Ring Floodlight Cam Review: The Perfect Combination between Floodlight and Outdoor Security Camera

Ring Floodlight Cam Review

What’s better than a surveillance camera to deter criminals from doing any crimes like burglary and package theft? A surveillance camera with an alarm and built-in floodlight, of course!  Among the cream of the crop in the Wi-Fi security camera, the industry is Ring Inc. and its ring cam products such as the Ring Floodlight Camera. This camera has everything, from a powerful built-in set of floodlights to HD security camera action. What more can you ask for?


We will cover the reasons why Ring Floodlight Cam offers the best protection for your home, starting with its features and tech all the way to its Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations.

In a nutshell, here’s our Ring Floodlight Cam review: The perfect combination between floodlight and outdoor security camera.

Ring Floodlight Cam: The best protection for your home?

Is the Ring Floodlight Cam the best protection for your home? It’s up for debate but the product does offer quite a bit of deterrent features like the siren and floodlights as well as Livestream feeds of whatever is caught by the camera field of view and its motion sensors.

It’s designed for outdoor protection against package thieves and burglars in order to keep your belongings and family safe from burglary, theft, and overall harm.

In regards to whether it’s the best option for protection, let’s just say that it’s the best type of camera available in deterring criminals and ne’er-do-wells from continuing their burglary plans and whatnot.

It’s not like a doorbell camera that simply doubles as a doorbell while scoping out what’s outside before you get to the door. It doesn’t fulfill the duties of a baby monitor in keeping an infant inside his or her crib safe either. It works for its intended purpose.

Features & Technology 

Here are the features and technology used by the Ring Floodlight Camera. 

Crystal-Clear HD Video (Resolution)

HD videos that provide more details and pixels don’t only work with HDTV screens and high-resolution photography. They’re also beneficial when it comes to business and home surveillance. You want something that’s clear instead of obscured, after all.

The Ring Floodlight Cam has a high 1080p resolution, thus it produces Full HD videos that you can always peruse and see exactly what’s going on in your yard without worrying about grainy footage that defeats the purpose of having a camera in the first place.

HD also means that your videos can capture the action frame by frame in amazing HDTV clarity without artifacts of any kind. 

Bright, Powerful Lights

Another prominent feature of the Ring Floodlight Camera is its floodlights. The device offers two 3000° Kelvin floodlights in order to capture would-be intruders in the night, whether they’re raccoons or strays sifting through your trash or outright cat burglars.

Even though the camera includes infrared night vision, floodlights offer you a better look at what’s going on after dark when push comes to shove.

In accordance with your settings, they should illuminate your yard upon the detection of any motion, preferably motions and activities made by human-sized intruders.

You can adjust settings to avoid false positives or false alarms that waste the lights of your device. Otherwise, it’s an awesome deterrent that will make any burglar have second thoughts about invading your privacy and home.

Siren Alarm

To complete the deterrent trifecta, the Ring Floodlight Cam naturally also has a siren that’s 100 decibels in loudness. It’s controlled via remote. It’s even louder than a motorcycle engine, which clocks in at 95 decibels.

Naturally, you can adjust the settings so that the alarm doesn’t open unless absolutely needed. Nothing scares burglars away from being exposed or caught in the act. 

The siren certainly is your best bet in scaring burglars off and alerting other neighbors that your home is being robbed.

You can also be alerted in turn so that you can call the police or 911 immediately in order to get the bad guy robbers before they end up taking everything in your home that isn’t nailed to the floor and the like. It’s like the kind of alarms they have in banks and convenience stores. 

Field of View

In regards to the field of view, the camera has 140°. Other cameras have 155° or even 160° field of view, but 140° is enough for your alert and alarm requirements to deter home invaders from entering your abode. Place your Floodlight unit in accordance with this field of view. Put it at an angle that makes the most sense.

What’s more, this view is all captured in clear 1080p resolution that you can zoom in and out of to get amazing details for hours and hours of footage depending on the package you’ve availed of. The zoom works with the 140° field of view in order to get a better look at any object or person in your backyard that’s human-sized or bigger (like a vehicle).

Color Night Vision

The IR night vision is able to pick up details on objects and people due to its night vision feature that’s in full color.

Even before the floodlights of the unit open up with their high lumens, the color night vision assists your camera in order to catch the color details of whatever is before your camera.

Normally, IR night vision footage comes in a shade of seemingly green or black and white video. Certain Ring cameras offer color night vision is cable to constructing a visible color image with details for you to see in low-light settings.

Unlike other IR security cameras that shift from full color to black and white, you can still see colored images with this tech even as lighting conditions drop at nighttime. 

Two-Way Audio

This is a rather popular feature in the video doorbell series of Ring Inc. It makes perfect sense to also feature two-way audio or intercom-like communication with the floodlight version of the camera since not all people who are caught by the device are burglars and whatnot.

You can talk to upcoming guests or neighbors who wish to contact you from outside your abode. Unlike an intercom, the two-way audio is more advanced and allows you to talk along with the person before you on the other side of the camera as needed.

This service is useful in communicating with guests or warding off burglars before they trigger the siren. 

Noise Cancellation

One other thing that makes the Ring Floodlight Camera’s two-way audio stand out from the rest is its noise cancellation technology.

Instead of relying on intercom devices that distort the clarity of the audio through crackling and popping noises, you can depend on Ring Inc. and Amazon technology to give you crystal-clear, smartphone-tier audio.

In fact, if your two-way audio or the audio from your video capture uploaded to the cloud does end up with crackling, muted, or otherwise compromised sound, it’s recommended that you immediately press the factory reset button of the unit for 15-20 seconds.

Wait another 5 minutes for reset mode to complete then check the audio of your unit once more to see if that reset fixed everything.

Motion Detection

Motion detection technology is the most basic feature of these modern home-based surveillance Wi-Fi cameras. They made home surveillance viable by making motion detection more affordable and usable for homeowners to enjoy.

Instead of recording hours and hours of security footage for a security guard to review through multiple monitors, you’ll instead get alerts.

As annoying as alerts can get, they’ll end up quite necessary if you have a prowler or a serial killer on the loose or at least package thieves and burglars to worry about.

Instead of ending up with a “Home Alone” situation where a child is being stalked by burglars, you now have the technology to ward those criminals off before they even try anything.

Motion Zones

In order to save energy or batteries, you can set motion zones for your camera to detect and record the presence of human-sized objects and people coming over your yard or doorway when you’re not inside the house or you’re far away from your door but have your Ring app and smartphone handy. You don’t want notifications every time a car drives by or a bird flies around.

The motion zones dictate areas of activity that your camera is supposed to detect. This advanced motion detection technology allows you to avoid false alarms due to rustling trees, changes in weather, precipitation, or the movement of strays or wild animals.

Keep your motion detection, floodlights, and siren holstered for real emergencies and true burglars or package thieves.

Live video streaming and recording

Live video streaming is when you go to your Ring app and see what your camera is seeing through a live feed of sorts.

It’s like live streaming on YouTube or Twitch, but this time you’re looking through your security camera and its field of view. You can switch between multiple cameras if you choose to buy extra ones at that.

The camera also records the video and puts the footage up on the cloud or through local storage, whichever service you prefer.

Ring Inc. has free limited cloud storage that rolls through footage every week. You can avail of cloud storage that at least lasts for a month and allows you to save in your local storage choice clips on certain dates.

Ring video cloud storage plans

There are 2 Ring Video Cloud Storage Plans available. Others have up to 4 but Ring Inc. opted to streamline everything into two plans. One is called Protect Basic.

You can receive video sharing and save as well as video storage up in the Ring cloud for 60 days when you avail of this $3 a month offer. For the whole year, it only costs $30, thus giving you a two-month, $6 discount.

As for Protect Plus, you can receive everything found in the basic plan plus extra perks such as Ring Alarm professional monitoring, extended warranties on all of your camera equipment, and a 10% discount on any other Ring products you buy.

Remember, these plans come on a per camera basis and don’t feature a 1-5 camera plan like certain other competitors of Ring has.

Benefits of The Ring Floodlight Cam 

The most obvious benefits of the outdoor Ring Floodlight Cam are observation and deterrence because the unit serves as both an alarm and a video surveillance camera at the same time. It’s the same way the Ring Video Doorbell series serves as both your doorbell and camera on top of being a two-way audio intercom.

By the way, the Floodlight Cam also has two-way audio services to boot. On top of that, the floodlight is said to at least last about 10 years in normal use and about 5 years in intense 24/7 usage (which you won’t be doing anyway). It keeps you feeling safe and cozy while deterring criminals from acting.

Should you buy a Ring Floodlight Cam? 

Yes, you should; especially if you’re in need of more than just a video doorbell surveillance cam that just happens to be Ring Inc.’s bread and butter product. It’s something you should buy if you want a backyard and/or front yard burglar protection when you’re away or when you’re sleeping.

The camera unit comes complete with color night vision, crystal-clear HD footage, and a siren that should go well with the floodlights that activate whenever something is detected by the motion detectors. On top of that, it also sets motion zones to keep false alarms from happening.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm
Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm


Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations 

You can integrate Google Home Hub, Google Assistant, and Alexa with your Ring Floodlight and Video Doorbell devices. In the case of Alexa integration, it’s because Ring Inc. was bought by Amazon and Alexa is a propriety voice-activated assistant feature available on all Amazon products.

As for Ring Floodlight’s integration with Google Assistant and Home Hub, it’s because Ring Inc. has also partnered with the conglomerate. This partnership allows you to enjoy perks such as streaming your video doorbell or cam footage on your Google Home Hub smart display or through smart TVs using Chromecast.

Smart Home Integration

With this product, you’ll acquire loads of choices to add to your security and smart device ecosystem. The Floodlight Camera is a smart device in and of itself capable of working with its own application and communicating via the Internet. In fact, it uploads footage every time that expires on a weekly or bi-monthly basis depending on what subscription plan you’ve availed of.

If you have a smart home with environmental monitoring, lights, and locks, the Floodlight Cam should seamlessly work with the rest of them, even if they’re not made by Ring Inc. Actually, it’s better if they’re made by Google or Amazon, as evidenced by Ring’s Alexa integration. Please remember that most of the smart home options require the Ring Alarm to work.


Here are the pieces of equipment available to your Ring Floodlight Cam depending on which package you’ve availed of.

  • Deluxe Kit: With the Deluxe Kit of Ring Floodlight, you can create a full “Ring of Security” around your humble abode. It’s what you need in order to develop that security ecosystem that’s usually part of the reason why people avail of smart devices and smart homes in the first place. The kit allows you to put protection at every corner of your home and it includes 3 Floodlight Cams, the Video Doorbell 3, and faceplates made of Venetian Bronze and Satin Nickel for good measure.
  • Floodlight Cam Packs: As for the Floodlight Cam Packs, it allows you to become part of the evolution of outdoor security by availing of the Ring Floodlight unit in packs of 2 and 3. A single cam costs about $250, a 2-pack costs $460, a 3-pack costs $670, and a 4-pack costs $850. The more cameras you buy the bigger discounts you’ll get when push comes to shove. They’re collectively a hardwired surveillance camera solution that comes with their own long-lasting bright LED floodlights and they’ll ship to your home within 2 days care of free shipping. Order now.

Installation & Setup

Here’s what you need to do in order to properly install your Ring Floodlight Camera. Only do this if you have enough DIY experience. You can replace existing light fixtures in your home with the Floodlight Camera since it connects to standard junction boxes in order to shine floodlights on any would-be trespasser or burglar.

You need wiring knowledge to connect an outdoor floodlight without a previous floodlight available. Call a professional for more details. In other, to setup our Ring device, do this.

First, download the Ring App on your mobile devices or PCs. Create an account or log in to an existing account. Select the “Set up a Device” option then scan your MAC ID barcode or QR code on your Ring device to have it recognize it. From there, specify the location of your home and give your device a customized name.

The Ring— Always Home App

If you have a Ring device, be it a Video Doorbell or a Floodlight Camera, you’ll naturally need The Ring Always Home app to make it work.

With it, you can set up and control your Ring Floodlight by watching over your home through live streams, setting up motion zones where potential burglars might appear, and using two-way talk to scare off package thieves or give instructions to mailmen and delivery personnel.

How do you use a Ring Floodlight Cam?

In order to use the Ring Floodlight Cam, you should set it up first with your Android or iOS device by putting it in setup mode (by pressing and releasing the button atop the device) and connecting it to your Ring app device.

You can do manual overrides on the floodlights as well, such as turning them on and off via your app.

The device should serve as your remote control or control panel when it comes to dictating the settings of the floodlights, the motion detector, the motion zones, the siren, the two-way audio, the camera’s uploads, how often it activates, and so forth.

It’s also important to make sure your device is connected to your Wi-Fi network, which should be selectable to your Ring app. The device needs it in order to update its software and upload your footage to the cloud for easy perusal. 

Related Questions  

Here are some short questions regarding the Ring Floodlight Cam. 

How to install Ring Floodlight Cam without existing wiring?

To install the Ring Floodlight sans the existing wiring, you should get an electrician to do it. As for DIY projects, you can cut the end off of the grounded extension cord, push it through the hole, and then connect the wires to the unit in accordance with their color-coding. The color-coded wires will help you match up power and ground before plugging it to your garage wall socket or something.

Does Ring Floodlight work with solar panels?

Yes. First, remove and recharge the battery before setting the unit up with your Ring app. From there, the solar panel should be mounted about 13 feet away from your unit. This way, the panel can receive direct sunlight. A power plug provides direct access from the solar panel to the unit. 

How long do Ring Floodlight bulbs last?

Ring Inc. claims that the floodlight bulbs of a Ring Floodlight Camera can last for 10 years. This is 10 years in regular use and about 6 years of intense use (which shouldn’t happen since the lights activate and deactivate as needed). Alas, once they go out you have to replace the whole unit because the bulbs can’t be replaced themselves. 

Can you manually turn on Ring Floodlight?

Yes. You can use your app for this. You can get to your manual lights control by going to the Ring app’s “motion alerts” toggle on its main menu and clicking right above it. This allows you to manually turn the floodlights on and off even though it’s better for it to turn on and off by itself to save you the effort.

Does Ring Floodlight Cam have a monthly fee?

You can avail of 2 subscription plans from Ring involving cloud storage—the $3 monthly and $30 yearly Ring Protect Basic Plan per camera as well as the $10 monthly and $100 yearly Ring Protect Plus plan. These plans allow you to share your clips on social media, download the clips, or view recorded clips for your security’s sake. 

What is the difference between Ring Spotlight and Floodlight?

Although similar in function, here are the differences between the two products. Spotlight is the one that detects motion 30° vertically and 180° horizontally with a spotlight-like light. Meanwhile, the dual lights of the Floodlight product detect motion at a 160° arch. Furthermore, the unit can survive temperatures as cold as -22°F for outdoor use, while the Spotlight can only deal with -5°F.

Is Ring Floodlight Cam compatible with Alexa?

Yes. The Floodlight Cam can work with Alexa in starting a new video or joining an existing one. This model works with Alexa along with the Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Elite, and Video Doorbell Pro lines. For example, just command, “Alexa, show my front door” in order to get a Livestream or feed of the activity in front of your Floodlight unit on an Echo Show. 

How far can the Ring Floodlight Cam see?

The Ring Floodlight Camera can see and detect human-sized objects up to 10 meters or 30 feet away within its field of view. To get it to see properly, you need to place it about 3 meters or 9 feet off the ground with the motion detector parallel to the ground as well. Objects smaller than a human are required to be much closer to the unit to be detected. 

Can Ring floodlight Cam be installed horizontally?

You can install the Floodlight unit horizontally or upside-down by mounting it on a ceiling or wall. The device has been calibrated to operate even in that setup, allowing it to use its 1800-lumen lights and its 140° field of view to maximum capacity even in that position.

How do I talk to my Ring Floodlight Cam?

Activate Alexa in order to talk to your Ring Floodlight Cam with voice commands. You can also activate its two-way talk in order to talk to visitors and hear what they have to say like an intercom. It involves tapping Live View to open the stream from your camera and then picking the two-way talk feature toggle. 

In a Nutshell 

Since Ring Inc. has been bought by Amazon, it has really raised its game when it comes to fulfilling its product promise of protecting its users from harm in every which way, from elderly cameras and baby monitors that watch over vulnerable family members to video doorbells and floodlight cameras that allow you to be on the alert with your home even if you’re away from it due to office or out-of-town business trip responsibilities.

Its product base is filled with smart home surveillance cameras and alarms that should build a solid security home ecosystem for you and your family’s safety. 


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