How to Reset Yi Camera?

How to Reset Yi Camera

The Yi Security Camera might not be as renowned as a Ring or Blink Camera in terms of brand recognition, but it has found its niche as a nice little camera for the money. With that said, how do you reset it?

The offerings of Yi Camera—such as the Yi Home Security Camera 3—ensure you’ll get the most out of your investment or, as the kids say, “more bang out of your buck”. The camera serves as a good budget security camera for those who can’t afford bulky bank or shopping mall cameras.

How to Reset Yi Camera

If you wish to reset your Yi camera, you need to figure out its model first. If you’re using a first generation Yi cam, you need a pin or needle to reset it. Most of these cams have their reset button on the upper left side of the QR code or the back side of the camera.

Hold down the reset until you hear the voice say, “Reset is successful” and/or if you see the indicator light blink yellow. If you have a second-gen or third-gen Yi cam, you instead need to remove the camera’s back cover and then go for the white round reset button.

Use a pin as well in order to push it until you hear “Reset is successful” from your cam or you see the yellow light flash. The location of the reset button mainly differs from the different camera generations.

What is the Yi Camera?

It can get overwhelming to choose the right security products for your household with so many choices for consumer-grade security cameras at present. However, Yi offers the budget version of even consumer cameras that isn’t necessary cheap (as in low-grade).

It alleviates the stress associated with getting a camera or CCTV system installed. You can get the security you need with a much more affordable solution, especially if you live in a questionable neighborhood or a non-gated community.

All you really need is a Wi-Fi connection and some extra money for batteries or electricity and you should be all-set with a fully functional home security camera setup like with Yi.

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A Relative Newcomer in the Home Security Market

How is it possible for Yi Cams to be as “cheap” as they are compared to leading brands like Blink and Ring?  It mostly hinges on them being relative newcomers in the always-changing landscape of home security.

They’ve found a way to make the already (relatively) affordable Wi-Fi cam and made it even more affordable. They accomplished this by going for the bare necessities and keeping things as simple as possible for users. Their simplicity doesn’t strip away the effectiveness of their products though.

The first, second, and third generations of Yi Cameras on the market have made high-quality features like HD footage and two-way talk more affordable to get while also simplifying things like setup and installation.

How to Reset Yi Camera
How to Reset Yi Camera

Getting to Know the Yi Home Camera 3

The price tag of the Yi Home Camera 3—under $30—can throw off even veteran Wi-Fi camera or smart camera reviewers. They’ll feel suspicious about what the catch is with here.  Does it work or not? Where is its base or hub station?

In the case of the Yi Home Camera 3, it mostly hinges on its flaws like being an indoor camera, having no battery backup, lack of mounting capability, the requirement of monthly subscription fee (but that “flaw” is present in most if not all Wi-Fi cameras), and finicky motion detection.

The beauty of the device roots from the fact that even its flaws can be seen in higher-value cameras, making them mostly moot. It’s such a good deal with all the most important features included and the least important ones cut it’s practically a steal at under $30!

What are the Pros and Cons of the Yi Camera?

Here are the pros and cons of the top Yi Camera at present, which is the Yi Home Camera 3 (third-generation Yi Cam).


  • Two-Way Audio
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Straightforward App
  • Affordable Equipment
  • Sleek, Attractive Design
  • Easy Plug-In Installation
  • 1080p HD Video Resolution
  • AI Human and Facial Detection
  • Magnetic Base for Metal Surfaces
  • Emergency Connection (Fee Required)
  • Integrates With Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Not for Outdoors
  • No Battery Backup
  • No Mounting Capability
  • Monthly Subscription Fees
  • No Professional Monitoring
  • Motion Detection Features Can be Finicky

Reviewing the Yi Home Camera 3

There’s not a lot to hate about Yi Camera’s best cam at present, the Yi Home Camera 3. It’s as easy to install as any Ring or Blink Cam. It’s also easy to setup like your email. Everything is straightforward and intuitive about the cam hardware and its accompanying app software.

It also features a practical, solid, and no-frills design we approve. If it has any flaws, it mostly roots from other people not being sold on the performance of the low-cost camera. It works well for its price range, but for those who can afford more they might prefer the extra abilities of a well-known brand.

Where it Specifically Shines and Falters

Its Kryptonite or Achilles’ Heel, so to speak is its motion detection ability. You can pay extra for more accurate motion detection that isn’t as spotty or capricious as this one. In motion detection terms, you get what you pay for.

Outside of the motion detection, you’ll get more than you bargained for. The affordable indoor security cam that improves upon its first and second gen is a plug-and-play camera that performs in real time like CCTV without the expensiveness of such a system.

It can also double as a two-way intercom or Nanny Cam for your children. It’s easy to install, you can mount it on metallic surfaces with its magnetic base, and it possesses most if not all the essential functions of a quality security cam at the fraction of the price.

In Summarization

Even the nicest and most affordable of cameras have their share of glitches. Therefore, you should get your hands on the reset button of your camera to make it revert to factory settings or the original settings it has right off the box.

The errors or glitches might have come about due to all the customizations you’ve made. As a result though, you’ll need to input your settings once again on this reset camera. However, at least it’s not acting up anymore!


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