Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning: Here’s the Truth!

01 Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning

Ring Doorbell Pro is one of the popular video doorbells in the market today. With its advanced features, you can keep an eye out to your property even when you’re not at home. The device operates without any issue most of the time, but there are times when you just can’t get it to work.

One issue that many homeowners encounter with Ring Doorbell Pro is about the circular light in front. As it is an essential part of setting up the device, it gets annoying when it isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. Why is the Ring Doorbell Pro Light not spinning? Here’s the truth!

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Setting Up Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Before you can use your Ring Doorbell Pro, you need to set it up. To be exact, you must put your device into “Setup Mode.” Ring video doorbells usually automatically go into Setup Mode when powered on for the first time. Manually though, you can put it into Setup Mode by pressing then releasing the small button on the doorbell’s right side.

Here is a clip to show you how to set up your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Why Do You Have to Put the Doorbell in Setup Mode?

When you put the Ring Doorbell Pro, or any other Ring device, in setup mode, it broadcasts a temporary Wi-Fi network. This is a part of the setup process. The Ring app connects to the temporary network, letting your Ring device know how to connect to your home Wi-Fi.

When your Ring video doorbell is set up with your Ring app, the device then stops broadcasting the temporary network. After that, the doorbell will remain connected to your home network. Your Ring Doorbell Pro is now ready to keep you updated on any event outside your door.

You will know for sure that your video doorbell is in Setup Mode when you see the light spinning. However, as mentioned before, sometimes it does not work. When the circular light is not spinning, something is obviously wrong.

  • You kept holding the right button down. You cannot press it too long. Make sure to press it firmly then release right away.
  • There is no power going to your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. It will not light up without electricity.

If you are doing the first situation, press the button again. This time, make sure you release it after a few seconds. Of course, do not forget to check if your video doorbell is receiving power. Since this is a Ring Doorbell Pro, a low battery should not be a problem since this device is hardwired.

In that case, you should troubleshoot for any power issues. Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Check that you have power. Make sure the circuit breaker is on, and the transformer for the doorbell is working as well.
  2. Check the wirings and make sure they are not damaged.
  3. If the problem is related to the internal doorbell, you can bypass it using a Pro Power Kit V2.
  4. Try upgrading your transformer with at least 16V AC and at least 30VA (40VA max) as well as 50/60Hz. Garden-lighting, halogen, or DC transformer are not recommended.
  5. Use a Plug-in adapter if your existing system or internal doorbell mechanism is unusable.

Remember that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro must draw power from a 16-volt AC power transformer. When you have an internal doorbell mechanism alongside the Ring doorbell, power issues can happen. It occurs when the doorbell mechanism takes so much power that the Ring Doorbell Pro does not have enough left.

A device that regularly shuts off, with the white light in front often turning off, is a sign of insufficient power. Usually, you can check the Device Health on your Ring app for the voltage reading. But since you have yet to set up the doorbell, you can’t do this. You will have to check the transformer yourself.

Performing a Hard Reset

If, after checking for power issues, the light on your Ring Video Doorbell Pro still does not spin, you can try performing a hard reset. The same thing can be done if the light on your doorbell does not light up and flash. By completing a hard reset, you can restart again on setting up the device.

Here is the 2-step process of performing a hard reset:

  1. Hold down the button on the right side of the doorbell for a full 30 seconds.
  2. Release the button and then wait for the light to flash a few times, telling you that the device is now restarting.

Wait about a minute for the entire process to complete. After that, you can try to put the device in setup mode again. Do this by pushing and releasing the right button. Remember not to press down for too long. If there are no power issues and a hard reset does not fix it, you should contact Ring support.

Check your warranty to see if your device is still covered. In cases like this, it is likely your device has a hardware problem. It is possible to get a free replacement if the warranty is still active. If not, I am afraid your Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a bust. You will have to buy a new one.

Ring Doorbell Pro Features and Functions

Many times, Ring has been hailed to have one of the best video doorbells for good reasons. One of the favorite models is Ring Doorbell Pro, but recently, there are newer versions with excellent features. Before we talk about Ring Doorbell Pro, I’d like to introduce Ring Doorbell 3 and Ring Doorbell 3 Plus.

Ring Doorbell 3 is a bit of an upgrade from Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Doorbell Pro, and Ring Doorbell Elite. It has the same features as the three other models plus more. Like Ring Doorbell 2, it has a built-in rechargeable battery. It also has a 2-way talk communication, 1080p HD video, and motion detection ability.

Besides those, you have a better night vision, noise cancellation feature, dual-band Wi-Fi, and privacy zones. What about Ring Doorbell 3 Plus? This model has all the same features of Ring Doorbell 3 plus one – the “Pre-Roll Video.” It means this Ring video doorbell triggers an event even your visitor is only just approaching the door.

It is all and good, but if you want the best motion detection, the choice is Ring Doorbell Pro. Also, you do not need to worry about low battery since this video doorbell is hardwired. Unless there is an issue with the power, your Ring doorbell should work seamlessly.

Other details you should know about Ring Doorbell Pro include:

  • About Price – $250
  • Dimensions – 4.5 x 1.85 x 0.8 inches
  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Wiring – Hardwired
  • Field of View – 160 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical
  • Wi-Fi – 2.4 and 5GHz
  • Includes Pre-Roll


When it comes to design, Ring Doorbell Pro is relatively the same as all other Ring doorbells. It is black and gray, with the camera located at the top. There is an illuminated button below the camera. Ring Doorbell Pro is smaller and thinner than the other doorbells since it does not have a battery.

Another excellent design feature of Ring Doorbell Pro is the interchangeable faceplates. These help homeowners to match their video doorbells with the décor and style of their home. With the angled wedges, it is also possible to adjust the camera’s angle, ensuring you get a good view.

Installation and Setup

Installation Ring Doorbell Pro is a bit complicated. You will need an existing doorbell to hardwire it where you use the wiring already installed. It is a little complex, but you can set it up on your own. As mentioned before, you also need to make sure your transformer at least gets 16 volts of power.

Audio and Video 

All of Ring’s video doorbells except the original model now have a 1080p resolution. It means the camera has a clearer view. It allows you to view and spot details of anything in the camera’s field of view. The audio is also decent, which makes Ring Doorbell Pro an excellent choice for a video doorbell.


All video doorbells from Ring have motion detection, which sends notifications to your smartphone whenever it detects movement. Customizing the sensors is possible with Pro allowing you to draw the zones. Ring Doorbell Pro also comes with a Pre-Roll feature so that you can get a look at the person approaching your door.

The Pre-Roll feature of Ring Pro shows a full color and full definition footage. It is one of the perks of being a hardwired video doorbell. Pro also has a 5GHz connection, allowing more reliable and faster connectivity. The rest of the features include 2-way communication and infrared night vision.


If you’re looking for a suitable video doorbell for your home, Ring Doorbell Pro is a great choice. It is perfect if you are comfortable tinkering with wirings. Setting it up can be a bummer, but if it’s about Ring Doorbell Pro light not spinning it’s either power or hardware issues. 


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