Ring Floodlight Cam Troubleshooting

Ring Floodlight Cam Troubleshooting

Is there something wrong with your Ring Floodlight Cam? Is it not working, is it not turning on, is it not detecting motion, or is it not recording? If that’s the case then keep on reading regarding how to fix such issues post-haste.

Amazon’s Ring line of smart security solutions like smart Wi-Fi cameras and smart doorbells heads the pack composed of Arlo, Wyze, Blink, and Nest brands. However, this doesn’t mean it’s troubleshooting free or never fails. It has its issues when it comes to errors like any other piece of equipment.

Therefore, let’s now discuss Ring Floodlight Cam Troubleshooting when it comes to fixing issues relating to Wi-Fi connection, motion detection, or simply turning on.

Ring Floodlight Cam not working: How to fix!

If your Floodlight Cam isn’t turning on, check Device Health and battery power on your Ring App. Or you can just outright replace or recharge the batteries. If it’s a wired Floodlight Cam, check the wiring if it’s loose or if it’s connected to a dead plug.

Checking the power can also fix a Floodlight Cam with issues going online (its Wi-Fi connection is gone) or if it’s not appearing on your Ring App as though it’s not detected. 8 or 9 times out of 10 it’s a power issue.

You can also enter Setup Mode by pushing the Setup Button, waiting 10 seconds, and pushing the button again to see if the Floodlight Cam auto-reconnects.

Ring Floodlight not turning on: How to fix it!

Check the camera’s batteries and/or it’s connection to your house power. It might be a power or wiring issue.

Also, check out the area around your lights. There might be something in the area—like animal pests or insects as well as wayward branches—that keep on triggering your lights to the point of malfunction.

Finally, open your Ring App in order to check “Motion Sensitivity” settings. You might have set them too high for the circumstances.

If none of these apply and your camera just won’t turn on or get recognized by your Ring App, your camera might be “bricked” and you may need to replace it. Check the warranty of the camera to see if you can get it replaced for free or at a discount.

Ring Floodlight Cam not connecting to Wi-Fi: How to fix!

Check your own Internet connectivity and modem/router. 8 to 9 times out of 10, Ring Floodlight Cam issues with Wi-Fi root from faulty Wi-Fi connectivity on the router or ISP end. A simple power-cycling of the router is usually enough to do the trick.

Otherwise, check whether other Wi-Fi devices are slowing down your Internet connection, which is why your Floodlight Cam is currently offline. Also, make sure the cam is within the coverage area of your router.

You can also finagle with the wiring or battery of the Floodlight Cam to restart it. Or you can put it in “Setup Mode” with the setup button. Or you can restart or reset your camera to factory settings via its reset button to see if that fixes connectivity issues.

Ring Floodlight Cam not detecting motion: How to fix!

Check your batteries if they’re in good health or if your Floodlight Cam has any loose wiring as a rule of thumb for most of these issues.

Check the “Motion Sensitivity” settings of your Floodlight Camera this time around. Perhaps you’ve set the sensitivity too low or turned the feature off to the point of it not activating the lights and the camera when something is in front of it.

The area around the lights might over-trigger the motion detection of the camera, leading to a weaker battery and loads of false alarms.

Ring Floodlight Cam not recording: How to fix!

The most common cause for your Floodlight Camera missing videos such as deliveries or motion alerts is a poor Wi-Fi connection. Fix this the same way you’d fix an offline Floodlight Cam—by checking the router, the device itself, and their proximity within each other.

Fix the issue by doing the following:

  • Restart your phone.
  • Delete your Ring devices from the Ring app then add them again.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi router.
  • Restart your cam and see if it connects back online.
  • Reset your cam to factory settings to see if it connects back online.

It’s also possible that your Ring’s motion detection isn’t working because your Ring Protect subscription hasn’t been paid or renewed yet. The Ring can also miss loads of videos due to server problems over at Amazon.

The worst-case scenario? The device itself is damaged, broken, or dying.

Ring Floodlight flashing green: Here’s The Truth!

When the green light is flashing, this means you might have a Wi-Fi or Internet issue. Unplug your router or modem for 40 seconds then plug it back in to see if it fixes the problem. When the green light is solid this means the battery is fully charged.

Ring Floodlight flashing blue: Here’s The Truth!

If your Floodlight Cam is flashing blue, this means your device, is too far from the router to get a decent signal. You can either move the camera closer to the router’s coverage area or get the Ring Chime Pro to boost your Wi-Fi signal altogether.

Ring Floodlight flashing: Why are my Ring floodlights flashing?

If it’s the floodlights themselves that are strobing, you should adjust motion settings to be less sensitive or check out environmental factors like moving objects and small animals that could trigger the lights.

Adjust the motion zones for good measure to keep the false alarms to a minimum. You can even control the lights from your app using manual control, light scheduling, or motion control triggers.

If the white light at the bottom of your Floodlight Cam is flashing after setup, this means its internal software or firmware is undergoing an update. This update can take up to a few minutes so please be patient. The light stops flashing after update completion.

Ring Floodlight keeps turning on and off: 3 Ways to Fix


There are 3 ways to fix the Ring Floodlight that keeps turning on and of by itself. They include the following. It mostly has to deal with the motion zones, the firmware, or the camera itself needing a nice reboot or factory reset.

Check Motion Zones

The motion zones of your camera could continuously get triggered by stray animals (cats, rats, dogs, raccoons, and squirrels) or it could get triggered by moving branches or rustling grass. By adjusting where the motion zones are, you can prevent false alarms.

You can also adjust motion sensitivity by going to the “Device Settings” tab. Maybe it’s set too high when you only need it at a certain sensitivity to detect people-sized targets like intruders or would-be burglars.

Reset Ring Floodlight Cam

When all else fails in regards to your buggy Ring Floodlight Cam, you can always reset it. Resetting refreshes the camera like it would refresh your PC that’s been turned on for too long. To restart the cam, press the reset button atop it for 20 seconds then release.

You can also restore the camera to factory settings by pressing the same reset button for 30 seconds instead. This entails reentering your customizations, account info, and reconnecting the cam to your app.

Check Firmware

Out-of-date firmware on your cam can make it do weird things like restart or turn on and off intermittently even though its battery power is full and the motion sensitivity settings are optimal. It’s your camera’s way of saying you need to have it updated.

To update firmware, open your Ring App, tap the three-lined icon, select Floodlight Cam, select “Device Health”, select “Find Firmware”, and see if it’s “Up to Date”. If not, update the firmware.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the Ring Floodlight Camera and how it operates.

Where is the reset button on Ring Floodlight Cam?

At the top of the Ring Floodlight Cam (the same with the Ring Spotlight Cam) is the reset button. You can press and hold it fro the allotted period of time in order to either reboot the device or restore it to factory settings altogether (you’ll have to set it up from scratch afterwards).

How to reset Ring Floodlight Camera?

Make sure the Ring Floodlight Cam is turned on before attempting to reset it to factory settings. Press the reset button for 30 seconds and then check the LED below to confirm that it has commenced restart and a return to factory settings. To merely restart or reboot it, press the button for 20 seconds.

How do I turn off Ring Floodlight?

One way is to remove the wiring or the battery. The more practical way is to do so with the Ring App. Just select “Device Settings”, “Light Settings”, and “Turn Lights on When Motion is Detected” in order to turn off the floodlight completely without turning off the camera itself.

Why is my ring floodlight not working?

Check that all of your wires are properly plugged in and that all the lights on the front of the router are green. Check to see whether another Wi-Fi device is having a problem connecting to the network. Unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See if your Floodlight Cam automatically reconnects.

Why Does My Ring flood light go on and off?

So how do you stop your Ring Floodlight from constantly turning on and off? Your Ring Floodlight Cam settings can affect how easily it triggers and turns on. If the motion or sensitivity settings are set too high, your floodlight could be triggering too frequently.

How do I get ring floodlight back online?

How to Reconnect Your Ring Doorbell or Security Camera to Wifi or Change Your Wifi Network

  1. Tap on the three lines on the top left.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Select doorbell or security camera you need to reconnect to wifi. The next screen is the Device Dashboard.
  4. Tap on Device Health.
  5. Tap on Reconnect to Wifi or Change Wifi Network.

What do you do when your Ring light stops working?

Check the following items:

  1. Check your batteries. They may be defective or incorrectly placed.
  2. Take yourself out of the equation. Leave the area for 10 minutes to give the lights time to reset without you triggering them and then return and check the lights.
  3. Make sure you’re testing the lights in darkness.

Why do my Ring lights stay on?

Adjust them to what’ll suit your requirements, and hit “Save”. Then between those times, your Ring Floodlight Cam’s two lights will permanently be on. If motion is detected in this time, they’ll stay on even after the “automatic shut-off timer” has expired.

Why did my Ring camera stop working?

The most common causes of not being able to do a Live View or see a recorded video are: A poor connection between your mobile device and the internet. A poor connection between your Ring device and your router.

Where is the reset button on a Ring floodlight camera?

If the light on your Floodlight Cam does not light up and flash and your Floodlight Cam is wired correctly and is receiving power, you can try performing a hard reset. Hold down the top button for a full 30 seconds.

Why is my Ring camera not connecting to Wi-Fi?

If your device is still facing problems connecting to Wi-Fi, try resetting your Ring Doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the orange button on the backside of the device. What is this? This resets the device, allowing you to start the whole setup process all over again.

Why Does My Ring floodlight blink?

The top reasons for the Ring Spotlight flashing on and off are that the batteries are low, a small animal or object is triggering the device, or the motion sensitivity controls are too high.

Why does my outside light keep flashing?

Flickering or blinking lights are usually caused by one of four things: Problem with the bulb (not in tight enough, wrong bulb type for dimmer switch) Loose light plug. Faulty light or fixture switch.


It’s our hope that this comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help out with your common Ring Floodlight Cam woes has been helpful, particularly when it comes to fixing a non-working cam that’s not turning on or detecting motion as well as offline or non-recording cams.

We fervently hope that this has given you the tools to deal with any wrenches life throws at you when it comes to the operation of the Floodlight Cam. Please leave a comment down below if you can.


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