How to Reset Swann Camera?

How to Reset Swann Camera

You’ve reset one camera you’ve reset them all, right? Well, kind of. In the case of the Swann Camera or any other Wi-Fi security camera out there, it’s some variation of finding the reset button, waiting for the light to change, and then you’re done.

The Swann brand claims to produce some of the world’s best value security solutions that also offer the most intuitive controls and the smartest of features. They intend to empower you, the consumer when it comes to their quality products like their Wi-Fi or smart device cameras.

Although they’re not as well-known as Ring, Arlo, or Blink, they have their own market share and niche to cater to. This is why so many people are curious about how to reset the Swann camera. It’s not exactly the same as resetting cameras from Ring and Arlo.

How to Reset Swann Camera

In regards to how to reset Swann Camera models NHD-805/806/810/811/815/815AF/816/817/818/819, here’s the nitty-gritty. There’s an extra cable for the models above that isn’t a connector but a reset button. It looks like a reset key to use on a keyhole or pinhole to prevent accidental resets.

When resetting the Swann Cam to factory settings, you need to disconnect it from the NVR first. Or from its power adapter or PoE switch. This will turn it off completely. Now locate the reset button press and hold it. Some devices might require a cable key or pin to access the button.

Reconnect While Resetting Then Disconnect Afterwards

While holding the button down, plug the camera back to the NVR, PoE switch, or power adapter. Continue holding it down for about 30 seconds before releasing. At this point, disconnect the camera again to turn it off completely.

This should reset your cam to factory settings. Unlike other Wi-Fi camera models, Swann Cams make it more complicated to do a reset to avoid accidental resets, like you accidentally pressing the button or inserting a pin into the reset pinhole when you have no intention to reset to factory settings.

Why Do You Need to Reset the Swann Camera?

Sometimes, the Swann Cam—like any other sophisticated piece of electronics, such as your laptop, smartphone, and tablet—can encounter a glitch or an error that keeps it from properly connecting to your Wi-Fi, using its motion alerts, or uploading its footage to the cloud (if you paid for the service).

You can do a host of things to troubleshoot such errors, including power cycling the device like a wayward router or fixing your router itself to re-establish your Wi-Fi connection if the problem isn’t with the Swann hardware itself.

If push comes to shove and none of those tips work, you can do a hard reset to factory settings (the settings right off of the box or the factory line) to get it working back to normal. You’ll still need to put back your customizations afterwards though.

The History of Swann 101

Swann traces its roots back to Melbourne, Australia. It eventually grew from its humble beginnings, with it now being an international or multinational company with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, and Mainland China as well as Australia.

It even has a presence in over 6 continents and 40 countries. What separates Swann from other security companies riding the Wi-Fi cam thread is that it’s a pioneer in the field of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) security with its often imitated features taken from many of its products.

It has doubtlessly done its part in making households and neighborhoods safer compared to before, when the only cameras regular consumers could afford were Nanny Cams and Baby Cams.

Swann’s Membership with the Infinova Group

At present, Swann serves as an Infinova Group member, thus providing major commercial institutions and startup businesses alike with enhanced security device production through better manufacturing abilities, cutting-edge research and development, and state-of-the-art innovations.

They’re at the forefront of networking and security solutions plus they’re not limited to the video doorbell or Wi-Fi security camera market like the Amazon-backed Ring and Blink camera lines. They’ve also expanded their international network access thanks to their Infinova Group backing.

They’re specifically dependable when it comes to making the one-app ecosystem standard work superbly in their models of smart devices, as opposed to others that use multiple apps or one app per camera model.

Swann’s Focus on Crime Prevention

While other companies would rather turn their Wi-Fi camera offerings into Swiss Army Knives of functionality that assist in making the Smart Home future of the 21st Century a reality, Swann has established its market presence with a different tactic.

They’re more about giving consumers true security, which means they have more of a focus on crime prevention. They provide their cameras with alarms and direct lines to the police for emergencies instead of turning their camera into the next smartphone with non-essential features.

This is also why most Swann cameras offers two-way talk, sirens, alarms, sensor lighting, motion sensors, night vision, and more. This deters not only midnight prowlers and burglars but also package thieves and neighborhood brats.

Swann’s Enforcer Cameras

Swann’s Enforcer Cameras take crime deterrence to another level by using True Detect detection sensors that detect heat, motion, and people. The people detection in particular keeps down power usage and false alarms involving strays and wildlife like cats, chipmunks, birds, and raccoons.

When triggered, True Detect activates the alarms and chimes with all its trimmings. You’ll get mobile alerts, spotlights, flashing lights, video recordings, and more as though you’ve tripped the museum alarms that alert the security guards (or your closest neighbors).

Many of Swann’s more sophisticated inventions include vehicle and pet detection, face recognition, and the peace of mind that your home is protected through cloud and local recordings. This is why it has camera reset included to deal with software errors from all those settings.

Things of Note

We believe that the Swann Camera allows customers to protect and stay connected to their home and/or businesses no matter the circumstances through best-value and intuitive design. This is reflected upon the ease by which you can reset their cameras.

This proves that Swann is one of the global leaders in security monitoring with consumer electronics or smart devices as well as security-centric solutions for smart homes and commercial establishments of the present and the future. What more can you ask for a renowned company with affordable wares?


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