Vivint Doorbell Keeps Ringing: (9 Fixes)

Vivint Doorbell Keeps Ringing 9 Fixes

What should you do if your Vivint Doorbell Camera keeps on ringing? These 9 fixes should help you along just swell.

Why does my Vivint doorbell keep ringing?

Does your Vivint Doorbell ring without anyone at your door ringing it or pressing its button? Just so you know, it’s not supposed to do that! If it’s not a ghost, a prankster, or neighborhood kids doing the “dingdong ditch” on you, then you should have it fixed.

It could continue ringing due to some sort of software or hardware error. Before sending the whole device back to Vivint for a replacement (as long as it’s under warranty), you should check if you could fix it up using these tips and tricks though.

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Vivint Doorbell Keeps Ringing: 9 Fixes

Let’s discuss the 9 fixes you can try out in order to stop your Vivint Doorbell from ringing on its own, unprompted.

#1: Clean the button (Check the Doorbell button)

Check the doorbell button to see how clean it is. It might be stuck, leading to the device repeatedly ringing without someone pushing it. These phantom rings might also root from circuitry being affected by a layer of dirt mixed with oils, leading to sticky gunk.

Check the button if it’s:

  • Wet or oily
  • Dirty with dust
  • Filled with gunk
  • Crawling with insects
  • Moving freely or stuck

Look around or inside the doorbell button area for small insects, dirt, and gunk. Afterwards, clean it with alcohol. If possible, clean it up without disassembling the device altogether.

You can also spray the button with a tiny amount of WD-40. Don’t use too much or flood the doorbell button with the stuff, though!

#2: Internet restart

If the button is working fine, you can troubleshoot the ringing by simply restarting or rebooting the device. Most electronic devices, from routers to PCs can be fixed with a reboot or restart. It refreshes the system and gets rid of errors that came about as the device operates without restarting.

In this case, you can reboot either the doorbell or the Internet. First, we’ll start with the Internet. Just restart your Wi-Fi using its reset button or by unplugging it for 30 seconds then plugging it back on. The ringing should stop if that’s the issue.

Vivint Doorbell

#3: Hard reboot (Reset the Doorbell) 

To reset the doorbell, first press and hold the doorbell’s button for 10 to 15 seconds. Its LED indicator should go through different variegated colors. Wait for it to turn yellow twice or a second time before releasing the button.

If you did things correctly, the button light should stay yellow then turn white once the reboot is done. The doorbell will ring the first time it’s pressed. Keep holding the button but don’t hold it for more than 20 seconds.

On the other hand, if a reboot doesn’t fix the endless ringing then hold the button for more than 20 seconds in order to reset the device to its default settings. This is a factory reset.

#4: Adjust motion detection

Go to the Sky Control Panel of your Vivint Security System and find the navigation bar on the home screen. From there, push or tap on the camera icon or thumbnail for your doorbell cam. Afterwards, open the camera settings. You’ll need to enter your 4-digit pin to give you Administrator privileges.

Move to “Visitor Detection Settings” and select “Detection Setting”. You’ll be shown the “Motion Detection” box. Adjust the placement, size, and area that the box can detect or turn it off altogether if that’s what’s triggering the incessant doorbell chimes.

#5: Battery Change

The batteries for Vivint doorbells last from 3 to 5 years depending on use. Furthermore, the Vivint app will notify you when the batteries are running low. Therefore, if the doorbell is ringing randomly and you get a notification of low battery power then that should clue you in on the situation.

Actually, the notification should arrive before the doorbell starts having ringing issues. If you’ve ignored the notifications then that could be the cause of your woes. If that’s not the case, the doorbell itself might have broken suddenly for whatever reason.

If it is a battery issue, it’s best to contact Vivint technicians and have them do the battery replacement instead of you because of the unique way the doorbell holds its battery compared to other doorbells.

#6 Fix The Chime

Just to try out every possible solution, you can also change the type of chime in case that will make the system somehow jolt back into normal. Or to be more specific, you can turn off the chime in order to get rid of the noise in the short term before getting to the bottom of the error.

It might be difficult to concentrate on investigating the cause of the error while having the doorbell keep on ringing continuously. Besides which, once the doorbell is off and you’re still getting alerts that’s someone’s at the door, you can narrow down the problem.

It could be motion alerts triggering the alarm or a software error.

#7 There Might Be Compatibility Issues

The Vivint home security system isn’t compatible with Ring cameras or anything else that’s not Vivint. Don’t even try to make them work together or link dissimilar devices. With that said, if it’s a compatibility issue between Vivint security systems, check the firmware for updates.

You might be running outdated firmware due to an error in automatic updates. Or the latest update might have caused the error, requiring a rollback to previous settings or versions. You might even need to wait for a new patch and update to fix the error.

#8 Check For Voltage Errors

Your doorbell might be resetting over and over, resulting in voltage-related errors. Therefore, if it’s a wired model, check for any pinched wires connecting it to your main power. Check the wire terminal connections as well to see if any of them are loose.

Make sure the wires on your chime box aren’t twisted together. They might also be no longer connected to your chime box screws, thus requiring a fix. Also, go to your breaker box and see if your doorbell has tripped any switches.

Contact Vivint for more details in case this is the issue.

#9 Contact Support

When all else fails, you should contact Vivint tech support. Call 800-216-5232 for support regarding any errors with the device or the system. Chat goes online from 12AM to 4AM MST (Mountain Standard Time) if you want assistance from a live technician.

Email Vivint at for long-form tech support requests. Feel free to include full details of the problem on your email message.

Vivint Doorbell

Can you turn off Vivint doorbell?

The incessant, unprompted doorbell ringing could be caused by any number of technical issues, including corrosion, Wi-Fi connection congestion, or motion detection errors.

You can, however, turn your chime off or put it on silent in order to turn the ringing off without necessarily turning the doorbell off. If it’s a wired doorbell, simply unplugging it should work. If you have defective batteries, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to ask Vivint professionals to remove them.

Vivint’s doorbell won’t stop ringing

Has this ever happened to you? Your Vivint doorbell won’t stop ringing. You’ve restarted it over and over but it keeps on ringing. Is there a way to turn it off and make it go back to normal without battery removal or unplugging its wires?

There are many reasons behind this. The button that activates the chime of your Vivint doorbell might be stuck. Or you might need to reboot the device. Or your router needs restarting.

The ringing could otherwise originate from motion alerts getting triggered by vermin, strays, and birds flying into motion areas that trigger the doorbell to ring.

Wrapping Up

Before you know it, after multiple uses by people who don’t wash their hands, dirt and moisture could build up unto the Vivint doorbell camera. A dirty button can get stuck in a permanent “ringing” mode, which will compel you to turn your doorbell off.

It’s unfortunately something that happens to many a Vivint Doorbell Camera. It’s caused by a variety of issues and it should be fixed post-haste or replaced with a working doorbell cam if it’s still in warranty.


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