How to Set Up Blink Camera

How to Set Up Blink Camera

Anyone can setup a Blink security camera. You simply need to follow the steps on the correct order. Regardless of the model or operating system, your smartphone is running (iOS or Android), installation of the Blink app and devices follow the same steps in sequence.

In regards to how to set up a Blink camera, here’s the deal. Just go through the steps without skipping them and you should be good to go. It all starts with installing the Blink app.

How to Set Up Blink Camera

To get started in setting up your Blink Camera, you need to install the app first. The website offers a more comprehensive method in Blink Camera setup because it also shows you links on how to place, mount, or use your Blink cameras along with QR Codes for different Blink app downloads.

Blink offers support for most tablets and smartphones as well as various Alexa-enabled products. From there, you need to get started with setting up the Blink app first.

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Setting Up the Blink App

Open your Blink app. Tap the “Create Account” button on the prompt. On the dropdown menu, choose your country. Tap “Next” afterwards. Also, confirm which region you belong to then tap “OK”. You’ll get a pre-selected region based on your IP address provided by your Internet.

On the prompt asking for your email address, put that info in then tap “Next”. When prompted to create a new password, enter that information then tap “Create Account”. You can find the requirements for the password listed at the bottom of your phone screen.

Blink Camera
Blink Camera

Multi-Factor Account Verification Process for First PIN Code

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter the PIN from the email sent to you to confirm the account creation. Just enter the PIN and tap “Verify” to continue. Keep in mind that the new account PIN expires within 40 minutes.

You can resend the PIN code using the “Resend PIN Code” option that appears after one minute. You can’t make a new account with an expired PIN. This is the first of two PIN codes. You’ll enter a separate second PIN code for your phone or mobile device.

Phone Number Entry Screen

Tap the phone number entry line and put in your phone number using the onscreen keypad. Don’t forget to select the correct country code from the menu that appears when you tap the flag icon next to the entry line.

After entering the phone number you wish to verify (preferably the one you downloaded the app with), tap “Next”. If you don’t have a phone number, contact Customer Service for more details.

SMS vs. Voice Call for Second PIN Code

If you wish to have an automated voice call read the 2nd PIN code for you instead of using SMS, choose the “Voice Call” option and tap “Next” instead.

Only mobile phone lines can use the SMS text option. It won’t work with landlines. Blink only uses the number to associate the device with the Blink app. It ensures that the only one making changes to your Blink camera’s settings is you.

Blink values your privacy and won’t use your personal information to share with third parties or for additional purposes.

Enter Second SMS or Voice Call PIN Code

Once you choose the SMS option, you’ll get a text message containing it. On your Blink app, you’ll also end up on the PIN entry screen. The text message should read “Your Blink Verification Code is <902103>” or something to that effect.

Enter the PIN on the entry screen then tap “Verify”. Like with the emailed PIN code, the SMS text message or voice call PIN code lasts for 40 minutes. After a minute, you can resend the PIN code using the option of the same name.

Link Your Amazon Account and Add Device

After account and phone verification, you’ll be prompted to link your Amazon account with your new Blink account. This is a necessary step to continue the subscription after the Free Trial is over. You can skip it for now but you’ll eventually have to link it later. You can now sync your module.

Create a new system by tapping the text entry box and entering a name. The Add Sync Module screen will tell you plug in the Sync Module and wait for the light to blink blue then turn steady green.

Sync Your Module to your Local Wi-Fi Network

The Blink app will connect the Sync Module Wi-Fi Network. Tap “Join” to join the “Blink-XXXX” (XXXX is the four digits of your Sync Module’s serial number) Wi-Fi network. The Add Sync Module displays nearby Wi-Fi networks you can sync with the device.

If you don’t see your Wi-Fi network, hit “Refresh” until it appears. From there, enter the password for your Wi-Fi. When the network setup is done, you’ll be notified of such. Just tap “Done” to complete the process.

Scan the Serial Numbers in QR Code

After setting up your app and syncing your module with your Blink app, now you can go about adding your Blink wireless security camera or set of security cameras. For example, tap the Plus Symbol (+) on the app home screen to add a Blink indoor or outdoor cam.

Tap the Add Device + icon. It displays your device options. The serial number comes in a QR code. You can scan it by allowing your Blink app permission to access your camera.

Add Your Blink Camera or Cameras

Select the Blink camera you wish to add to the list. The module should be able to detect it and tell you which ones are available for syncing. On the back cover, you should find a QR code sticker. Scan it using your Blink app.

Click here for more detailed instructions when it comes to removing the back cover or go to the official site for more details. Once the serial number is recognized by the system, you’re shown the camera onboarding screen.

Expectations and Reality

Setting up your Blink cameras couldn’t be easier. You can also go about it by installing the app and following the prompts included with the app. The user manual should also outline what you need to do.

When all else fails, you can look up the instructions on the Internet, particularly the Blink website.  Their info includes pictures and screenshots. This guide can also give you a good overview of what to expect. The whole thing should be done in a few minutes regardless.


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