Ring Doorbell No Power: How to Fix! – Tips and Tricks

Ring Doorbell No Power How to Fix

Problem with your Ring Doorbell? Don’t worry. There are tips and tricks you can try to fix your Ring video doorbell. Whether it is Ring Doorbell 2, Pro, Elite, or the new generation Ring Doorbell 3 and Ring Doorbell 3 Plus, this article covers a few fixes to solve this particular issue – No Power.

Does your Ring Doorbell have no power? Here’s the Fix!

Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell No Power – How to Fix with Tips and Tricks

Before trying to solve your Ring Doorbell’s power issues, it’s crucial to understand the problem first. Also, you must know the differences between Ring video doorbells. If you don’t know or haven’t realized it yet (probably because you didn’t buy or installed the device), Ring doorbells come in different models.

There’s the base model, Ring Doorbell, which has standard features like HD video and two-way talk. The second generation, Ring Doorbell 2, is a bit of an upgrade. It has a 1080p HD video, so the night vision is much better than Ring Doorbell. Other higher-end models are Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Doorbell Elite.

Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 both have a battery, hardwired, and solar power options. Elite, on the other hand, must be connected to Ethernet. You need to hardwire your Ring Doorbell Pro to an existing doorbell for it to work. Besides these four, there’s also the new generation – Ring Doorbell 3 and Ring Doorbell 3 Plus.

Both of these newer models have a battery and hardwired options. In terms of features, they have the standard ones such as two-way talk, 1080p HD video, motion detection, and instant alerts. They also have newer features such as noise cancellation, dual-band Wi-Fi, and others. However, Ring 3 Plus has a “Pre-Roll Video” feature.

You must realize by now that the power issue of your Ring doorbell may have to do with what type of power they have. Knowing which Ring Doorbell model that you have will make it easier for you to pick the correct tips to use in this article. Now, let’s talk about what you can do to fix the power issues of your Ring doorbell.

Signs Your Ring Doorbell is Experiencing Power Problems

It is likely your Ring doorbell has insufficient or no power if you experience the following issues:

  • Frequently loses connection to your Wi-Fi network
  • Ringtone sound freezes up or shuts down when you press the button
  • Voltage reading drops whenever you use the night vision
  • Device frequently shuts off
  • Video freezes during a live event
  • Night vision won’t work
  • The device suddenly stops working after being fine for a couple of events

If you experience any of the situations mentioned above, there are numerous reasons why. Find the cause by diagnosing the device.

Diagnosing Ring Doorbell Issue

Follow the steps:

  1. Open your Ring app
  2. Tap the Ring Doorbell to open the settings.
  3. Tap “Device Health”

Under the “Device Health” tile, you can see the voltage reading. Does it read “Very Good” or “Good”? If it is, then your Ring doorbell is okay and receiving enough power. It means the battery or the power is not the exact cause of the issues you’ve been having. If it reads “Poor” or “Very Poor,” then the cause of your problems is the device’s low power.

Resolving Ring Doorbell Power Issues

If you determined that the cause of your problem is low power, try tip #1. If not, you can try all the other tricks to try and resolve it. Ring Doorbell no power: how to fix? Here goes!

Low Power

First, make sure that your Ring doorbell is receiving power. Check to see that it is powered up. Try these as well:

  • Check the wires from the power source to the device. Make sure they are all seated snugly, and no cables are damaged. Try to unplug and re-plug the doorbell.
  • Connect the doorbell to a different power supply.
  • Check the breaker box, making sure no fuse was blown. If that happened, you need to reset the doorbell at the breaker.

For Ring Doorbell Pro, the most common fix for low power is to bypass the doorbell using a Pro Power Kit V2. If this doesn’t work and you don’t want to bypass the doorbell mechanism, you can try to upgrade your transformer. On that note, make sure to choose one with a minimum of 16V AC, 30V amps, and 50/60Hz.

Remember not to use any garden-lighting or halogen transformer or DC power supply. These equipment are not compatible with Ring Pro. If you can’t use your existing system or don’t have an internal doorbell mechanism, try using a Plug-in Adapter. Follow the steps on adding a Plug-in Adapter below:

  1. Choose a power outlet near the door where the Ring Doorbell Pro is installed.
  2. Run the adapter’s cable down the outlet to the molding, then pick a path to the doorbell.
  3. Use the included cable clips to secure the cable to the wall. You can run it through the walls, door, or window.
  4. Attach the cables to the terminals of the doorbell.
  5. You might need to set up the doorbell again.
  6. In the Ring app, change the “Doorbell Type” to “None” then save the settings.
  7. Plugin the power adapter, checking if the front light of the device illuminates. If it does, it means the doorbell is adequately powered.
  8. The front light will blink if you skip the setup. It means the device entered Setup Mode.
  9. Test the doorbell to see if it works.

Drained or Faulty Battery

If you are using any of the battery-operated Ring doorbells, you can resolve the low power by charging the battery. So, remove the faceplate and take the battery out. Connect it to a power source or insert the other battery you have. If you want to avoid having to deal with this again, you may want to hardwire the battery this time.

You already charged the battery, but it still won’t turn on. In that case, the battery may be broken, so you will have to replace it. Buy a new battery and replace the old one by following the instructions below:

  1. Remove the screw at the cover’s bottom. Unscrew it counterclockwise then set the screws aside.
  2. Push the cover off with your thumb. By removing the faceplate, you will be able to access the Ring doorbell’s battery.
  3. Look at the body of the doorbell, specifically the black tab. At the bottom of it is the battery. You will see a rectangular tab at the top of it. Press it down with your index finger while using your thumb and middle finger to slide the battery off.
  4. You can release the black tab once the battery has slid off.
  5. After removing the battery, replace it with the new one you bought.
  6. Slide the new battery back. Wait till you hear it snap in place, which means it is secure inside.
  7. Lock the faceplate back now and put back the screws you removed before.

Low Voltage

If the problem is not low power, you may have been experiencing power issues because the device is not receiving sufficient voltage. Ring doorbells function correctly with a minimum of 3900mV. Check if your video doorbell is receiving enough voltage through the app. Open it, select the doorbell, and tap device health.

If the problem really is due to the low voltage, you will need to replace the transformer. Remember to get one with 8-24 VAC power maximum of 40VA and 50/60GHz. As mentioned, don’t use halogen, DC, or garden lighting transformers. Turn off the power source of the doorbell and proceed to reconnect the device with the new transformer.

Ring Doorbell Goes Offline – What to Do?

When your Ring doorbell goes offline, it’s likely related to power. But the problem might also be due to your network. If you thought your Ring doorbell has no power and already tried the solutions above to no avail, try checking your Wi-Fi. First, consider if you have been in any of these circumstances:

  • Temporarily lost power
  • A power surge caused a problem with your router
  • A wire in network setup came loose
  • Changed Wi-Fi password

If you had experienced the situations above, try checking possible sources of disconnection to solve the offline problem.

  • Make sure all wires connected to the router are plugged incorrectly. Also, all the lights in the front of the router must be green, indicating it is working.
  • Check if another of your Wi-Fi device has a problem connecting to your home network.
  • Unplug the router for at least 20 seconds then plug back in. Wait that the device reconnects automatically.
  • Change the password of the router again then reconnecting using that credential.


It must be frustrating to be dealing with all these power issues. However, this is something that just happens. With the tips mentioned above, hopefully, you can resolve the problem without any difficulty. They are easy enough to perform on your own, so don’t worry about hiring an electrician or technician to solve this problem.


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