Vivint Doorbell not working: How to fix?

Vivint Doorbell not working: How to fix?

If you’ve recently purchased a Vivint Doorbell Camera of some variant or model, then after a few months of usage without problems, it suddenly doesn’t work, keeps ringing, or gives you a host of errors, glitches, and bugs.

It might be a power problem, so it keeps resetting or not recording. You might even have trouble getting a live feed from the cam when you’re out your home. Sometimes, the camera won’t turn on outright or won’t ring. What’s going on?

How to Fix Vivint Doorbell Not Working?

If you want to know what’s wrong with your doorbell cam by Vivint then do the following.

Check Power Source

Check if your doorbell is getting sufficient power from its wired connection or battery in order to work properly. The batteries should be properly inserted. Contact Vivint by live chat on their website or by email ( in case you want the batteries removed or replaced.

Vivint batteries require a technician to handle them compared to other company batteries and doorbell cameras. Also, if you have a wired model, check for pinched wires, loose wire terminal connections, and the chime box if there are any wires twisted together.

It could also be your breaker. Check for any tripped switches on your breaker that might have caused the doorbell to stop working.

Try Resetting Your Doorbells

You can soft reset or restart your doorbell or set of doorbells simply by unplugging it or turning it off and on again. Like you would with your router.

Or you should do a hard reset, restart, or reboot of your doorbell camera. Do the following:

  • Go to your doorbell camera button with the light indicator.
  • Press and hold it about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Wait as the LED cycles through multiple colors. It should turn yellow twice.
  • The second time it turns yellow, it should freeze on a solid yellow color.
  • Let go of the button once it goes back to white. If you press any longer afterwards, it will do a factory reset and all your saved settings will go back to factory defaults.
  • Once the doorbell has restarted, check again to see if its issue has been resolved or not.

If that’s not enough to help, then do the same procedure but hold the button for 20 seconds to do a factory reset.

You can even restart the panel instead in case you have a Sky Control Panel controlling all your Vivint system devices. To do this, you should follow these instructions.

  • Go to “Settings” then to “Displays”.
  • Select the panel or the doorbell thumbnail.
  • Tap the “Reboot” option.
  • Once “Reboot” has been initiated, the panel will be unavailable for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Once the panel is accessible again, it should restore connection with your Vivint devices, correcting any software issues.

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Restart Your Router

You can also restart your router in case it’s an Internet connection issue. Just turn it off completely by unplugging it or pressing the off-switch. You can also press the reset button but to err on the side of caution, do a harder restart with an unplug.

Wait about 45 seconds before plugging or powering on the router. Now turn the router back on and see if the Vivint Security System is able to reconnect to it. Otherwise, call your Internet service provider in regards to the state of your Internet connectivity.

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Contact Customer Support

Contact the number 800-216-5232 for support regarding an unresponsive device or the system. Live chat goes online from 12AM to 4AM MST (Mountain Standard Time) if you wish for a live technician to help you out.

Email Vivint at for long-form tech support requests. Detail the symptoms of your issue, when it started happening, and for how long it’s been happening, and they should get back to you shortly afterwards.

Buy an alternative brand of doorbell camera

You can also buy an alternative brand of doorbell camera from Ring, Blink, Arlo, Nest, Wyze, and Logitech if you so choose. We’d recommend this in particular for users who don’t approve of having to call customer service for a technician in order to replace or remove batteries from their device.

That’s a particular unusual flaw of Vivint doorbell cameras that isn’t present in order doorbell camera makers. Their batteries can be removed and replaced by the user himself.

Why did my doorbell camera stop working?

The reason behind the doorbell camera not working depends on the symptom. What stopped working? If it won’t turn on it might be a power source issue. If the doorbell won’t ring, it might be a stuck button or a software issue.

It could have nothing to do with your Vivint system and it could be an issue with your Internet service provider or the phone company like Verizon throttling your Internet connectivity. It’s best to get to the bottom of things.

Why does my Vivint doorbell camera keep going offline?

Your doorbell cam might keep going online because it’s not receiving enough power from a working outlet or it has battery issues that can only be addressed by calling a Vivint technician to replace or repair them.

It might also have Internet connectivity issues rooting from your ISP having a bad connection that hour or that day. Contact your ISP for more details. If it’s on Vivint’s end, resolve it by restarting the panel or restarting the doorbell itself.

How do you reboot Vivint doorbell camera?

You can quickly restart the Vivint doorbell by unplugging it or powering it down then turning it on again, like your computer or your router. A hard reset or reboot requires specific instructions though.

To reboot the Vivint Doorbell Camera, press the chime button for 10-15 seconds or let go as soon as its solid yellow color turns to white.  If you keep pressing the doorbell cam beyond 15 second or after it turns to white, you’ll reset your settings to factory defaults (which could also fix your problem).

You can also restart the panel of your Vivint System in case your connectivity problems originate from a bad connection between the device and the system itself.


After reading though helpful articles and your technical documents as well as this guide, you should be able to narrow down what’s wrong with your doorbell camera and what you should do to fix it. It’s all about acting like Sherlock Holmes or a doctor and using clues to find the reason behind your issue.

Once you know why the doorbell is acting up or not working at all, you should be able to fix your doorbell camera in minutes when push comes to shove.


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