How to Trigger the Siren on Arlo Security Products?

How to Trigger the Siren on Arlo Security Products

Arlo Security Products like its surveillance cameras should come with a siren or alarm. How is the siren triggered for this brand or line of devices? Is it by motion detection? How does it deal with false positives or false alarms?

A security system like Arlo naturally includes an alarm system. The Arlo Pro has the Smart Siren, which works by going off when you have an intruder in your home. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s pretty loud—it’s a 100-decibel alarm, after all.

With that said, if you want to know how to trigger Siren on Arlo then keep on reading to find out. It mostly works as you’d suspect, though.

How to Trigger the Siren on Arlo Security Products

The 100-dB Smart Siren gets triggered by audio or motion. You can also control it remotely. It’s available on units like the Arlo Pro, which is the world’s first 100% wire-free security cam that’s also HD, a smart device, rechargeable, and weatherproof for good measure.

Arlo placed the siren inside the Arlo Pro Base Station. You can activate it by yourself or set your settings to make it go off via motion detections by any cameras synced to the aforementioned base.

In other words, the siren gets triggered in accordance to whether or not you’ve activated it by the app through sensors or by manually testing it. You can also turn it off on the same app.

How to Trigger the Siren on Arlo Security Products
How to Trigger the Siren on Arlo Security Products

How to Turn Off the Loud Arlo Siren

To turn off the siren, you can deactivate it manually using your smart device control via the Arlo app the same way you can activate it manually as well. It will go off every time its motion detection gets triggered unless you turn that setting off as well (or address what’s making it go off).

The integrated siren works with Arlo Essential, Pro, and Ultra series. If you wish the alarm to activate when sound or motion gets detected, make sure that the siren’s settings have been set to activate in the right mode selection.

Go to the Arlo website, read your user manual, or fiddle around the modes to know what they are and how Arlo uses them.

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Step-by-Step Instructions on Turning the Arlo Siren On or Off

To be more specific, follow the instructions below in order to manually turn your siren off.

  • Open your Arlo app. You can also go to in order to login into your account.
  • Go to the Devices page and click or tap unto the Shield Icon on the upper-right corner.
  • Now you can click or tap onto the Activate Siren option. This then displays the Activate Siren page.
  • If you have multiple Arlo cameras or compatible cameras linked to the app, you’ll be asked to select one.
  • Swipe the icon of the siren to the right. This activates the Arlo Cam’s siren for your alarm-based or sensor-based usage.
  • Now you’ve gotten your Arlo Cam siren activated.
  • If you wish to turn off the siren, go through the same menu sequence then click or tap the slider at the top of the Devices page.

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How the Siren for Arlo Devices Work

You can remotely control the Smart Siren with your Arlo App. Once activated, it can serve the same function as a car alarm. When it detects motion or impact, like a burglar trying to enter your home, it will go off, which should signal neighbors of what’s wrong or you to call the cops.

The audio trigger it has also makes it go off when it detects a loud noise. It’s an effective package thief and home invader deterrent due to its loudness that should alert everyone nearby of the presence of potential criminal activity.

Or it could be a stray cat, dog, or raccoon going through your trash or walking through your porch, but there are settings included that could avoid such false alarms.

Also, about manually triggering the alarm—you can also manually defuse it in case of false alarms or if the culprit has already run away through your app.

What if Your Router is on a Different Floor Than Some of Your Cameras?

You can move the base nearer the cameras you want the siren to activate with. The siren comes from the base. When your camera detects something out of the ordinary in accordance to motion or audio detection settings you yourself put in, the alarm should go off.

Even if your router is far from the cameras, it should still work provided that the signal of the router can reach even the furthest of your cameras. Use a Wi-Fi extended or long Ethernet cable to allow moving the base away from the router and nearer your cams or doorbell video.

Arlo has no guarantees that the cam batteries would be in a condition to allow the siren to work properly. Make sure to use fresh batteries for the best results.

Can You Get an Extra Siren to Alert Neighbors that Something’s Amiss?

The Pro Base alarm feature should be enough for the neighbors to hear and to deter burglars from going through their burglary due to its 100-decibel loudness. It’s like a car alarm, police siren, or ambulance’s wail.

You might be worried because you live in an area where you have large plots of land and the neighbors are far apart. Maybe no one can hear the alarm inside the home in huge territories like Texas.

For extra-large properties, perhaps buying an extra-base with an alarm could make sense, especially if you have extra routers or Wi-Fi services to reach from one end of the home to another. However, most regular middle-class houses find the one Pro Base enough to work with.


The Arlo alarm or 100-decibel siren activates in accordance to the setting you’ve set. You can turn it on by yourself or by motion triggers the same way you can trigger your cameras to activate and record when something moves in their midst.

The alarm serves as your way to alert you or neighbors that you have intruders near your home’s perimeter or the cameras surrounding it. It can even alert you to call the authorities on such would-be burglars while the alarm scares them off or deters them from robbing you.


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