Ring Doorbell Not Ringing on iPhone – Here’s the Fix You Need to Do

08 Ring Doorbell Not Ringing on iPhone

Ring Video Doorbell is not just your ordinary door camera. The best thing about it is you can receive alerts when someone is at your door. How can this device do that? It all comes down to Ring Doorbell’s ability to detect motion. Even if the person did not press the doorbell, you could still know if someone approached your door.

You will know it thanks to the alerts sent to your phone through the Ring app. When you click the notification, you can check who pressed the doorbell. Or, you can see what your camera detected. But there is a problem – sometimes, the Ring doorbell does not ring on your iPhone.

If your iPhone is not ringing, that can be pretty stressful because it means you are not receiving alerts. These alerts are there to let you know what goes on outside your door. Unless you are at home and have a mechanical chime connected to the Ring Doorbell, then the device is mostly useless.

What if you are at work and someone tried to open your door forcefully? You may never know something like this happened. If you are not receiving notifications, then you need to fix it right away. What can you do? If it’s a Ring Doorbell not ringing on iPhone – start by making sure you activate the Ring notifications.

What are Ring Notifications?

Before we get into the solutions, let us talk about what the Ring notifications first. As you probably already know, Ring products are home security cameras. They allow you to see, hear, and speak to the person who rings your doorbell or triggers an event from your smartphone. It can be an iPhone or Android device, both works with the Ring app.

It can also be a tablet or even a laptop or PC since Ring also has a website you can log in and access your account. However, we will focus on the Apple device in this article. Accessing Ring app through your iPhone is ideal because it is easier to communicate to whoever’s on the other side of the device wherever you are.

Here’s how a Ring Video Doorbell works – someone rings the doorbell or approaches the door, and the device detects the motion. It will then send an alert to your iPhone. When you tap that notification, you can quickly view a video of who is by your doorstep. You can even speak to them through your iPhone, even if you’re not home.

Your problem, though, is that you are not receiving alerts. Because of that, you never know if someone is at your doorstep in real-time. You only come to know about it when you view the history. For this issue, there are a few things you can do. Let us start by making sure that the Ring notifications on your iPhone are active.

How to Activate Ring Notifications on iPhone

You can activate the Ring notifications by first configuring it on your iPhone. In case you don’t know, you can receive an alert through the Ring app. If you don’t have one yet, go to Play Store, download the app, and click install. When you installed it on your phone, register an account.

After that, follow the steps below to activate Ring alerts on your iOS device.

  1. Open your phone’s App settings
  2. Scroll down till you see the Ring app
  3. Click menu -> tap on ‘notification

It is advised to toggle in all notifications to enable them.

  1. Check and make sure you toggled them right – should be in green
  2. Select the alert style you prefer

After completing these steps, you should be able to receive alerts on your phone. Remember this – you can see the event only after clicking the notifications. Note – you have to CLICK them. Another thing, you cannot talk or listen to the video if you do not give your Ring app access to control your microphone. Don’t forget this!

Now, let us move on to fixing a Ring Doorbell that is not ringing.

09 Ring Doorbell Not Ringing on iPhone

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing on iPhone – Here’s to Fix!

If you followed the steps above correctly, then your phone should receive notifications without hassle. However, there are instances this does not happen. It could be because you overlooked a few things. In that case, you will need to do some troubleshooting. Is your Ring Doorbell not ringing on iPhone? Here’s the fix:

Check Internet Connection

If you don’t have an Internet connection, then it is impossible to receive a notification. So if your Ring Doorbell is not ringing, that is – not receiving alerts – you may have a problem with your connection. Check your router or modem and determine that you have a steady network.

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Assess not only your Wi-Fi network but the router too. Sometimes, you think you had an Internet problem when it was really the router that was broken. Try resetting the router or modem first. Follow the user manual on how to do this. If you can receive alerts again after this, then the modem was the problem.

In case you found that the problem was not the modem, but the Internet, you should reach out to your Internet Service Provider. You need a steady Internet connection for the Ring device to work and for your phone to receive the alerts. Make sure you choose an ISP with high upload and download speeds.

Check Ring’s App Settings

Could it be that you forgot to enable the Ring notification? It happens sometimes, most often when you have more than a single device you use for accessing the Ring app. You may have enabled the notification on your iPad, but forgot to do it on your iPhone. Check the app’s settings to ensure you enabled it correctly.

  1. Click Ring App settings
  2. Scroll to device Settings
  3. Tap the Motion Alerts and Ring Alerts setting to turn it blue

After making sure you have an Internet connection, continue with the following steps:

  1. Click Ring App > Device Health menu
  2. Tap the signal strength – it should have good signal strength to receive alerts

Here is a video to help you with this tip.

Activate Motion Zones

In some cases, you need to make sure the Motion Zones are correctly activated. Some Ring devices also want it to be set perfectly. Do this by following these steps:

  1. Click the Ring app
  2. Choose a specific device
  3. Go to Motion Settings
  4. Click the Motion Zones
  5. Add Motion Zone

When adding a Motion Zone, just follow the in-app instructions and set as desired.

Re-Install App

If your iPhone still does not ring after all the fixes mentioned above, you can try uninstalling and re-installing the app. It might be that it was not installed properly. Sometimes, downloading and installing a new Ring app solves the issue.

Enable “Do Not Disturb” Option

In some cases, it is not the app but your Apple phone that was the problem. It can be the notification center of your iPhone that is not correctly set. Often, it is because you did not enable the “Do Not Disturb” option. Enable this by following the steps below:

  1. Open phone
  2. Go to the notification center
  3. Find the notification for Ring
  4. Swipe right to left
  5. Click the Manage option
  6. Choose Delivery Prominently

You should also deactivate the notifications on your Apple Watch. This way, there will not be anything to interfere with your phone receiving alerts.

Other Tips to Fix a Ring Doorbell Not Ringing on iPhone

Were the tips above not enough? Is your iPhone still not ringing when someone triggers your Ring device? In that case, you can try the following additional tips:

  • Make sure you adjusted the volume settings of your phone so that you can hear it right away.
  • Ensure that your phone’s airplane mode is not enabled.
  • Try restarting your phone, which may resolve some unknown issues causing you not to receive alerts.
  • Update your phone to the latest iOS version. Click Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Try a soft reset. To do this, reach out to Apple’s support document since the steps differ based on the iPhone you have.
  • Reset the settings of your Wi-Fi network. Take note of the Wi-Fi name and password of your connection. After that, go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Perform a full reset to remove any malicious apps on your device. Make sure you backed up your data since resetting will erase them.
  • If nothing helped to solve the problem, the issue might be physical damage. You should get the Ring device checked or call the Support team to see if it can be replaced.


Hopefully, one of these tips solved the problem with your Ring device. In case it doesn’t, you really should get in touch with Ring’s customer support. You should also check the warranty for your device. If the problem really is with the Ring Doorbell, you may be able to get replaced if still within the warranty period.


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