Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue – Here’s the Truth

11 Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

With technology continuously advancing, it is not a surprise that smart homes are becoming more and more popular. More and more families want to keep their homes safer using smart devices that boost their home security. One of the latest gadgets they can add to their security measures is a video doorbell.

Ring Video doorbells are small valuable devices that allow you to see who is at your door whenever, wherever you are. Even when you are not at home, you can find out if someone knocked or even just went near your door. The thing is it can be challenging to set up and operate these types of devices.

Introducing Ring Video Doorbells

Even so, they do help a lot. One of these smart home devices is the Ring Video Doorbell. Ring is a leading company that produces various security products, including video doorbells. You can choose from their range of video doorbell products that include the base model Ring Doorbell.  Other products include:

Each of these doorbells has the best features of Live View, two-way communication, motion detection, and notifications. Except for the base model, all other Ring Doorbells have a 1080p video quality. Most come with a built-in battery, but Elite needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi while Pro must be hardwired.

These are excellent features that provide you the benefit of surveillance at home. The problem is it can be tricky to set up a Ring Doorbell. There are many instances that it doesn’t install properly, the video or audio buffer, or it will not connect to Wi-Fi. Another of the issues you may encounter is a flashing blue light.

Do you want to know why your Ring Doorbell is flashing blue? We will tackle that in this article. It may or may not be a problem. Truthfully, a Ring device with blue light has different meanings, which you will find out if you continue to read below.

What Does a Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue Mean?

The Ring Doorbell can tell you its status using the light at the front part of the device. That circular light that sometimes flashes blue can communicate status and error messages. This way, you can know how your device is doing, even without using the Ring app. You can find out the message depending on:

  • Whether the light is blinking is solid
  • What part of the circular light is flashing
  • The speed of the flashing or blinking

In the case of a Ring Doorbell flashing blue, here’s the truth:

Flashing Blue Light (1 second on and 1 second off)

If it’s a flashing blue light that is your problem, it merely means that your Ring Doorbell is booting or starting. The problem is this can sometimes continue for a long time. If that happens, your Ring Doorbell is likely stuck in a boot loop.

Spinning Blue Light

A spinning blue light indicates a normal doorbell push. When the light spins blue, your Ring Doorbell is notifying you of a possible call and will be sending you alerts.

Solid Blue Light

While the spinning blue light means a call, answering that call will turn the blue light solid. If you see a solid blue light on your Ring Doorbell, the doorbell speaker is on, someone is connected, and you can listen or talk to them.

Upward Moving Blue Light

A blue light that moves upward means that your Ring device is trying to connect to your home network.  You usually see this during the setup. However, if you see it when you are not setting up the device, you likely have a Wi-Fi connection problem.

Rapid Blue Lights Flashing then Turns White

When you see a series of lights flashing, it means that your Ring device completed a hard reset. With that, you can begin setting it up so that you can use your video doorbell once again.

4 Blue LEDs Flashing 4 Times

If you see these, don’t worry. Four blue LEDs flashing four times simply indicate that you failed to set up your Ring Doorbell successfully. You will need to reset and repeat the setup once again. Make sure you followed the steps correctly.

Besides those mentioned above, a Ring Pro flashing blue while charging is also a way for the device to communicate to you. Ring Pro sometimes begin flashing when you start the installation process. Don’t worry because it is perfectly normal and indicates the internal power is charging.

In a Ring Doorbell Pro, charging power is indicated by a blinking blue LED with the circle slowly filling up. For Pro, the circular light serves as a charging meter. The blue light will shut off when the power becomes fully charged. After a full charge, you can complete the setup process.

How to Fix a Ring Doorbell with Continuous Blue Flashing Light

As mentioned before, a flashing blue light that should only take a second can continue for a long time. When that happens, there is something wrong that prevents your Ring Doorbell from working. The biggest possible reason for this is your device got stuck in a boot loop. The only viable solution for this is to reset your Ring Doorbell.

Here is how you hard reset your Ring device:

  • Locate the setup button of your Ring device. Depending on the model, it is orange or black and located at the back or on the right side.
  • After finding the right button – press and hold it for at least 15 seconds.
  • Once 15 seconds passed, release the button. You will see the light on the front of the device flashing a few times. It means your Ring Doorbell is resetting.
  • After 5 minutes, the device should be done resetting to factory settings.
  • Now, you can press the orange/black button again to put the device on setting up mode.

In some cases, this works for fixing a Ring Doorbell with continuous flashing blue light. But if this does not work, then it is best to call Ring Customer Support. You should also check if your device is still within the warranty period. There is a high chance your Ring Doorbell is now defective, which means replacing it is the only other option.

Other Issues that Affect Ring Doorbell

Besides the flashing blue light, you may encounter other issues with your video doorbell. One of the most common, which may also affect the state of the circular light on your device, is related to Wi-Fi. Many things can go wrong with a Ring Doorbell if it is not connected to a reliable network connection.

Wi-Fi Issues

You can tell that your Ring Doorbell lost its Wi-Fi connection with these signs:

  • You can hear a sound whenever you push the button
  • The Ring Doorbell’s circular light glows in soft white
  • You don’t receive notifications in your Ring app
  • There are no events captured in your Ring app

If you have these problems, your Ring device got disconnected from your Internet connection. Try resolving it by restarting your router. After this, your Ring Doorbell should reconnect to your home network.

How to Know if You Have Weak Wi-Fi Signal

If the problem is not the router, but the fact your Internet connection has a weak signal, you need to move the router near the device. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender or remove anything that blocks the signal. But before you do that, you should check if the signal really is the problem,

You will know if the problem is poor Wi-Fi signal by these signs:

  • You get poor video quality recordings
  • You get delayed notifications
  • You don’t get any notifications at all
  • Live View doesn’t connect or takes a long time

 Power Issues

Power issues are also a common problem with Ring Doorbells. You will know if your device is experiencing this when you notice the following signs:

  • You often lose connection to Wi-Fi
  • The device will usually shut off
  • The Live Event always freezes
  • The doorbell does not properly ring
  • You can’t use the night vision

Ring Doorbell No Power: How to Fix! – Tips and Tricks

If you experience these, you should first make sure that your device is fully charged or is not draining. Next, ensure that the device is running on a proper voltage amount. You’ll find out if your device is doing well by checking Device Health in your Ring app.

Check this video for more troubleshooting tips.


What to do with a Ring Doorbell flashing blue? – it probably isn’t a big problem. If the blue light only flashed for a second, your device is booting. But if it takes a long time, then a hard reset is the best fix. Otherwise, you need to buy a new Ring Doorbell because your old one is probably busted.


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