How to Reset Ring Doorbell and Make it Function Properly Again

Reset Ring Doorbell

Do you want to learn how to reset Ring Doorbell? Don’t worry because it is quite easy. However, there are slight differences when it comes to the device model. We will tackle those as well in this post to help make your Ring Doorbell work again.

The Ring Doorbell is a smart home product that makes an interesting addition to your home. It is a massive improvement to an ordinary doorbell by presenting excellent features such as two-way talk functionality.

There are different models available besides the base Ring Doorbell. Ring Doorbell 2 is a bit of an upgrade from the base model with a 1080p HD resolution. On the other hand, Ring Doorbell Elite and Pro has higher-end specs but doesn’t include a built-in battery.

The ring also has a recently released version, Ring Doorbell 3. It has almost the same features as Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 but with some additions. Among new features are the night vision, dual-band Wi-Fi, two-way talk with noise cancellation, and privacy zones.

Meanwhile, there’s the new Ring Doorbell 3 Plus with features the same with Ring Doorbell 3. This one, however, has a “Pre-Roll Video,” allowing the device to detect an incoming person still from a few feet.

All products are great, as you can easily set them up and use them. But still, there may be a time when you need to troubleshoot it. If you are unable to use it well and cannot find a way to resolve the issue, the easiest solution is to reset it.

Below are the different ways you can reset your Ring Doorbell.

How to Reset Ring Doorbell in Different Models

Follow the instructions below on how to reset Ring Doorbell:

NOTE: Resetting the device to factory defaults will erase all saved settings and preferences.

Resetting Ring Doorbell (First Gen)

Follow the steps:

  1. Make sure you inserted the battery or that the device is hardwired.
  2. Loosen the Ring Doorbell from the wedge and turn the back. That way, you can see the orange reset button.
  3. You should press that button and hold it for 15 seconds.
  4. After that, release and ring the front doorbell. The doorbell should flash at least twice. It is an indication that your device is restarting.
  5. When done, your Ring Doorbell is now back to its factory default settings.

reset Ring Video Doorbell 1

Your device is good as new.

Resetting Ring Doorbell 2

Follow the steps:

  1. Like with the base Ring Doorbell, make sure you have inserted the battery of your Ring Doorbell 2 or hardwired it before resetting.
  2. Remove the device from its faceplate to find the reset button. After removing, you will find the black reset button in front of the camera.
  3. Once located, press it and hold for 15 seconds.
  4. After that, release the button. Ring the doorbell and see it flash a couple of times to indicate the device is restarting.
  5. Wait until it is done, and your Ring Doorbell 2 is back to factory default settings.

reset Ring Video Doorbell 2

You can now use it again.

Resetting Ring Doorbell Pro

Follow the steps:

  1. Make sure your Ring Doorbell Pro is hardwired and turned on before resetting.
  2. Locate the reset button under the faceplate. Remove it first then find the black reset button on the right side of the device.
  3. Press and hold for 15 seconds.
  4. Release the button and ring the doorbell. When you see it flash twice, the device is now restarting.
  5. Wait until your Ring Doorbell Pro is back to factory settings.

Reset Ring Doorbell Pro

You can now connect it again with your app or have someone else use it.

Resetting Ring Doorbell Elite

Follow the steps:

  1. Remove the faceplate for your device to find the black reset button. You will locate it at the top right side of Ring Doorbell Elite.
  2. Press and hold for 15 seconds upon locating.
  3. After releasing the button, ring the front doorbell. See if it flashes a few times, which indicates that it is restarting.
  4. Your Ring Doorbell Elite is back to factory settings.

Reset Ring Doorbell Elite

You can now use it again.

Removing Ring Doorbell Device from Ring Account

One of the common reasons why people look up how to reset Ring Doorbell is to remove the device from their account. However, you don’t necessarily have to reset the device to remove its connection to your Ring account.

Before resetting, download the videos that you want to keep

One thing to keep in mind is that when you remove the unit from the app, you are deleting all data in your account. It means all videos in your account will also be deleted. As such, it is recommended that you download all the videos you want to keep before resetting.

When you are done downloading the videos you want, follow the steps below to remove the device from account:

  1. Open the app and tapping your Ring Doorbell. It’s that Ring Doorbell image with the ‘Owner’ listed below.
  2. Upon tapping that, tap again the gear icon located in the top right corner.
  3. Next, tap the ‘Remove Device’ button at the bottom.
  4. A pop-up will appear then choose ‘Delete.’

Now, you’re done. You will see that the Ring Doorbell device is no longer in your app. That device will now be ready to set up with another account.

It will help more to watch some clips on YouTube of how to reset your Ring Doorbell.

Troubleshooting Ring Doorbells

Ring Doorbells are among the best video doorbell products in the market today. They have excellent features, amazing app performance, and an affordable monthly fee. However, it is hard to operate them sometimes, especially when you are not that familiar with technologies.

But don’t worry, in this part of the post, you can learn some tricks to solve the most common problems encountered when using Ring Doorbells. Instead of resetting the device right away, it is best to check the troubleshooting tips below first.

Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

So, your device cannot connect to your Wi-Fi connection. There’s nothing but a dark screen instead of video footage of what’s in front of the camera. It is a simple problem that often gets homeowners flustered.

There are several possible reasons why this happens. They are:

  • A power surge happened, which disconnected the Wi-Fi router.
  • There was a temporary power loss.
  • One of the wires of the router got disconnected.
  • The password for the Wi-Fi was changed.
  • The battery of the Ring Doorbell is depleted.

Solution: First, check if you do have a connection. Check if it is turned on if no cables are damaged, and if your other devices are working. If they are all okay, then the most logical reason why your Ring Doorbell can’t connect to Wi-Fi is because of their distance.

Not many realize it, but the distance between the Ring Doorbell and the router matters a lot. If you cannot connect, it is best to disconnect first then move the router near the device. Check to see if it can connect now. If not, check if the battery has a charge or if there is power.

‘Unable to Connect to Wireless Network’ Message

If this message shows, some of the possible solutions are:

  • Make sure the device is connecting to a 2.4 GHz wireless network.
  • Reset the device by pressing and holding the orange button on its backside. It will repair the connectivity errors.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is on channels 1 to 11. Ring Doorbell does not support channels 12 and 13.

Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing

The likely reason for this is because of constant use. After having been pushed too much, the button ends up stuck and keeps ringing. To solve this, press and release the button. It will unstick the button if it was initially stuck.

If this was not the problem, check the notification settings to see if it is active. If you still do not see the problem there, try resetting by following the steps above. In case this still does not work, disconnect the Ring Doorbell and replace the button.

Ring Doorbell Pro Power Issues

The Ring Doorbell Pro is different from Ring Doorbell or Ring Doorbell 2. It does not have a rechargeable battery, so it is hardwired to receive power from your Ethernet connection. Now, here’s your issue – it worked for a time but suddenly stopped working.

The possible reason is related to power. You will know that the device is not getting enough power with the following indicators:

  • It shuts off randomly.
  • It cannot maintain a connection to the Wi-Fi.
  • The night vision does not work.
  • The live video often freezes.
  • The internal doorbell does not ring properly.

Here are some of the things you can do to fix this:

  • Check the status of the doorbell by going to your Ring app and looking at the Device Health section. If you see the device is offline, check your Wi-Fi hardware for issues.
  • Ensure that you have correctly charged the Ring Doorbell.
  • For Ring Doorbell 2, you can try to fix this by removing then reinserting the battery. Wait and see after if the device reconnects with the Wi-Fi.
  • Choose the Setup mode of the Ring Doorbell by tapping the Setup button. After 10 seconds, tap it again and see if the doorbell connects with the Wi-Fi.
  • If the methods above did not work, you could add more power using Pro Power Kit V2 or Ring Pro Power Kit.


Now that you have learned how to reset Ring Doorbell and some tricks on troubleshooting, hopefully, your Ring Doorbell is working again. They are a few tips that can solve the most common issues with the device, but if they didn’t work, contact customer service for assistance.


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