Is Ring Doorbell Rain Proof?

Is Ring Doorbell Rain Proof

Is your outdoor Ring Doorbell rain-proof or is weatherproofing reserved for outdoor Ring cameras? Should you put your doorbell in a porch or build a shed around it to defend it against the elements or something?

Is your Ring Video Doorbell (1-3) weather-proof or not? Can it take in water? Obviously, you can’t submerge it but how wet does it get before it stops functioning or starts malfunctioning? Should you build a little roof or shed above it to protect it from the elements?

Or at least should you build a roof over your front door porch or patio? In any case, Is Ring doorbell rainproof? Waterproof? Weatherproof? Water-resistant? How much rain can it take? How about temperature ranges? How hot or cold should the downpour be?

Is Ring Doorbell Rain Proof?

To a certain point, yes. It has to have a measure of weatherproofing, right? It’s located outside your front door or front gates. However, instead of being waterproof, it’s more water repellant or water-resistant. All Ring devices, including different Ring Doorbell models, feature water resistance.

They can withstand rainstorms and strong winds. Don’t submerge them in a flood though. Many customers can vouch for the Ring Video Doorbell’s performance, with them rarely ever having issues with it in normal use.

However, some people complain about the limits of its water resistance. Some report that their doorbells stopped working with rain exposure.

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Is Ring Doorbell Waterproof or Weatherproof?

It’s water resistant and can resist rains to a certain point but it’s better to put it in the patio or porch with a shed or roof over it to ensure its longevity. Sure, it has features that can make it survive the elements like the ability to withstand temperatures from -5°F to 120°F.

It can resist water of safety’s sake. However, you can submerge it in water and it might stop functioning when exposed to heavy rainfall, with the downpour truly testing the limits of its water resistance. It’s the same with watches, really. They’re resistant to splashes but don’t throw them in a swimming pool.

This explains why some customers complain about the water resistance feature. They didn’t understand its limits and poor placement of the doorbell led to its malfunction. You still have to protect it from rain.

How Do You Protect the Ring Doorbell from Inclement Weather?

You can do what others do with non-video doorbells. Put a little shed or roof over the button that the person is supposed to push so that the water won’t end up splashing hard on the device. This keeps your doorbell safe from extreme rainfalls, with its water resistance doing the rest of the protection.

So can the Ring Doorbell withstand elements like extreme hot and cold, snow, and rain? Can it go through them like your typical erstwhile mailman of the 20th Century? Kind of. Every one of those things, the Ring Doorbell can resist at a certain limit.

If it gets too cold, too wet, too hot, or too snowy, it will malfunction. It advertises itself as weatherproof but as a user you should practice a bit of common sense over marketing hype. Remember, its temperature limit is from -5°F to 120°F.

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The Ring Video Doorbell is Water Resistant but Not Waterproof

The Ring website advertises the Ring Video Doorbell and other devices as water resistant but not waterproof. What does that mean to a layman? It’s like how your umbrella has materials that resist the rain but a strong wind or constant rain can ruin it.

A submarine is waterproof and water tight. The Ring Video Doorbell is only water resistant and submersion or heavy downpours will take its toll on it. Something like Hurricane Katrina can destroy it but then again a hurricane can pretty much plow through anything.

If the rainfall involves flooding or anything that can go beyond the protection of water resistance your video doorbell will feel its effects. Ditto with any temperature below -5°F or above 120°F.

What Does Water-Resistant Mean?

It’s something designed to not easily be harmed by splashes of water because it doesn’t easily allow water to enter it. It resists water damage. However, its resistance has limits, such as outright submersion or freezing sleet below -5°F.

If a device labeled as water-resistant this means it has the lowest level of protection against water. This is because Ring expects your doorbell to be placed in a shaded porch not outdoors. Even if it’s placed outdoors, it’d be prudent to put a tiny concrete roof or alcove above it to protect it from rain.

All Ring devices offer water resistance with a layer or coat on its most sensitive areas so it wouldn’t easily malfunction with water exposure like a laptop that just got doused with your morning coffee. It’s still susceptible to heavy rains and downpours.

What Does Waterproof Mean?

A truly waterproof device doesn’t get affected by water unless heavy damage is dealt until it. It should be boat-level protected from water. It should be like the roof above your head. It shouldn’t be leaky and full of holes in order to protect you from the rain.

As far as electronics go, no device is 100 percent waterproof. The electronic parts of them prevent such waterproofing to happen. A brick or a tank is obviously more waterproof because of the materials they’re working with.

Therefore, electronics like video doorbells or even outdoor cameras tend to only be water resistant than waterproof. Even if they have waterproofing or weatherproofing they have levels of effectiveness that you have to pay extra for.

Ingress Protection Rating Scale

The IP code or Ingress Protection Rating Scale rates how waterproof a mechanical or electronic casing is. It ranges from IPX0 (no protection against water) all the way to IPX9 (protected against close-range high-pressure and high-temperature water jets).

The first two digits of the code is IP. The third is X, which represents the ability to withstand solid objects. The last digit can be from 0 to 9, which shows its fluid or water resistance.

Things to Consider

The best method of protecting your Ring Video Doorbell from water damage is avoidance and getting it placed on a porch with a shed or roof over it. Barring that and if placed beside outdoor gates, have your builders construct a neat little roof or hut above the device to prevent direct rain exposure.

Many houses and mansions in gated communities have the same little roof the size of a birdhouse protecting their doorbell button. The same could be used to protect the sensitive electronics of your Ring Video Doorbell.


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