How to Reset Nest Cameras

How to Reset Nest Cameras

Many of us keep on wondering how good life is when we’re living in the future. The thing is, we already are!

Google’s Nest Cameras are your DIY solutions to turning your regular home into a smart home! Now that you’re aware of how much your house really is into the future, you may still encounter a few unexpected issues with your Nest devices. For the most part, almost all issues can be solved by simply restarting your device, but what if it doesn’t? That is what we’re going to talk about today.

In total, there are 5 models of Nest Cameras, which may have different ways of being reset. Here are their procedures and the possible effects of doing so.

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Why reset?

When simply restarting the device is not enough to solve problems like the inability to connect to WiFi, then resetting the device to factory settings may be your next best move. This resets your settings and options for the device, and you will have to set it up once again.

Issues might lie in your device options or personalizations, which may have caused an error or irregularity on the device. Thus, resetting it will help get rid of possible and very common problems on your device. However, you will have to set it all up again.

Restart vs Reset

A device restart only switches your device off and then reboots it again afterwards. You keep your personalizations for the device, and you won’t have to set it up again.

A device factory reset however does the opposite. You’ll have to connect the device to WiFi, redo your settings and all your personalizations for your device.

Nest Cam (battery)

For the battery-powered Nest Cam, there are two ways to reset the device:

You can remove the camera from the app.

  1. Open the Nest application.
  2. Select the camera that you wish to reset. You can take a screenshot of your settings in your device so you can set it back up easier when you reset it!
  3. Tap Settings, then go to “Remove device” and then select “Confirm”
  4. Go through the setup process in the app to set it up again, unless you’re giving it to someone else or you’re not going to use it for the mean time.

You can reset the device via the reset button.

  1. At the back of the device, there is a reset button.
  2. Press and hold the button. Depending on the duration, various things will happen:
    • When pressed for 10 seconds, it will blink a yellow light four times before counting down.
    • When pressed for 12 seconds, the lights will show a steady yellow color and a confirmation tone which means that the device has been reset.
  1. Release the button and remove it from the application.
Reset Nest Cameras
Reset Nest Cameras

Nest Cam/Dropcam (both indoor and outdoor)

Unlike its battery-powered counterpart, these models don’t have a reset button and can only be reset via the app. To reset these device models, you simply have to remove it from your account.

  1. Open the Nest app.
  2. Select the camera that you want to reset.
  3. Select “Settings,” then “Remove Device,” and lastly “Confirm”
  4. You can set up the camera again through the app to have it in working order once again.

Nest Cam IQ (both indoor and outdoor)

First of all, you will need a thin item that can fit into very small holes, like a thumbtack or a paperclip. If installed somewhere that is not easily reachable, you might also wanna grab something to step on like a chair or a stool.

Before proceeding, you have to know which version of Nest Cam IQ you’re resetting.

The picture shown above is the Nest Cam IQ (Outdoor). The reset button is found on the front side of the camera, just below the Nest logo.

Meanwhile, the indoor version’s reset button can be found on bottom side of the camera stand.

  1. Before starting, make sure that your device is powered on.
  2. Press and hold the reset button with the thin item that you’re using. Release the button once it lights up in spinning blue. While it resets, the lights will turn off once again.
  3. The camera is reset once it plays a chime and the lights start blinking in blue color.
  4. Remove the camera from the application to set it up again.
  5. In order to set it up, go to Settings, and then Remove Device, and lastly tap on the Confirm button to confirm the reset of your device.

Effects of factory reset to your device

Resetting a device to its factory settings is like buying a brand new device. The settings are default, personalizations are also reset, and everything is just what it was when you first bought it.

Your camera will forget your WiFi password, you will have to remove and reconnect your device to your app, all the previous videos will be reset unless you store them into a separate memory device like a computer or a hard drive.

Thus, if you’re trying to troubleshoot simple issues, you may want to consider restarting the device first before trying to reset it. Setting up the device for a second time might be a hassle, after all.

Even Google themselves do not recommend using the factory reset as a common troubleshooting method, saying that we should only rely upon it when other easier means are not working in any apparent way.

The bottom Line

Resetting the Nest Cam is easy and simple. It just depends on what model you have in order to have the device reset through simple procedures.

Again, be wary that resetting the device will cause your camera to act like it’s new again. You will have to put your preferences and settings again as this is a part of the device being reset. The settings also turn to default.

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