How to Reset Hikvision IP Camera?

How to Reset Hikvision IP Camera

What’s the deal when it comes to resetting the Hikvision IP camera? It’s all about pressing the reset button at the right amount of time, which is the case for many other camera resets.

The Home Surveillance Security System of Hikvision or HikVision gives you decent security solutions using app-controlled Wi-Fi cameras. Think Ring and Arlo, but Hikvision specifically uses the latest technology in DVR and security cams.

It’s also known for being easy to install even for non-tech-savvy users. With that said, how should you go about resetting the HIkvision IP camera specifically?

How to Reset Hikvision IP Camera

In order to reset your Hikvision IP Camera, you need to look for the reset button. It’s the same deal with many other cameras out there. If your model of Hikvision cam has a memory card slot then it should have a reset pushbutton too.

To be more specific, it’s usually adjacent to the slot for most Hikvision IP cam models. Once you see the slot you’ll see the reset button somewhere there. Push that to reset the device.

Specific Steps to Do the Reset

To reset your Hikvision IP cam to factory defaults, do the following:

  • Disconnect it from the power plug.
  • Press and hold the reset button. Don’t let go.
  • Keep holding the reset button before restoring its power.
  • Continue to hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds after power restoration.
  • Release the button to commence the camera’s restart or reboot sequence.

The reset process differs from other cameras because of the part where you plug the camera back on while holding the button. Others just require you to keep pressing until you hear a prompt or sound indicating that the reset was successful.

The Hikvision IP Camera Naming Nomenclature

According to the naming nomenclature of HikVision, the F on the product means “F for Flash” or it can accept a memory card. A few of the cameras originating from the R6 Family or Model range offer that F.

All cameras in the present G1 Model or Series as well as EasyIP 3.0 have the pushbutton reset and card slots included.

Checking the Camera in SADP After Resetting

All settings and configurations will be reset to factory settings or the settings of the camera right out of the box. Therefore, it’s imperative that you reconfigure the device. You’ll specifically have to deal with the OSD, time, network settings, and IP address of the cam.

You should see “inactive” when checking the camera in the SADP app after reset. From there, you have to start anew or afresh. You have to enter your customization details all over again. The first thing to do with the Hikvision Cam App is to setup a new password.

Also, check for the latest updates on the firmware of your specific Hikvision IP camera model as well.

What Can You Expect from the Hikvision Brand?

After you’ve completed installation of the product, it should work excellently. The reset helps out in getting rid of glitches or errors. The IP cam itself is known for its video quality and dependability as far as moderate usage is concerned.

The most we could complain about is the cardboard box it came with. It’s a bit poorly made. It makes the camera look cheap even though it’s anything but. It comes from a proud line of surveillance security systems that include CCTVs and Turbo HD cameras.

The HikVision Camera line also includes HD Digital Recorders and Wi-Fi IP Cameras galore. It superbly serves its domestic purpose of consumer-grade surveillance security (as opposed to commercial-grade CCTV services).

What Does Hikvision IP Cameras Bring to the Table?

Devices like the Hikvision DS-7104HGHI-F1 720P (1MP) Turbo HD DVR, Hikvision DS-2CE56COT-IRP Dome Cameras, Hikvision DS-2CE16COT-IRP Bullet Cameras, and so forth were built to impress. Just keep in mind when getting them that installation and hard disk aren’t included.

If your PC comes with IVMS-4200 software, you can easily monitor those cameras for good measure. The brand also allows Ethernet Network Connectivity for uninterrupted online livestreaming and cloud storage upload.

These devices can even ensure your home security because of their ability to connect to VGA or HDMI monitors.

The Benefits of Hikvision IP Cameras

The benefits of a typical Hikvision IP Camera include the following.

  • It can work like a consumer-grade CCTV.
  • It’s a camera that can work with LAN Networks.
  • It can serve as a Nanny Cam or Baby Cam indoors.
  • It allows for cloud storage of footage (Hik-Connect).
  • You can use it to monitor and control factories and power plants.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS (Apple) platforms.
  • 24-hour monitoring of restricted areas in offices and industrial buildings.
  • Hik-Connect App allows Live View and Playback at any place and any time.
  • It’s compatible to both modern-day HDMI flatscreen and CRT VGA PC monitors.
  • Any emergency can be dealt with using the app and its surveillance system control.
  • You can view full videos, clips, motion alerts, and snapshots from the cloud and any place in the world with your PC or smartphone on hand.

Are Hikvision IP Cameras Worth It?

While it does have issues when it comes to its cheap packaging, its instruction booklet with its broken English, and its barebones offerings (no two-way audio and it works more like a consumer-grade CCTV than a smart device), you get what you pay for with the HikVision IP Cam.

Its most important aspect—recording footage and surveillance—is seemingly industrial-grade in that it has some no-nonsense monitoring features connected to keeping tabs with workers or keeping intruders out in your construction site or factory.

It can still work as a Nanny Cam, Baby Cam, or burglar-deterrence device both indoors and outdoors, but it’s more made for factory and industrial plant use when all is said and done.

Issues to Keep in Mind

To reset your HikVision IP Camera back to factory defaults, you should disconnect it from its power supply first. Press the reset button and hold it. At the same time, plug the camera back to the electrical socket to restore its power without releasing the button.

Keep holding the button for about 10-15 seconds. Release the reset button. The camera should react by having rebooting or resetting itself when push comes to shove.


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