What Are The Best Places to Mount Arlo Camera Outside?

place your camera at your front door, near the driveway

You wish to safeguard your home with something like a Wi-Fi security camera so that you can keep watch of these ne’er-do-wells before they can do their nefarious deeds.

You can also use cameras like Arlo’s series of security cams to deter burglaries or gather evidence that will land these criminals behind bars. 

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Where should you place your Arlo cameras for maximum efficiency? Keep on reading to find out.

What Are The Best Places to Mount Arlo Camera Outside?

The key to capturing important events happening on your property for your sake and for the sake of law enforcement is security camera placement.

Outdoors, you can place them in every which place, such as on your roof or above your gutter for a bird’s eye view of your property to know who goes in or out of it even when you’re away form home.

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You can also place your camera in places like at your front door, near the driveway, in the backyard, and near the fuse box.

There are also more eccentric options like hiding your camera in the bushes, inside birdhouses, or outright place them overhead on branches of surrounding trees like you would with the bird’s eye view from your roof gutter.

If you wish to ward off criminals and keep your home safe, you can opt to place your security camera front and center with the rest of your lights if it’s the floodlight camera variety.

This way, they’ll serve as an effective deterrent to thieves and burglars the same way prison and bank surveillance cameras do. They’re obviously there to make these people have second thoughts in intruding on your property for nefarious reasons.

Why Should You Place Your Camera at the Front Door? 

Your home’s main entry point is the front door. Therefore, you should place a camera near there in the form of a ceiling camera or even a doorbell cam to monitor guests, visitors, and package deliveries. Alas, most crimes such as vandalism, burglaries, and package theft happen at or near the front door as well.

place your camera at your front door, near the driveway
To place your camera at your front door, near the driveway.


Therefore, you should place the camera near the front door in order to have a front seat view or full visibility of what’s happening there 24/7. It protects your home from dusk till dawn, to be more specific.

Mount the camera at least 7 feet above the ground. It should be aimed in a downward angle since it’s so high up and out of reach from the average person.

What Should You Place Your Camera Near the Driveway?

You should place your camera near the driveway to safeguard your car or motorbike. This is because about 773,139 motor vehicle thefts happened as recently as 2017 in the United States. This means per 100,000 inhabitants or American citizens, there are 237.4 thefts happening among them. Don’t be another sad statistic.

You should place your Arlo cam near your driveway and pointed directly at it or your garage to alert you of questionable shenanigans by bad persons.

Monitor your vehicles, from your BMX bikes to your motorbikes or even your cars and trucks from day to night. This is also the best place to put up an Arlo Security Light as the ultimate criminal deterrent.

It shines a light like a prison spotlight from a high-up lighthouse whenever your camera detects motion at designated zones or areas. This should give intruders from all walks of life pause or even stop them in their tracks.

You should definitely add a spotlight to light up your driveway or other high-traffic places in your home. You can use that footage as evidence against them too.

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Why Should You Place Your Camera in the Backyard?

Secure your home’s perimeter by placing your camera strategically in the backyard. Many a homeowner will tend to cover the front yard or porch of their home with cameras, neglecting to also keep the literal backdoor of their property safe with a backdoor cam.

There are other points of entry that burglars and thieves will instead take. It’s a lot tougher to go to the front of the house, where neighbors can see you versus hopping the fence over at the backyard in order to steal stuff like a barbecue grill or a box of power tools.

Place your camera in the backyard in order to monitor that part of your home too, like having eyes at the proverbial back of your head.

Why Should You Have Cameras Aimed at Your Home?

Aside from putting cameras on the gutter or rooftop of home for a bird’s eye view or near your outdoor fuse box in case the criminals attempt to cut your power, you should also place your camera at this often overlooked yet critical location. 

What is the Best Arlo Outdoor Mount

Whether criminals opt to burglarize your home by taking everything that’s not nailed down or steal your Amazon packages with petty theft, they’ll tend to hide their faces or wear disguises.

This is especially tricky during the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic, where wearing masks that cover your mouth is now the norm rather than the actions of a suspicious individual.

You should find a fence or tree location to hide your camera as these criminals put on their disguises and walk to your front door.

By placing a camera pointed to your home instead of just outwards to the suburban sidewalk and road, you’ll likely catch a view of the criminal’s face before they wear their masks and whatnot. It pays to have a camera or two with a different perspective from the rest.

Over the Horizon

It’s time to look over the horizon and get the big picture or a panoramic look at what this article is all about.

You should be careful when it comes to Arlo camera placement in your home so that you won’t waste your investment when push comes to shove.

Camera placement can be done subtly and covertly to record criminals for persecution at a court of law or blatantly as a deterrent for them to not do any funny business with your home. Secure your outdoor perimeter and keep all your bases covered always.


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