Ring Doorbell Solid White Light – Here’s the Truth

12 Ring Doorbell Solid White Light

Are you one of those who finally joined the club and own a smart tech in your home? Good for you! These gadgets aren’t just fancy but certainly help ensure your property is looked after even when you are not at home. One of these incredible smart techs is the Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbells are the latest devices you can install to keep an eye out at home. They are incredibly useful with excellent features that include live view, recording, two-way communication, and motion detection. There are also other features, but the gist is it allows you to see a live picture of any event that happens outside your door.

If someone rings the doorbell or approached the door, the device will send you an alert. Whether you want to view it in real-time or let it be recorded is up to you. Ring Video Doorbells are amazing, but setting them up can be tricky. If you are new in handling smart technologies, things like connecting to Wi-Fi or flashing light might confuse you.

One of the problems you will likely encounter is seeing the device flashing a solid white light. What is the meaning of a Ring Doorbell solid white light? – either your device completed the setup, or it didn’t. Whether it indicates a problem or not, let us find out in the rest of this article.

13 Ring Doorbell Solid White Light new

Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell Solid White Light – Here’s the Truth

You set up your Ring Doorbell and completed the process. You followed the steps correctly, and yet you noticed something wrong. When you pressed the setup button, nothing happens except the circle glows a solid white light. It does not spin as it should do and fails to connect to the device as well.

Upon checking, there isn’t a Ring Wi-Fi available as well. According to Ring, a solid white light means your Ring device hardwired, and the battery is full. That means power is not the problem. It also means that the setup was a success. But that only applies if you see the solid white light for just a second.

If it continues showing a solid white light, something went wrong during the setup. There are at least two things you can do to solve thisreset the device or remove the battery. Hard reset is the solution that addresses many Ring Doorbell issues. You can try it by following these steps:

  1. Press the Setup button, holding it down for at least 15 seconds.
  2. Release the button after 15 seconds. It should show the circle lighting up and flash for a few seconds, which means it is restarting.
  3. Wait until the process is complete. When done, press the Setup button to proceed, setting it up once again.

After this, the light should no longer be stuck on solid white light. But if it is, you can try removing and reinserting the battery. Follow the steps below to remove and reinsert the battery of your Ring Doorbell:

  1. Remove the security screw at the bottom of the faceplate.
  2. Take the cover off with your thumbs by pushing it until it snaps free.
  3. Carefully pull the faceplate off the body of the doorbell, making sure it doesn’t fall.
  4. Press the black tab you see on the battery. At the same time, pull the battery out from the bottom.
  5. Make sure the battery is charged then slide it back in, snapping it in place and securing inside.
  6. Once the battery is in, put the faceplate back in the same way you removed it.

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Here is a video to help you remove and insert the battery.

When you are done, you can start to set it up again. Hopefully, it will fix the problem.  If it doesn’t, you should probably contact Ring’s Customer Support for assistance. They can help you make sense why your Ring Doorbell is showing a solid white light for more than a second. If it is the worst-case scenario, you will need to buy a replacement.

Ring Doorbell Flashing White – What it Means and How to Fix

Another possible issue you may encounter with your Ring Doorbell is a flashing circular white light. What does this mean? According to the Ring website, the circle is a charging meter. It indicates when the power cell is charging, letting you know if it is fully charged. When the battery is completely charged, the white circle turns off.

It is crucial to remember about Ring Doorbell that you cannot set it up without charging the battery first. It applies specifically to all Ring Video Doorbells except Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Doorbell Elite since they don’t have a built-in battery. Once you are done charging, you can then resume the setup process.

But what does it mean if you continue to see the white light flashing?  It means that your device got disconnected from the Internet, or you don’t have enough power. If your Ring Doorbell is hardwired, then the battery is not the problem. To know for sure, here are some signs to check:

  • You see the device flashing soft white light
  • When you push the button, it gives out a sound
  • It stopped recording events (if already connected with app)
  • You don’t receive alerts anymore (if already connected with app)

If you have one or all of the symptoms above, your device must not be connected to your Wi-Fi. In most cases, a simple restart of your router solves this. But if that does not work, you can try a few other tricks. Start by performing the following troubleshooting:

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  • Check Internet connection through your Ring app. Open the app and check if your device is “Offline.” If it is, then you have an Internet issue.
  • As mentioned, you can try restarting your router. This method usually resolves most Internet connection issues.
  • You should also check if someone changed your Wi-Fi password or if the wire of the router is loose. Check if you recently lost power. All of these can cause a connectivity problem.
  • If a battery powers your device, your problem must be related to the power cell. It could be a low voltage or high voltage. You should make sure that you are using the required voltage for Ring Doorbell.

If you are using Ring Doorbell Pro, you should not have battery issues. Your device should not go offline because of low power. But if you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above and you don’t have Internet issues, it has to be low/high voltage. Your device is probably not receiving sufficient power.

In the case of a battery not charging, you can consult Ring’s Customer Support team or their support page Support.Ring.com. In there, you can find answers to a lot of your questions regarding Ring products. Some problems you encounter with Ring actually have pretty simple solutions if you just look there.

Different Ways Ring Doorbell Flashes and What They Mean

A Ring Doorbell may not just show a solid white light or a flashing light. The circle on the device can flash white in several ways. Knowing what they mean can eliminate your confusion. On that note, below is a bit of explanation on the way the Ring device flashes when you set it up.

Top of the Ring Flashes White

If the top part of your Ring device flashes white, you did not enter the Wi-Fi password correctly. Fix this by going to your phone’s settings. From there, select your Wi-Fi then choose ‘Forget it.’ Your phone will forget the password, and you can try reconnecting again. This time, make sure you use the right logins.

Right Side of the Ring Flashes White

If the device’s right side is the one flashing white, it means your Ring Doorbell is not receiving a good Wi-Fi signal. It often happens if the router is too far from where you mounted your video doorbell. Try repeating the setup process where the router is. If this works, then the distance is the problem. You can fix it using a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal.

Left Side of the Ring Flashes White

Is the left side of your Ring device flashing white? What it means is you have a problem with your Internet connection. Try restarting the router by unplugging then plugging it again. If this does not work, you should contact your Internet Service Provider. You may need to update your modem or Internet plan.

The Circle is Spinning White

When the circle spins white, your video doorbell is currently in the Setup mode. Follow the instructions on your Ring app on how to proceed during setup. From the app, you will be prompted to connect to the doorbell’s broadcast network. Connect to this, follow the rest of the instructions, and if you do it correctly, the spinning white circle should be gone. Your device is set up correctly if you see a glowing solid white.


What does it mean when you have a Ring Doorbell solid white light? – it is either you successfully set up the device or failed. If you only see the solid white light for a second, then the setup was a success. If you can still see a steady white light, something went wrong with the process. The tips above should help you.


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