Is Ring Video Doorbell Waterproof?

Is Ring Video Doorbell Waterproof

The Ring Video Doorbell (RVD) is not an ordinary doorbell. It has a built-in camera that you can use to monitor your house. It can record videos day and night (with the help of night vision) in high definition. This device will even let you communicate with the person outside with the help of its two-way feature. It’s smart as it will notify you if the battery is low or someone outside your door.

The Ring Video Doorbell certainly packs different features that can help us feel safe at an even small price! Some might say that the device can break easily due to rain or too much heat. Don’t worry as we will discuss to you how this device can withstand all of those environmental factors.

Is the Ring Video Doorbell Waterproof?

We are talking about a device that has sensitive parts like the rechargeable battery and the circuit board inside. Those things shouldn’t get wet or get exposed to too much heat because it will damage the product. But the company already made those things into consideration when they made the Ring Video Doorbell.

The ring doorbell can withstand light to moderate rains and may even survive in times of intense storms. However, it might get damaged if continuously exposed to heavy rainfalls as it is not waterproof. The right word for it is that the device is water-resistant, just like some of the watches today.

Is it safe for the Ring Doorbell to get wet?

When you say that a product is waterproof, it means that the water will not get inside the device. Therefore, it can be submerged into water for some time or depending on the depth of water. Water-resistant means that the product can withstand rain but can get damaged with constant or hefty rain. 

Your Ring Doorbell is considered as a water-resistant device and should be fine getting wet sometimes. Placing your doorbell where there is some shade may help block the torrential downpour of rain. Remember that you shouldn’t let it always getting wet during the rainy season as it will probably break. Don’t worry; we have several tips to protect your Ring Doorbell from those unexpected times.

Is it Safe under Direct Sunlight?

After those rainy days, is the Ring Doorbell safe from getting too much exposure to the sun? The answer is a big yes as it can withstand the heat during the summer season. The company assured its customers that their product could operate normally even in such heat.

To give you relief, you can use the device even if the temperature goes up to 50 degrees Celsius. Now that is some heat that the doorbell can survive. There’s also a solar charger that can be installed in your Ring Doorbell to extend your device’s battery life! If you’re interested in purchasing one, feel free to check it out on

Different Ways to Protect your Ring Doorbell.

There is no perfect product that can survive different environmental factors without the help of another product. There are many things that you can buy on the internet to protect your Ring Doorbell. However, we will also give you some do-it-yourself solutions without buying from the internet.

As promised, we will help you to protect your Ring Doorbell from different environmental factors like rain or direct sunlight. The list below can help you to secure your device.

  • POPMAS Sun visor bracket is a simple product that can you can install easily at your Ring Doorbell. It will help block the glare that affects the quality of the video. It will also prevent direct exposure to the sun’s heat and protect it even during light to moderate rainfall. If you’re interested, check it on using this link here.

  • KWmobile Case is a silicone case that can be slipped right into the Ring Doorbell. It will give protection from the harmful heat of the sun and light rainfall. However, we recommend the waterproof box as it will protect your device more compared to this case. If you’re still interested in this case, you can view it here.

  • Waterproof Transparent Cover is a straight forward case that provides durable protection to your Ring Doorbell! It is a transparent box that you will attach at the back of the device. You can paint the top part of the cover so that the sun’s heat will not pass through. You can view other details of the product here.

If you’re a little resourceful, you can use a small, plastic container. It will provide the same protection as the waterproof box have. It will also save you money as containers like that can be found in most households. Just measure where you need to punch a hole in the box to attach it in the back of the device.

The Ring Doorbell is also prone to be stolen despite its features. But don’t worry as you are entitled to a lifetime anti-theft warranty that will replace your stolen device for free. You can also visit this link that will teach you to make your doorbell theft-proof.

There’s also a solution that can help you secure your Ring doorbell without even buying or making something! It is to determine the best location to where you’ll put the doorbell. Ideally, it should be near your door, your Wi-fi router, and in the shade of your roof. Placing it on those ideal locations will help you take care of the device with ease.

The Ring Doorbell will surely protect our house and our family. It makes us feel safe even if we’re away from our homes and loved ones. But to protect us, you should also guard your device to maximize its potential. If you have some stories on how you secure this device, feel free to comment down below!

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