Ring Stick Up Cam Troubleshooting

Ring Stick Up Cam Troubleshooting

How do you troubleshoot the Stick Up Cam of Ring? While we’re at it, what is the Ring Stick Up Cam and how does it differ from all the other models of Ring cams offered by the company? Keep on reading to find out!

The thing about the Ring Stick Up Cam is that it’s a versatile type of Ring Cam you can place anywhere. If you have issues with router coverage, you can place it closer to your router instead of moving your router closer to it. It’s an indoor/outdoor cam you can stick up to anything, hence its name.

With that said, let’s talk Ring Stick Up Cam Troubleshooting, particularly when it comes to issues relating to notifications, turning on or off, motion detection, night vision, and so forth.

Quick Fix!

  1. Fully close and re-open your app.
  2. Check to make sure your Stick Up Cam is powered on.
  3. Ensure your camera’s battery is 100% charged.
  4. If not, try another outlet. The one you’re using may be faulty or associated with a light switch.
  5. Restart your router and run through the setup process again.

Ring Stick Up Cam not working: How to fix it!

You have to consider several probabilities. After you’ve narrowed down the root cause then you could troubleshoot the problem.

  • The Power Outlet: Maybe the power outlet or electrical socket you’ve plugged your Ring Stick Up Cam to is faulty or associated with a light switch, resulting in not enough power going to your device. Also consider whether or not your battery is charged.
  • Unplug or Remove Battery: If the camera remains powered off, unplug its power source from behind the unit then plug it back in. Or you can remove its battery then put the battery back after 10 seconds or so to see if that fixes things.
  • Hold the Setup Button: You can also hold the setup button for 20 seconds then wait if the cam starts working. Contact support if the issue persists.

Ring Stick Up Cam not detecting motion: How to fix!

It’s a common issue for the Ring Stick Up Cam or any other motion-powered camera (like the Floodlight or Spotlight Cam) to not detect motion. Usually, this is caused by having “Motion Alerts” disabled on your Ring App.

  • Turn on Motion Alerts: To fix it, just launch the Ring App, go to “Device Settings” on your Stick Up Cam, then make sure that the toggle or button for “Motion Alerts” is colored blue and turned on when push comes to shove.
  • Turn on Infrared Lights: It could also be an issue with your Stick Up Cam’s infrared lights if motion alerts aren’t working at night. Just turn the “Infrared Lights” toggle or button on in “Device Settings’ to activate motion alerts at night.
  • If Facing a Window: Take note though that if your cam is facing a window, you have to keep the infrared lights (and night vision) turned off until you move the cam elsewhere.

Ring Stick Up Cam night vision not working: How to fix!

Again, check your “Infrared Lights” setting if you’ve placed your camera in a dark corner and it’s not facing any windows that might defect the infrared lights back to it care of the glass. Open your Ring App, open the Stick Up Cam’s “Device Settings” and “Night Settings”, and turn on the IR lights.

You can also move the camera to a well-lit area in case you’re not satisfied with its native night vision features to get your video back. If there’s still no video, you might need to have the LED lights and/or IR lights replaced (off-warranty).

Ring Stick Up Cam not charging: How to fix!

If your Ring Stick Up Cam isn’t charging then it might be a wiring or cabling issue. You might need to find a different electrical socket or micro-USB charging cable if you don’t see any charging lights on the battery. The wiring, the port, or the outlet could be faulty.

Or the camera might be turned off so you need to turn it on for it to start charging its battery. To troubleshoot, first make sure the cam is powered on then remove and charge the battery for 5-10 minutes.

Afterwards, reinsert the battery back to the camera to see if that fixes the issue. If the battery is charging fine but the Stick Up Cam won’t power on then it might be the camera itself that’s faulty. Worst-case scenario? Your Stick Up Cam might be “bricked” altogether.

Ring Stick Up Cam solid blue light: What does the solid blue light on the ring stick up camera mean?

A flashing blue light on your Ring Stick Up Cam signifies that it’s undergoing the setup process. Once setup is over, the light should turn solid blue which means that your camera is starting to function. The light will then go off once it’s in normal functioning mode.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs or most frequently asked questions when it comes to troubleshooting the Ring Stick Up Cam.

How do I reset my Ring Stick Up Cam?

When it comes to resetting your Ring Stick Up Cam to factory settings, it involves pressing and holding the reset button for 15 seconds while the camera is powered up or the battery is fully charged (otherwise it won’t work). The cam should restart and go back to factory defaults soon after.

How far does Ring Stick Up Cam detect motion?

As far the Ring Stick Up Cam is concerned, its motion range for its motion zones can reach up to 30 feet or approximately 9 meters. This is perfect for outdoor use at your front yard or backyard. It can also safeguard the perimeter of your property with such a far reach.

How do I get my Ring Stick Up Camera back online?

If your Ring Stick Up Cam is offline, restart your router and run through the setup process once more. If the issue isn’t your ISP then try fully closing then reopening your app to see if that fixes the issue. Check to see if the device is plugged in, powered on, or has a fully charged battery to boot.

Why is my Ring stick up cam not working?

Check to make sure your Stick Up Cam is powered on and plugged in. Restart your router and run through the setup process again. Make sure to have your devices in close proximity with your router and correctly enter your password. Check the last reported signal strength for your Stick Up Cam in the Ring app.

How do I reboot my Ring stick up cam?

Reset the Ring Stick Up Cam – Step-by-Step

  1. Step 1: Ensure that your Ring Stick Up Cam is fully charged or connected to power.
  2. Step 2: Press and hold the reset button on the back of the device for 15 seconds.
  3. Step 3: Release the button after 15 seconds and wait for the indicator LED at the back to stop flashing.

What does the blue light on the Ring stick up Cam mean?

What is this? If you see the Ring Camera blinking blue when setting up the device, there is nothing to worry about. This is the camera’s way of notifying you that it is being set up. As soon as the setup is over, the light begins to change to a solid blue, indicating that the camera is starting to function.

How do I get my Ring stick up camera back online?

Follow these steps to reconnect your doorbell or security camera wifi in the Ring App:

  1. Tap on the three lines on the top left.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Select doorbell or security camera you need to reconnect to wifi. The next screen is the Device Dashboard.
  4. Tap on Device Health.
  5. Tap on Reconnect to Wifi or Change Wifi Network.

Why is my Ring camera not connecting to WIFI?

If your device is still facing problems connecting to Wi-Fi, try resetting your Ring Doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the orange button on the backside of the device. What is this? This resets the device, allowing you to start the whole setup process all over again.

Can you tell if someone is watching you on Ring?

There isn’t any way to know if someone is watching you on a Ring camera—at least not through physical observation. However, it’s possible you could see the infrared light at night turn on if the camera is active—assuming the night vision is on and you’re at the correct angle to view it.

Can you turn off the blue light on a Ring camera?

You can turn off the lights via the Ring app. No need to tape anything.

What do the lights on my Ring camera mean?

Light blinks on and off, then is on for two seconds, blue. Camera is recording. Solid light, blue. Two-way talk/speaker enabled. Very slow, pulsing light, blue.

Why Does My Ring keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Your Ring doorbell keeps disconnecting because of a lousy WiFi signal. If the WiFi is strong, reset the doorbell in the Ring app. Walking it through the setup process again will adjust its settings so the WiFi connection can last. A recent power failure or 5G network upgrade might be to blame, too.

Is Ring easy to hack?

This is possible because the data traveling between the Ring device and its application is not encrypted. As a result, anyone with the know-how can easily hack your Ring device, and spy on you, and whoever enters or leaves your house. They can even steal your Wi-Fi password.

Can someone hack my Ring camera?

Make sure you have a secure password for your Ring account, as well as your Wi-Fi network. Ring said the hacker was able to gain access to the Ring account because the owners reused their passwords from other platforms. So, make sure you use a unique password for your account.

How do you know if a camera is recording?

Log in to your security camera software

Log in to your security camera software to check whether you can view the live streaming. Thus you can check if your security camera is on or working. For example, you can turn on your monitor to see whether your IP security camera is recording videotape.

How long does it take to charge a ring stick up Cam battery?

To Charge your Stick Up Cam Battery:

Connect any micro-USB charger to the charging port in the battery. During charging both the red and green lights will light up. Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green (6-8 hours).

How can you tell if a ring camera is on?

Check if there are tiny red lights around the lens of your security cameras. These tiny red lights are visible in the dark if the security camera is turned on.


The Ring Stick Up Cam is an indoor or outdoor cam that sends notifications to your phone or tablet when motion is detected. You can answer that notice to see a live view of your home inside or your yard outside, to see if any intruders, burglars, or package thieves are lurking about.

In any case, use this guide in order to fix your Ring Stick Up Cam to ensure you’re always connected to your home and see what’s happening there even when you’re away at the office or in vacation elsewhere.


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