How to Reset Reolink Camera?

How to Reset Reolink Camera

The Reolink Camera is one of many camera brands used for consumer-level security purposes. So how do you go about resetting it in case it requires a reset for whatever reason (mostly with it being buggy)?

Reolink® or ReoLink cameras have high megapixel counts on them, like its new 8MP Ultra HD security camera line, as well as standard 3MP to 5MP models. Reolink also offers devices that are battery-powered or solar-powered, have 4G LTE, possess Wi-Fi connectivity, or serve as CCTV systems.

This article refers to all ReoLink cameras. This is the way you can go about resetting them all.

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How to Reset ReoLink Camera

Please take note that the default username is “admin”. Leave the password space blank (no password) as the default password. This is in case you wish to modify your Reolink camera password or username.

If you wish to reset your Reolink camera to factory settings, you can do so using multiple methods.

Reset Your ReoLink Camera by Pressing the Reset Button

You can reset your Reolink camera by pressing the reset button. It all depends on where the reset button is located.

  • ReoLink Wi-FI and PoE Cameras: For Wi-Fi and PoE cameras by Reolink, press their reset button then hold on. Afterwards, power on the camera while still pressing the reset button. Hold the reset button for about 10 seconds before releasing it.

After reset is done, the camera should return to factory or default settings. Just login with the default username and password to setup the device anew.

  • ReoLink Keen and C Series: In order to reset Reolink Keen, C1, C1 Pro, C2, and C2 Pro, press and hold for about 10 seconds before release. The cameras will give reminders of the reset if done properly. For Keen, it will sound the prompt, “Factory Reset Succeeded”.

For C Series cams, it will start to pan and tilt. Use the default username and password after factory reset.

  • ReoLInk Argus Series: In order to reset Reolink Argus, Argus 2, and Argus Pro insert a needle into your camera’s reset hole then press and hold for several seconds until you hear the prompt of “Factory Reset Succeeded” or beeping.

This means your camera has been successfully put back to default settings. It’s the same deal with Argus Eco, but the prompt is instead a short beep music or the words, “Please release the reset button”.

Argus PT has the same prompt as Argus Eco, but this time you need to rotate the lens to access the reset hole.

  • ReoLink E Series and ReoLInk Go: To reset the Reolink Go, insert the reset needle into the reset hole and press and hold for 3-5 seconds. Release when you hear a short piece of music.

It’s the same when resetting the Reolink E series cameras such as Reolink E1, 3MP/4MP/5MP E1 Pro, E1 Zoom, and so forth. A single press leads to a soft reset while more than 5 seconds results in a hard reset to factory settings.

Reset Your ReoLink Camera by Using the ReoLink Client

To reset your Reolink camera through the Reolink Client, you need to first launch the Reolink Client software on your PC then log in to your camera. Afterwards, go to Device Settings, pick System and then pick Maintenance.

The “Restore” button should be there. Press it then click OK to reset the camera. Wait for a little while until it’s finished by getting a prompt of confirmation on the camera in question.

Reset Your ReoLink Camera by Using the ReoLink App

You can also reset your Reolink cameras via the Reolink App. Naturally, you start by opening the app first. Open the Device Settings by clicking its button then go to More.  Scroll down the page in order to find the Restore button.

Click on that in order to reset the camera. Wait a little while until the camera is confirmed reset. Check it on the app to see if it’s back to factory settings. If you’ve put in the old password just login using the default username and password indicated above.

Reset Your ReoLink Camera by Using a Web Browser

To reset your Reolink camera by web browser, you need to login to your NVRs or camera by the web browser care of the Reolink site. From there, go to the Device Settings, System, then Maintenance Page.

Check the “I know proceeding will reset all configurations” box and then click the “Restore” button in order to restore your device to its factory settings when all is said and done.

Take note that all settings and customizations on your camera will be deleted with a factory settings reset. Ditto with the Wi-Fi configuration of your Wi-Fi cameras except the battery-powered ones.

What Does the ReoLink Brand Bring to the Table?

The Reolink® brand offers a plethora of cameras to choose from, such as solar panel cameras, PoE IP cameras, Wi-Fi or wireless cameras, and battery-powered cameras. The brand particularly shines when it comes to their wireless outdoor camera line.

You can also get to use some of their cameras that work with solar panels. As long as their batteries and the panels themselves work, you won’t ever need to recharge them. Let nature take its course and recharge them for you with the power of the sun!

Pros and Cons of Reolink Cams

Roelink cameras are also renowned for their color night vision, two-way talk feature, full HD resolution and beyond, and flexible, easy installation when all is said and done. They even include smart home integration, local storage option, low-cost cloud storage if you prefer that, and a built-in siren.

However, it does have issues when it comes to the solar panel being a separate item for purchase. It also relies mostly on your Wi-Fi, the pp setup can get glitchy, and some cameras tend to have mostly basic features than their more advanced competitors.

The battery-powered models also lack continuous recording to boot. However, when you weigh both pros and cons, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks when all is said and done.


If your camera from Reolink® is bugging out, you can reset it softly to get it working again or do a hard reset back to factory settings. This fixes many errors.

You can reset Reolink cameras by pressing the reset button, using the Reolink client, resetting via Reolink app, using a web browser to reset your camera. The best method involves using the reset button since that’s the simplest and most accessible method for most Reolink cameras.


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