How to Reset SimpliSafe Camera?

How to Reset SimpliSafe Camera

Should you look for the SimpliSafe reset button or app in order to reset the SimpliSafe camera? Is it the same deal with the SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera? Keep on reading to find out!

If you wish to be kept simply safe then invest in SimpliSafe or Simplisafe video Wi-Fi surveillance cameras. It’s able to stand out from your usual collection of Ring, Arlo, and Blink cameras because of its intuitiveness and user-friendly operation when push comes to shove.

How to Reset SimpliSafe Camera

You need to undergo several steps in order to properly reset your SimpliSafe camera. First, you should unplug then replug the camera to do some power cycling. If it’s still ending up with errors or glitches, you’ll want to press the reset button and hold it for 20 seconds or so to do the hard reset.

A factory reset removes all of your customization settings and restores your device to its factory settings right off the box. A soft reset doesn’t erase those settings. Some errors and malfunctions require a hard reset instead of a soft reset.

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Reset Button Ensures the Easiest Reset

Press and hold the reset button for almost half a minute in order to reset the camera. This is the easiest way to reset your Simplisafe camera. The press and hold part for a long time makes sure you don’t accidentally reset your cam.

How to Reset SimpliSafe Camera
How to Reset SimpliSafe Camera?

Unplug Your Camera or Power Cycle

The soft reset involves unplugging the device, waiting a few minutes, then plugging it back in. This keeps all your settings saved versus a factory or hard reset. To do a hard reset, you need to press and hold the reset button.

New QR Code and Restart Process

Open your SimpliSafe Home Security app and gain access to a new QR code for your camera to use once the hard reset is done. The restart process involves the camera light flashing yellow and another light flashing white.

You’ll also be given audible cues to start the setup process. Once you’ve reset your Simplisafe camera to factory settings, you’ll need to reinstall software to your device. Before starting, you need to be inside a well-lit room.

Installation after the Reset of the SimpliSafe Camera

Open your Simplisafe Home Security App then go to its main menu. Select the “Camera” option. Even if you’re doing a reinstall, you’ll still need to select the “Install Camera” option. Select the camera model you wish to do the installation on then tap on the bottom-left corner’s gear icon.

Now you can “Add New Camera” to your app then tap “Next”. Essentially, you’re setting up your camera like you’ve gotten it fresh off the box. You’ll now have to connect your camera to your Wi-Fi.

Connect Your Camera to Your Wi-Fi

Select on the list provided your specific Wi-Fi. The app should detect your Wi-Fi anyway. Provide the password to the Wi-Fi on the prompt to connect to the Internet and then click “Next”.

If your camera is flashing yellow, this means your camera has established a Wi-Fi connection but can’t connect to the Internet. In order to troubleshoot this issue, make sure your camera is placed near the Wi-Fi router or power-cycle your router to establish a connection.

Troubleshooting and Failure to Connect

Make absolute sure that your Internet service is working fine or else your camera won’t establish a connection. Reset the router itself otherwise.

If your camera is flashing a red light instead this means your camera can’t connect to the Wi-Fi at all. This isn’t an Internet connectivity issue any longer. Check if you’ve selected your Home Wi-Fi Network and if you’ve entered the password properly.

Scan Your New QR Code to Connect to Wi-Fi

Select “Get Code” to generate a new QR code from the app. Afterwards, aim your phone with the code to display unto your Simplisafe cam. It’s helpful to make sure your smartphone brightness is up all the way as well as its contrast.

Your SimpliSafe Camera will flash white if it has incorrectly or improperly read the QR code. Take note that the lighting and angle can affect the scan.

If your light becomes a solid white then this means it has scanned the QR code and has connected successfully with your Wi-FI.

What if the QR Code Won’t Scan During the Installation?

Maximize the brightness of your smartphone and make sure it’s connected to your Wi-Fi before attempting to scan the QR code with the camera.

Once the code is read by the camera, you should hear a ding noise followed by an announcement from the camera regarding its status. You’ll get a notification from your SImplisafe cam once it’s ready for viewing or usage.

Get a Screenshot of the QR Code to Make It More Viewable

You can also save the QR code for later scanning by taking a screenshot of it. You can take the screenshot by pressing the volume down button along with the power-on button. How to take the screenshot might differ from smartphone brand to smartphone brand though.

Send the QR code screenshot from your photo gallery to your Gmail account. You can then increase the QR code image on your smartphone screen. If you can, increase the size of the image by about one fourth of an inch.

Adjust the Brightness of the QR Screenshot and Enlarge

Go to your phone’s device settings menu then adjust the screen brightness to maximum level. Ensure that your screen displays the enlarged QR code image then place it close to the lens of your SimpliSafe cam. Your camera should be plugged in and powered on for this to work.

After doing this, slowly back your smartphone away from the camera until you’re roughly a foot away from the lens. Stop moving after backing away. This should allow your cam to read the QR code in short order.

Also, Take Note

You can do soft resets or hard resets for your SimpliSafe Cam when it ends up in error, glitchy, or non-functional. Unplugging your camera then replugging in should force the device to turn on and off. This will reset your device without removing your settings or customizations.

To do a hard reset that restores your SimpliSafe to factory settings, you need to press the reset button for 20 seconds then wait. The button should behold for that many seconds or else the hard reset process won’t get triggered.


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