Ring Doorbell Live View Not Activating: How to Fix!

Ring Doorbell Live View Not Activating

Right now, Ring Doorbell is one of the most impressive equipment you can add to your house to improve its security. Thanks to this, checking who is in front of your door is easy wherever you are. As long as you have an Internet or data connection, you can log into your Ring account and view whoever triggered the device.

Isn’t that amazing? But of course, no matter how incredible Ring is, it does come with issues sometimes. For instance, you may encounter problems like the live view that isn’t working. But don’t worry. It is a pretty common problem with simple solutions. Is the Ring Doorbell live view not activating? begins with the tips below:

Reasons Why Ring Doorbell Live View is Not Activating & How to Fix

Is your Ring video Doorbell facing a problem with the live feature? Is it not activating the way it should? Below is a simple guide to help you with that. It includes how you can troubleshoot the problem and some tips to solve it. Hopefully, you can fix your Ring Doorbell and use it again to ensure the security of your home.

Here you go.

Check Network Connection

Are you sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi? Make sure that the Ring Doorbell is online and that it captures events. Triggering an event such as letting the device detect motion or pressing the doorbell button helps you check if the device is active. A new event should appear in the activity log if it is working.

If there is no updated event into the log list, it obviously means the Ring Doorbell isn’t connected to your home Wi-Fi. In that case, make sure to check that your Wi-Fi has a strong signal and that there isn’t a problem with the router. Ensure that you set up the Ring Doorbell correctly and connects to your network connection.

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Poor Internet Speed

One of the apparent reasons why the Live View feature of your Ring Doorbell isn’t working is slow Internet speed. You can check if this is the actual problem by conducting a speed test.  If your device connects with your home Wi-Fi through your smartphone, tablet or PC, perform a quick speed test by going to Ring.com/speed.

The minimum upload and download speed for Ring Doorbell is 1Mbps. It’s for the 720p video quality. On the other hand, Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Doorbell 3, Ring Doorbell Pro, Ring Doorbell Elite, and Ring Doorbell 3 Plus need at least 2 Mbps. Higher than this if you want optimum performance.

After performing the Internet speed test within your home, do it again. This time, however, do the test at the location where you mounted the device. If you see that the speed is considerably less at the location of the Ring Doorbell than inside your home, the Live View is not activating because of distance.

Router Location

When the Ring Doorbell is far from the Wi-Fi router, the signal strength is significantly reduced. A weak signal is a big reason why the Live View feature is not working. If the original problem as to why the Live View isn’t working is the router distance, then the solution is to close that.

Is your Ring Doorbell mounted in a location over 30 feet away from the Wi-Fi router? If that so, make sure that your Internet speed meets at least the minimum requirements. You can maximize the speed of your Wi-Fi using an extender. Otherwise, you need to bring the router closer to the device.

Device Wiring

The wiring is a crucial requirement if you want a Ring Doorbell that works. If you didn’t wire the device correctly, it could cause a bunch of problems. Examples of issues you will experience include choppy playback, video freezing, and no doorbell ringing. There are also night vision issues, power loss, and a live view that isn’t activating.

If your device has any of these issues, check the doorbell wiring first. For Ring Doorbell Pro, make sure you installed the Pro Power Kit correctly. As for the other Ring Doorbells, just make sure that the wirings are correct and none of them is damaged in any way. If the wirings are all correctly and adequately set up, here’s what you’ll find:

  • A white circular light in the front part of the Ring Doorbell
  • Hear an internal ring when someone presses the device button
  • Receive alerts or notifications whenever an event is triggered

Whenever you experience an issue with your Ring Doorbell, Live View or any other, it’s standard to check the wiring first. If there is loose or incorrect wiring, your device will show as offline. In other times, it just shows that your device can’t activate the Live View or have a black screen.

Power Supply

Another possible reason why the Live View isn’t activating is the power supply. Ring Doorbells get power in three ways – an internal battery, by hardwiring it to the wiring of your existing doorbell or solar power. The solar is generally a backup while the other two are the main power supply of most Ring Doorbells.

The only ones that don’t have an internal battery are Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Doorbell Elite. You can choose to use only the battery of the device, but it gets a bit inconvenient when you need to take it out to recharge. Thus, it is recommended to hardwire it instead. That way, you don’t need to deal with any power issue.

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Ring Doorbell Issue – How to Fix

You now have a bit more idea on the possible causes of a Ring Doorbell Live View not activating. Below are some tips on how to fix the problem if the cause is on the Ring Video Doorbell itself. Is your Ring Doorbell Live View not activating? it is easy with the following tricks:

Power Connection

If the Live View isn’t activating because the doorbell stopped working, check your power connection first. Sometimes, your Ring Doorbell disconnects from the router. It happens when there is fluctuation in power or surges. If you recently had any of the two and the Live View isn’t working, you should check the power connection first.


One reason your Ring Doorbell’s Live View isn’t activating is because of the battery. If you hardwire the device, do check that the battery is charging. But if it’s not hardwired, make sure to check the battery’s status regularly. Otherwise, it may run out, and that’s why you can’t activate the Live View on your app.


Did you recently change the password of your home Wi-Fi? If you did and now you can’t activate the Live View, then you must have forgotten to update it into the Ring Doorbell. Check that the password of the device and the Wi-Fi matches. It will usually fix the problem of a Ring Doorbell that stopped working and a Live View that isn’t activating.

Ring App/Router Issue – How to Fix

You have tried the tips mentioned above, but it didn’t work. In that case, the problem is not with the device itself. Could it be with the app or the router? Fortunately, a problem with the Ring app is easy to resolve. You can check and try to fix it with the following tricks.

Ring App

First, check to see if the app has updates you need to download and install. You need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the Ring app to ensure it works optimally. If it is and you still can’t activate the Live View, then you can try disconnecting it from the device or uninstalling then reinstalling again.

Access Point

Another simple way of resolving a Live View issue is by restarting the Wi-Fi router. You can also change the Wi-Fi access point. In most cases, the Ring device starts working again when you apply this tip. In case it doesn’t, you should probably contact the Ring support.

Live View Not Activating and Connecting – Other Tips and Tricks

  • Data Plan – If you use data on your phone to access the app, make sure the signal is good enough.
  • Apps on Phone – Some of the apps on your phone, especially those running the background, may cause the Ring app to slow down. Thus, the Live View feature isn’t connecting.
  • Bluetooth – If your Bluetooth is on, this can also slow down the Ring app.
  • VPN – A phone connected to VPN may also experience some of its apps, including Ring, slowing down


It’s annoying when your Ring device or app isn’t working as well as you want it to, but it happens. In the case of a Ring Doorbell Live View not activating,  it is similar to troubleshooting most Ring issues. Check the possible issues one by one from the Internet connection to the device itself, applying each fix until you find the right one.


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