How to Reset Hive Camera?

How to Reset Hive Camera

How do you reset the Hive Camera? Don’t confuse it with restarting the camera. The restart can fix immediate errors but if that’s not enough, resetting the camera back to factory settings might be called for.

The Hive line of cameras has an ever-expanding lineup, especially with the introduction of its Hive View Outdoor Camera. Their products are known for their sturdiness, hardiness, well-designed appearance, and integration with one another as smart devices.

They serve as great alternatives to your usual collection of Nest, Ring, Arlo, and Blink Wi-Fi camera offerings. In regards to how to reset the hive camera, keep on reading to find out.

How to Reset Hive Camera

To reset your Hive Camera, do the following steps.

  • Make sure to turn or switch on your Hive Camera.
  • Locate the pin reset button on the underside of the device in question.
  • Use a needle, paper clip, safety pin, or the like to press the pin reset button for 8 seconds. You can also push it until the ring light on the camera flashes yellow two times.
  • The camera will reset like a computer and then turn on once more.
  • When the camera turns on at its own volition, the ring light should flash blue. This indicates that it’s on Bluetooth pairing mode and it’s ready for reinstallation.

Resetting the Hive Camera through the App

To reset your camera using the Hive Camera app, do the following.

  • Open your mobile app. Login with your username and password if needed.
  • Tap the “Settings” icon. Tap the “Reset Device” option.
  • The cam will reset and turn on once again a la what happened to the physical reset.
  • Once the cam switches on once more, the ring light will flash blue. This means it’s in Bluetooth pairing mode. You can now reinstall your configurations with your Hive Cam.
How to Reset Hive Camera
How to Reset Hive Camera?

How to Hand Over Your Hive Camera to Other Hive Users

If you have a friend or family member with their own Hive online account and collection of cameras, you can hand your Hive Cam to them by first removing it from your own Hive online account. To be more specific, use the “Delete Device” command on the app then factory restore it (reset).

The freshly reset Hive Cam has your Home Wi-Fi Network settings and all your customizations removed. This makes it easier for them to configure the camera to their account, their Home Wi-Fi network, and their customizations.

They should follow the install guide found on the Hive Cam website. Contact the Hive Cam help desk in case the cam still doesn’t end up operational.

How to Restart Your Hive Camera

To restart your Hive Cam, do the following.

  • Power down the camera by switching it off at the mains.
  • Wait 5 seconds after switch-off.
  • Turn the camera on again.

Restarting the Hive Cam is akin to doing some power cycling with your router. It’s supposed to refresh the device and clear up any errors without you needing to reset to factory settings or resorting to a hard reset.

If the error still occurs after a Hive Cam restart or soft reset then a hard reset or restoration to factory settings might be called for. A reset removes the Wi-Fi settings of your cam.

After you’ve done the reset, you’ll need to reinstall the cam or use the “Change Wi-Fi” option in your app settings to get the camera operational once more.

What is the History of Hive?

Hive started its life years ago under the umbrella of its British Gas parent company, Centrica. It originally served as a business offering smart heating solutions. However, like its main competitor—Nest under its parent company Google—it has diversified its offerings to include Wi-Fi cameras.

It makes other smart home products aside from cams and heaters like lights and plugs as well. Its products are characterized by their multipurpose nature, their ease of operation with accompanying apps, and their ability to integrate with one another.

What Does the Hive Camera Bring to the Table?

The Bluetooth-based Hive Camera line can compete with the best Wi-Fi or IP security cams on the market at present with its well-designed shape and size, increased focus on app-based control, and its ease when it’s being setup, installed, and reset.

The Hive View Outdoor Camera in particular is a solid addition to the company’s expanding security range. However, it’s a flawed cam because it is “mains” powered. You need to locate it within the range of a 7.5 meter plug as well.


  • Well-designed and sturdy cam.
  • Hive product line smart integration.
  • Excellence in video quality and resolution.
  • It can locally store up to 24 hours of video footage.
  • Monthly subscription for cloud storage for more than 24 hours of video footage.


  • To install it, you need a nearby plug.
  • Its motion tracking can get too sensitive at times.

How Dependable Can a Hive Camera Get?

The “smartness” of the average Hive Camera makes it quite dependable when push comes to shove. For instance, the Hive Camera line’s Hive View Outdoor Cam—the brand’s first outdoor security camera—comes with an IP66 waterproof rating and complete app control.

It’s an extra-sturdy type of cam built to withstand the elements but at the same time it offers Hive app operability found on its indoor offerings. It allows you to keep an eye out at your yard or within the perimeter of your property using only your mobile device (PC, smartphone, or tablet).

The Design and Build of the Hive View Outdoor Cam

Swiss designer Yves Behard—famous for making the Jawbone JAMBOX wireless Bluetooth speaker—offers a Hive View Outdoor Cam that appears like a large white plastic cube. This ensures its simplicity, mobility, and sturdiness when place outdoors on your window sill, gutter, or birdhouse.

Up front, it has a 130-degree wide angle lens that delivers up to 1080p Full HD video resolution with a 720p HD default. It also includes a night vision mode, an extra sensitive motion tracking, and its two-way audio you can use to discuss details with deliverymen or shout out at would-be burglars.

Keep in Mind the Following

You need to use a paper clip or needle to reset the Hive View Cam’s pinhole reset button. Press it for 8 seconds until camera flashes yellow twice. To reset your Hive View Camera via app, open your mobile app and login if needed with your username and password.

Select the cam you wish to reset from the dashboard. Select the “Settings” option and select the “Reset Device” command. This will reset your camera to factory settings then turn on again.


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