How Many Megapixels Do I Need for a Security Camera?

How Many Megapixels Do I Need for a Security Camera

Resolution is the second biggest factor affecting a customer’s buying decision when shopping for security cameras, the first one being price. If you’re asking yourself, “So how many megapixels do I need for security camera purposes?” then you’re stumbled upon the correct article. It’s the most common question that clients ask manufacturers of security cameras….

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2MP vs. 4MP Security Camera: What’s the Difference?

2MP vs 4MP Security Camera

If you feel like your security camera technique is speaking French, Spanish, or Japanese when they beginning outlining the details of your cam’s image and display resolution, you’ve come across the right article. We will tell you the difference between a 2mp vs 4mp security camera. MP in this context refers to megapixels, which is…

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Ring Stick Up Cam vs. Spotlight Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam vs Spotlight Cam

If there’s anything that can make your home smarter and safer, it’s a security camera that records anything that happens around it. No matter what, you deserve a camera that you can depend on in any situation. Good thing that Ring has many options ready for you. On that note, this article compares Ring Stick…

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Amcrest vs. Hikvision: Which is The Best?

Amcrest vs Hikvision Cameras

Hikvision models are more expensive than the budget-minded Amcrest IP security cameras. That’s just a fact. With that said, is it really just a debate of cost-effectiveness versus the kind of quality you can get when money is no object? Or is Hikvision overpriced and Amcrest gives you more bang out of your buck when…

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How to Hide Your Security Camera Outside

If you wish to hide your security camera out of plain sight then you’ve come to the right article. This article will specifically teach you how to hide your security camera outside (as opposed to inside with your windows, doors, electrical sockets, stuffed toys, and so forth). You also need to purchase the best-hidden security…

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