Night Owl Camera Troubleshooting

Night Owl Camera Troubleshooting

The proudly USA-made Night Owl brand of security system offers Wi-Fi cams of the wired, wireless, wire-free, and doorbell variety as well as various accessories. On that note, let’s find out how to troubleshoot their cams.

Not everyone knows about the Night Owl Camera like the Ring, Arlo, Wyze, or Nest brands of Wi-Fi cam. However, they’re popular enough to necessitate this troubleshooting guide for their dedicated and loyal customer base.

So let’s now discuss Night Owl Camera Troubleshooting, shall we?

Night Owl camera not working: How to fix!

If your Night Owl camera isn’t working, it might be a power issue, an app pairing issue, or a Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

If you’re using analog cameras, make sure the video or power cable is connected to it. As for IP cameras, make sure there’s a solid Ethernet cable connection. Try connecting the cable to a different video input port to see if the camera feed appears on another channel altogether.

If your app isn’t paired with your cam, set it up from the start or reset the device altogether before doing the app pairing.

Night Owl camera not recording motion: How to fix!

Make sure the HDMI cable is linked from your recorder to the TV or monitor. Also, check if you’re tuned in the right HDMI input for your TV or monitor (HDMI1, HDMI2, and so forth). Replace the HDMI cable to see if that fixes the issue (the cable might be faulty).

Try linking the recorder to another TV or monitor. You can also use another HDMI input.

Night Owl DVR not connecting to internet: How to fix!

If it’s an Internet issue, it might root from the router or the cam itself. Reset your Internet or check the Ethernet connection to get the DVR back online. Power-cycle the DVR too.

Make sure that the Night Owl DVR is connected on the same Wi-Fi as your app. You can also unplug your Ethernet cable from the recorder then link it to another device altogether—like a laptop—to check its condition.

Night Owl remote viewing not working: How to fix!

Reboot the smart device to see if that will allow remote viewing to work. You can also remove and reinsert the battery for good measure to do some power-cycling on the device. If your mobile device lacks a removable battery then just press and hold the volume and power button down for 15 seconds.

This should reset the device to factory settings. Now turn it back on, reopen the Night Owl HD App, and try remote viewing once more.

Night Owl camera black screen: How to fix!

This is typically a Night Owl X CMS (Control Management Software) issue more often than not. Search for the Night Owl X CMS icon on the Windows PC. Right-click the software icon then left-click to select “Run as Administrator”.

This will give your CMS more priority when it operates, which in turn allows it to correct issues such as the black screen in the majority of cases. You can also restart your CMS app as a last resort.

Night Owl X app not working: How to fix!

Do the “Run as Administrator” fix to see if that allows you to run the Night Owl X app as well. Or you can reboot your smart device by pushing the volume and power buttons down for up to 15 seconds until the device reboots.

Turn the device on and check if the Night Owl X/X HD App is now fixed. Restart the Night Owl X App to see if that fixes the problem too.

Night Owl HDD light not on: How to fix!

This usually means that the standalone DVR you bought doesn’t come with a pre-installed hard drive or it’s not recognizing the drive it does have installed. The NVR line of Night Owl is compatible with SATA hard drives with a size of 1TB to 6TB.

You can also buy your own HDD for the VR or transfer an existing one over from your laptop and whatnot. Make sure the HDD is detected and formatted too.

Night Owl “Add Device” failed: How to fix!

If you get the “Add Device Failed”, do the following to troubleshoot. Make sure the MicroSD card is inserted if you got a standalone Night Owl device. Also make sure that the right app for your device is being used (like it’s available for your PC, iOS, or Android device for your specific cam model).

Also make sure that the smart device’s firmware and the Night Owl Connect App are both updated. Finally, double-check the Internet connection of your mobile device and your cam.

Night Owl troubleshooting no signal: How to fix!

If there’s no video signal for your Night Owl camera, check the integrity of your HDMI connection. Do the same troubleshooting you did to fix the “not recording issue”, up until checking if the cam is linked to the correct HDMI video port.

Try using a separate port or a separate cable if the problem persists. You can also contact Night Owl SP customer care for more details.

How do I reset my Night Owl camera?

You can’t factory reset a Night Owl Camera. Notice that you’re usually requested to reset the smartphone or tablet instead of the camera to fix connection issues.

You can reset the DVR/NVR instead by clicking the “Advanced Tab” then locating the “Load Default” option. Choose “Select All” to factory reset all your DVR/NVR settings then click save.  Or you might be prompted to a “Factory Default” sub-tab to access the DVR/NVR settings reset.

How do I connect my Night Owl DVR to Wi-Fi?

You cannot connect your Night Owl DVR to Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi is wireless and the DVR is a wired security system. Although it uses digital IP cameras, they operate by connecting directly to the NVR through PoE cabling instead of wireless network coverage by Home Wi-Fi like with Ring or Arlo.

Furthermore, NVR requires manual connection to your modem or router through the included Ethernet cable to enable remote viewing.

Related Questions (Answered)

Here are some related questions regarding Night Owl troubleshooting as well

Why does my Night Owl say no signal?

It might have a bad HDMI connection with your TV or monitor. Check if you’re displaying the right port (HDMI1, HDMI2, and so forth) on the television or if the HDMI cable you’re using to give off a Night Owl video feed is in good condition.

How do I get my Night Owl cameras back online?

If the problem is with the Night Owl cameras then check their Ethernet connection. If the problem is them accessing the app, check if smart device is connected onto the Internet while the app is running. Make sure the app and the smart device firmware are updated too.

Why is my Night Owl app not connecting?

Your Night Owl app might require restarting or maybe your smart device is offline and not connected to the Internet. For best results, your Night Owl app should be on the same Internet connection as your camera. The router sending Wi-Fi signals to your phone should be wired to the same cam ISP.

Why is my Night Owl camera not working?

The camera could have its power cable wiring disconnected or the port itself might be damaged. Make sure that the power cable and video cable for your analog cameras are connected to them. If it’s IP cameras, check the stability of its Ethernet cable connection.

Why is my Night Owl not working on my phone?

You could’ve installed the wrong app or program for your specific Night Owl camera, so it won’t run as smoothly. You can also run the app as an “Administrator” on Windows machines to make it perform to its fullest potential. If all else fails, restart the app or restart the smart device itself.

How do you fix Night Owl video loss?

If you’re experiencing video loss or a black screen, you should check the HDMI cable if it’s pinched or faulty. Otherwise, double-check if you’ve opened the right port on your TV or monitor. Test the power supply, monitor, cabling, and camera for defects.

How do I update my Night Owl DVR?

Update the firmware manually by making sure your DVR is online then logging onto your DVR from the TV/monitor. Now go select the “Advanced” menu, select “Auto-Upgrade”, and then select “Check”.

The DVR should connect to the server to upgrade itself to the latest firmware version. The process takes up to 5 minutes to complete.

How do I verify my Night Owl account?

Login to your account, select “Account”, select your name or email, select “Email”, select “Verify” to receive a secure code email on your email address, retrieve the code from the email, and enter it on the blank field to verify it and your app.

How do you reset a Night Owl security system?

Click or tap on the “Advanced Tab”, get to the “Maintain Tab”, find the “Load Default” option, select “All” to factory reset your settings for your DVR/NVR system, then select “Save” to save your new settings.

You system might restart after the last step. Older systems don’t restart, though.


The proudly American-made Night Owl brand of security system offers Wi-Fi cams of the wired, wireless, wire-free, and doorbell variety as well as various accessories. Therefore, it’s comforting for its users to know how in-depth their troubleshooting guides are as well.

This saves them the hassle of paying a technician or getting a refund in order to fix any Night Owl cam woe they have. Why get someone to fix the cam when you can DIY?


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