and Results: The specs of your battery of choice should reflect its end results. Read the reviews both positive and negative to see whether or not a given brand like Tenergy or Taken One really does offer 500-600 times recharge or longevity in the form of 30 days before it requires recharging. You ostensibly want a battery that delivers maximum performance at the most cost-effective price or package deal. As a bonus, get something that’s eco-friendly. These batteries are easier to dispose to recycling centers and won’t harm the environment.

What Have We Learned?

In this post, we hope you can choose the right rechargeable battery for your Arlo.

For CR123A rechargeable batteries,  you have to buy third-party batteries for certain Arlo models (specifically VMC3030, VMK3200, and VMS3330/3430/3530. On the other hand, this means that the batteries are easier to replace compared to their smart device counterparts (that have batteries that cost almost as much as the device itself). Also, the Taken 3.7V 750mA Li-ion Batteries for Arlo Camera is probably your best bet for a high-value investment, followed by either Tyrone-Battery 16-pack or Tenergy 12-pack.

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