Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting

15 Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting

The Ring Video Doorbell is a type of security camera that doubles as a doorbell. It’s also a smart device that features intercom or 2-way audio features on top of the ability to give you a live feed of what the camera sees through any other smart device you have on hand that runs the Ring app.

This allows you to do home surveillance with more flexibility compared to a security guard looking through a whole stack of monitors. With that said, if there’s something wrong with your doorbell unit, here’s what you can do about it.


Ring Doorbell Troubleshooting Tips

Here are the most common Ring Doorbell issues and how to fix them. 

Ring doorbell not working: How to Fix!

In order to fix a Ring Video Doorbell that’s not working, you need to determine if it’s merely getting insufficient power or if it’s defective altogether. Fix the cabling with a Pro Power Cable or change the doorbell transformer with a higher-voltage transformer if it’s a unit linked to your existing doorbell. If not, consider having the unit checked out, repaired, or replaced.

Ring Doorbell Not Working How to Fix 

Ring doorbell audio issues

Here’s The Fix! If your Ring Doorbell has issues with its 2-way audio that serves as your intercom, you should reset the device and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise, it might be an insufficient power issue that requires you to change the doorbell transformer or install a Pro Power Cable if your unit is connected to an existing doorbell.

02 Ring Doorbell Audio Issues 

Ring doorbell not ringing: Here’s The Fix!

If the doorbell isn’t ringing, it might be because the doorbell isn’t getting sufficient power or the existing doorbell the unit is connected to might be damaged. You can fix things with the Pro Power Kit and Cable or by installing a new, better transformer. You can also choose between fixing your existing doorbell or using the door chime included with your unit.

03 Ring Doorbell Not Ringing

Ring doorbell not charging: How to Fix!

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t charging and it’s hardwired into your existing doorbell or doorbell transformer then you should install a new transformer, cable, and the like with the assistance of a technician. If your Ring Doorbell is battery-powered, the unit or the battery might be faulty.

04 Ring Doorbell Not Charging

Ring doorbell not recording: Here’s The Fix!

Video recorded by your Ring unit is usually saved in the cloud. If your unit has a poor Internet connection to your router or your Wi-Fi has slow download and upload speeds, you might have issues in uploading your footage to the Ring server. You can use the Rapid Ring App (a lite version of the app) or opt for Live View only to fix the issue.

Ring Doorbell Not Recording- Heres the Fix

Ring doorbell no power: How to Fix!

If your doorbell has no power, it might be because your battery is faulty or the hardwired unit requires better cabling and/or a new transformer. You might also have motion detection issues from nearby animals and weather conditions draining the battery too fast. Otherwise, the unit itself might be faulty.

Ring Doorbell No Power How to Fix

Ring doorbell not detecting motion: Here’s The Fix!

Ring Doorbell can normally detect motion 30 feet away. You can use the Ring app and its motion settings to adjust motion detection sensitivity. You might have set it low or turned it off altogether, which is why it’s not detecting motion.

Ring Doorbell Not Detecting Motion

Ring doorbell poor video quality: Here’s The Truth!

Insufficient power or a poor Wi-Fi connection can affect the quality of your video footage, especially if you use Live View for live streaming what’s outside your home. Fix your Wi-Fi or your Ring unit’s router connection with better router placement or a faster service when push comes to shove.

Ring Doorbell Poor Video Quality How to Fix

Ring doorbell light not spinning: Here’s The Truth!

The right button might’ve been pressed too long. Release the button immediately after pressing it without holding it down. Otherwise, your Ring Doorbell unit might not be receiving power. Check the “Ring Doorbell Not Working” tips on fixing power issues for more details.

01 Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning

Ring doorbell not connecting to wifi: How to Fix!

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi, you can check the “Signal Strength” of your router and then place your router someplace that your unit can detect it better or you can do an outright hard reset your unit to see if that fixes the connectivity issues.

Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Ring doorbell event history not working: How to Fix!

If your Ring Doorbell event history isn’t working, you should remove the Ring app from your phone. Reboot your phone as well then install a fresh copy of the app. Make sure your device’s OS is updated and then check your event history if that fixed your problem.

05 Ring Doorbell Event History Not Working

Ring doorbell black screen: Here’s The Truth and The Fix!

You can check what’s causing the black video by using a computer to visit this site and log into your account. Play a video. If the video is black then the problem could be your ISP, router, or modem. If it’s not black, then it could be caused by a poor connection between your mobile device and the Internet.

What to Do with a Ring Doorbell Black Screen? Here’s the Truth and the Fix

Ring doorbell mechanical chime not working: How to Fix!

In order to fix the mechanical chime, you either need to get a Pro Power Kit and/or Pro Power Cable installed to improve the connection between your unit and the existing doorbell. Otherwise, the problem could originate from either your unit or your existing doorbell.

07 Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime Not Working 

Ring doorbell live view not activating: How to Fix!

If the live view of your Ring Doorbell isn’t working, it might be because of a poor Internet connection. Do the test you did for Ring Doorbell Black Screen to determine if it’s an ISP/router/modem problem or a mobile device and Internet connection problem then work out a solution from there.

Ring Doorbell Live View Not Activating

Ring doorbell not ringing on iPhone: Here’s The Fix!

Your device might be offline, so put it back online. Make sure your notifications and motion alerts are activated. Check the settings of your notification center for good measure. When all else fails, do a soft reset on your iPhone.

08 Ring Doorbell Not Ringing on iPhone

Ring doorbell static noise: Here’s The Fix!

Like in the case with the 2-way audio wherein the intercom feature of the unit isn’t working for either the person outside your door or you the homeowner (or even both), you can fix any and all audio issues by doing a hard factory reset that involves pressing the orange button and letting the unit go into reset mode.

10 Ring Doorbell Static Noise

Ring doorbell flashing blue: Here’s The Truth!

If your Ring Doorbell unit is flashing blue it means the device is rebooting. If it instead has an upward-moving blue light then that means the unit is trying to connect to your home Wi-Fi router or modem. If its 4 blue LEDs flash 4 times, this is normal and indicates your unit is set up properly.

11 Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Ring doorbell solid white light: Here’s The Truth!

If your Ring Doorbell flashes a solid white light then that means you’ve properly hardwired the unit to the doorbell transformer and/or the existing mechanical chime.

Ring doorbell crackling noise: Here’s The Truth!

This might indicate a faulty unit or issues with your audio volume settings. Go to the Ring app and adjust accordingly. If worse comes to worst, do a factory reset and see if that brings your audio back to normal.

How to Reset Ring Doorbell

To reset the Ring Doorbell, take it off of its mouth, go to its backside or spine, and look for the orange reset button. From there, press and hold the button for 15-20 seconds before releasing it. If you pressed it correctly, the front light should flash, indicating that it’s in reset mode. Wait 5 more minutes and you should be good to go. 

How to Remove Ring Doorbell

To remove or uninstall Ring Doorbell from its mount, you should remove the security screw, also known as the star-shaped Torx screw with a Torx screwdriver. Unclick and slide the faceplate from its slot. Unscrew the mounting screws with a standard Philips screwdriver. You’ve now removed the Ring Doorbell from its mount for replacement, repair, or for battery recharge purposes.

How to Replace Ring Doorbell battery

To Replace Ring Doorbell battery, First, you need to loosen the Torx security screw on the doorbell base using your Torx screwdriver then lift up the faceplate and take it off. Remove the now-exposed battery by pressing its release tab. You have a fully charged battery if the light on the battery is green. Slide the battery back into the Ring Doorbell once you’re determined it’s fully charged. It takes about 30 seconds for the Ring Doorbell to start up so wait that amount of minutes before returning its faceplate and security screw. 


The Ring Video Doorbell can face quite a lot of issues down the line after purchase. However, don’t mistake this troubleshooting article as evidence of it being weak by design. These troubleshooting tips cover most of the troubles you can potentially face when owning this doorbell camera. Nevertheless, for the most part, it’s a device you can depend on to work smoothly and easily right out of the box (or your money back). It is after all a popular security cam product made by Ring Inc., an Amazon subsidiary.


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