Vivint Doorbell Troubleshooting (9 Problems & Solutions)

Vivint Doorbell Troubleshooting

Most people who use the Vivint doorbell camera won’t have any issues with it after its installation. It’s easy to install and easier to troubleshoot. However, in case you end up faced with an error of some sort, it pays to understand the root cause.

Let’s discuss below why you’d have issues with the live feed, the power, or connecting your camera online. We’ll cover when the camera won’t turn on or the doorbell won’t ring after someone at your gate or door has pressed the button.

Here are the potential problems you might have to troubleshoot when using a Vivint Doorbell Camera. These are rare problems and Vivint doorbell cams usually work without incident.

1. Vivint Doorbell not working: How to fix?

First off, check the Internet connection of your Vivint. If that’s working fine, try rebooting the doorbell itself or its control panel. 

  • Restart: To restart the panel from the app, go to Settings then Displays. Select the panel and tap the Reboot command. You can also simply unplug the device for 30 seconds then plug it back to power to restart the device.
  • Router Issue: It might be a router issue, in which case you need to reset your router or call your ISP provider on when you’ll get your Internet connectivity back.
  • Hard Reboot: Do a hard reboot by pressing the button, waiting for the light indicator to go yellow twice then turn into a solid white color, and then letting go as soon as that happens. The white LED means the reboot is successful.
  • Power Issue: It might also be a power issue. Is your doorbell getting enough power? Check the front doorbell lights if they’re turned on and working. This indicates whether the device is getting sufficient power.
  • Batteries vs. Wires: The batteries might not be inserted correctly or the wires might have disconnections. Watch out for pinched wires or tripped switches on the breaker. Consult a technician for battery replacement.

2. Vivint Doorbell Keeps Ringing: How to fix?

If your Vivint Doorbell rings on its own without anyone pushing its button and it’s not a “Dingdong Ditch” prank by neighborhood rascals, here’s what you need to do. 

  • Clean the Button: First, clean the button. A dirty button can make the device ring on its own. It can get dirty because of the sticky or unwashed hands of the people who ring it, whether they’re delivery people or even the persons in your home.
  • Restart the Internet: Second, restart the Internet by turning off your router for 10-30 seconds and then turning it on again.
  • Hard Reboot: Third, do a hard reboot as described above. It involves holding the button for 10-15 seconds, waiting for the light indicator to turn various colors, turn yellow twice, and then turn white.
  • Motion Detection Settings: Adjust your motion detection settings too since it could trigger the doorbell without actually any human being there, just strays or vermin.

Vivint Doorbell

3. Why is my Vivint doorbell blinking green?

If your doorbell is blinking green, this means the doorbell cam is ready to pair with the Vivint security system. Pairing mode is when a device syncs with a home base, control center, or another device.

If your doorbell is slowly blinking green over a solid blue light, this means the process for running the lights is not working. It should resolve itself over time, but if it doesn’t after 5 minutes, unplug the device for 30 seconds before plugging it again for a restart.

4. Why is my Vivint doorbell flashing red?

A flashing red light on your Vivint Doorbell Camera means that your device’s network cable has been disconnected. If it’s still connected, unplug the doorbell for half a minute, plug it back in, then boot it up. If problem persists, contact Vivint support.

If the indicator is solid red, then that means an internal error has occured. Unplug the device for 30 seconds then plug it back in for a restart.

5. Why is Vivint doorbell camera offline?

It could mean there’s some kind of (software) error or that the batteries are low or depleted. That’s a bit of a “red alert” situation on your part requiring restarts, reboots, or battery changes (by Vivint technician).

It’s usually and specifically a network error though. Reconnect the panel to your router or enter the new password for the Wi-Fi in case you’ve changed it and forgot to update the device about it.

On the flipside, if it’s a problem on your router’s end, consult your Internet service provider on when you’ll get the Internet service back. You might even need to place your doorbell and router nearer each other to establish a firmer connection.

6. Vivint doorbell not ringing on phone: How to Fix!

If your Vivint Doorbell isn’t ringing on your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone, make sure the rules or notifications are made and enabled. You could end up accidentally swiping off or not saving these necessary rules or notifications.

  • Tap the menu icon on the top-left corner of the app to access your notifications. Afterwards, tap “Custom Actions”. At the top of the screen, tap “Notifications”.
  • If you don’t have a notification for, say, making your Vivint doorbell ring on your phone, then toggle on that to activate that option.
  • If your Vivint Doorbell still won’t ring via your smart device even after creating and enabling notifications, contact Vivint specialists or agents for more details and troubleshooting help.

7. Vivint doorbell won’t reset: How to Fix!

Do the reset sequence as prescribed above one more time if you’ve tried and failed already. It typically takes 3-5 minutes to do. As opposed to the instant restart sequence involving unplugging the doorbell or taking its batteries off, this involves rebooting the system itself.

Again, press and hold the doorbell cam for 10-15 seconds. The light indicator will flash a rainbow of colors, including yellow. When it turns yellow for the second time, it should still stay yellow until it fades to a white color. 

You can let go of the device’s button once it has turned to solid white, indicating the reboot or reset sequence was successful. If this doesn’t work still, consult Vivint support for more details. You might have a defective unit since this is the only way to reset the system.

8. Vivint doorbell camera not recording: How to Fix!

An online doorbell cam should show you a live feed. However, if it’s not recording, you can check out the following in order to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Check through your Vivint Sky App if your camera is setup to record whenever it detects a visitor.
  • Scope out your visitor detector settings. Adjust them from your SkyControl panel.
    • Tap the Camera icon, tap on Doorbell Camera, tap on the Settings gear icon, and toggle on or off visitor detection recordings and doorbell press recordings.
  • If you’re not seeing any clips recorded despite adjusting the settings, contact by email or chat a Smart Home Specialist or Vivint call center agent for extra help.
    • Go to the Camera icon, select Doorbell Camera, and then select the Settings gear. Enter your 4-digit pin. 
    • Tap “Detection Settings” then adjust the motion box as required. 
    • Adjust sensitivity and object size. Save settings.
  • You can also contact specialists if you’re unable to find visitor detector settings on your Sky App.

Vivint Doorbell

9. Vivint doorbell camera battery replacement: How to do?

To change your Vivint Doorbell Cam’s battery, you need to contact the Vivint Company for a technician who could do it for you. They can choose the right battery for your doorbell camera model and get the battery swapped in quick order.

You can remove the doorbell on your own to move it around the house by first disconnecting it from the system and your app. From there, remove the doorbell cover, unplug the wires, and unscrew then remove the mounting brackets.

You can’t remove the battery from your removed doorbell though. Don’t even attempt it. Let the pros handle it.

How do I reset my Vivint doorbell?

To reboot or reset the doorbell, press the button on the front of the camera. Hold it until the light indicator cycles through multiple colors and then turns yellow for the second time. Let go of the button. Wait for it to go back to white. This means the restart process has been successful.

Rebooting or resetting your Vivint doorbell camera fixes most issues relating to online connectivity and any other errors. It’s like a factory reset, which means you’ll have to go to your settings and set them up to their original configurations.

Related questions (Answered) 

Here are some related questions with their respective answers.

Is there a battery in the Vivint doorbell?

Devices like the Vivint Door Sensor only use a CR2 battery. You can change its battery by accessing it through a small flathead screwdriver. 

However, when it comes to most doorbell cameras from Vivint, you have to ask a technician for help. The exception here is the wired models of Vivint doorbell. You need to unplug or disconnect the wires in order to power them down.

Will my Vivint doorbell work without service?

You can use the Vivint doorbell and other equipment without subscription. However, to get professional monitoring and the optimized Vivint experience, it’s best that you get a Vivint subscription for cloud storage and 24/7 monitoring.

At base price, the Vivint monitoring package costs $44.99 monthly. It includes professioanl installation and 2-weeks free cloud video storage. It services 7 Vivint cameras. You need to pay $1.48 monthly for cellular network maintenance.

How do I power my Vivint doorbell?

Get low voltage wire. Run it from the doorbell cam to the nearest socket. Plug the wire in using a either a 12-24vDC or 14-24vAC transformer. If your doorbell is already plugged into a socket, replace the transformer.

If you’re having power issues check your breaker if its switches have been tripped. Also inspect your chime box if the wires are twisted together or disconnected form their screws. Also check wire terminal connections or any pinched wires.

Can I turn my Vivint doorbell off?

You can unplug your Vivint doorbell at any time to restart it. However, if you wish to change your batteries, you need to ask a technician for assistance. If it’s a wiring issue, you need to disconnect the wires or have an electrician remove it for you.

Can I mute my Vivint doorbell?

You can put your chime on silent through the Vivint panel. To get an alert that there’s someone at the door, you’ll have to check your smartphone instead. 

Tap the Camera icon on your SkyControl home screen. Tap the Doorbell Cam thumbnail. Tap the gear icon. Enter your 4-digit pin. Now you can adjust the volume of the chime, the type of chime, or if you want it muted. Save changes when you’re done.

Can I upgrade my Vivint doorbell camera?

You can add new, upgraded equipment to your existing devices for system enhancement or replacement if you’ve purchased your equipment in full once it’s installed. If you’ve financed installation of your system by Fortiva or Citizens Pay, you’ll have to pay your remaining balance. 

Never Forget

The Vivint Doorbell Cam is a hidden gem in doorbell cam technology, thus making it a worthwhile investment. Those familiar with doorbell cam tech will be familiar with how to troubleshoot this device since they follow the same motions.

It’s no Ring, SimpliSafe, or Blink Doorbell, but what it lacks in the billionaire-backing of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, it more than makes up for its low upfront cost. Power to the people and whatnot, we say! It’s much cheaper than other security systems out there.

It does have its limits, such as no direct HomeKit support. However, you can still use apps in HomeKit-enabled homes through HomeBridge to bridge that gap, so to speak.


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