How to Reset Funlux Camera?

How to Reset Funlux Camera

How should you go about resetting Funlux Cam? Use a pin or needle to press and hold the reset pinhole on the back of the camera for ten seconds. The LED status will tell you if you’ve done it properly.

The Funlux Camera serves as a viable option for anyone looking for an inexpensive home security camera. While this sounds like an unhelpful statement (who doesn’t want to get a Wi-Fi camera as cheaply as possible?), this specific camera makes the most out of your investment.

However, before we cover that, let’s find out first how to reset Funlux camera. By the way, Funlux is a trademarked brand of Zmodo (a global provider of camera systems).

How to Reset Funlux Camera

If you wish to reset the Funlux cam, you need a thin object like a pin, needle, or paper clip to press and hold the reset pinhole behind the camera for about 10 seconds. It’s much faster than some other make or model of camera out there—some require at least 30 seconds of pressing—but it works.

Check the LED Status Light for changes. This will serve to notify you whether you’ve successfully reset the device or not. The light should start blinking green while the camera is setting itself up once more. Place the camera within your wireless router’s range to make setting it up all over again easy.

You will need to reset the Funlux camera for instances of glitches, errors, and inability to connect to the Wi-Fi or the camera through your app.

Why Should You Get a Funlux Camera?

You should get the Funlux camera because it’s a good investment. You’ll get what you pay for and then some. While this might sound trite, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. You won’t pay much for this camera at all.

You might have connection issues that entail regular resets though.  However, resetting cameras is part and parcel something that all Wi-FI security cam users will have to deal with anyway, so it might not be a deal breaker for its affordability.

Why buy a more expensive camera when you’ll be dealing with disconnections and resets on those cameras too, just like with Funlux?

How to Reset Funlux Camera
How to Reset Funlux Camera?

How the Funlux Camera Works

Funlux cams work similarly to most DIY camera systems from your Blinks to your Arlos and even your Rings. You can also order Funlux cameras online and self-install them in a DIY fashion afterwards. It’s CCTV surveillance for “idiots” or at least for the non-tech-savvy.

They come with provided screws but you might have to buy brackets separately. The app is responsible for connecting and controlling your standalone Funlux camera you have in your home. However, you’ll need an NVR (Network Video Recorder) NVR device for a multi-channel camera system.

The app is enough for you to switch from one camera to another but the full CCTV-like experience still roots from the NVR device.

Multiple Funlux Model Details to Take Note of

The 720p HD Funlux Wireless Outdoor Security Camera costs under $100 for the two-pack. It has a plug-in battery or power source. It features night vision and cloud storage. However, it lacks local storage and two-way audio like with Ring Cams and Video Doorbells.

In contrast, the 720p HD Funlux Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System—worth under $200 for 4 channels—offers plug-in power, night vision, local storage at 500GB, and the option for a cloud storage subscription. Again, it lacks the two-way audio option.

Clearly, it’s the cheaper brand because it cut corners on extras like two-way talk and 1080p Full HD video. However, most DIY security cam consumers are fine with such a deal.

You can also buy Funlux cameras with audio options on its website, but these are among the top sellers.

How is the Funlux Camera Wireless if It Needs Plugging In?

Why is the Funlux camera called wireless if you need to plug it in for it to work? Well, it’s as wireless as your Wi-Fi router. The router also needs plugging in for power because it’s not wireless (battery-powered) in that way.

The Funlux camera is wireless because it’s not hardwired to your house’s electrical system and it also makes use of wireless Internet to work. It also wirelessly connects and pairs up with the Funlux app. The outdoor Funlux cams are also wireless as in battery-powered too.

What’s the Deal with Funlux Camera’s Pricing?

We’re vague about the price of the Funlux camera because it depends on what’s listed on Amazon and the like (such prices are subject to change). Regardless, Funlux cams have quite the decent price tags when push comes to shove.

They’re inexpensive due to cut corners regarding extra features, the presence or absence of local storage, and limiting their resolution to a native 720p HD instead of full 1080p HD or the ultra-expensive Ultra HD 4K cameras.

A two-pack of cameras for under a hundred bucks is nothing to sneeze at. The monthly cloud subscription will add to that price tag, but Zmodo’s cloud offerings are also affordable and worth it when push comes to shove.

Funlux Plans for Cloud Storage

Here are the multiple Funlux Cloud Storage Plans for you to choose from.

  • Basic Plan: The basic plan is free. However, since it’s free, you only get 12 hours of cloud video storage, no custom motion zones, and no video editing option.
  • 7-Day Plan: The 7-day plan costs you $5 a month or $50 a year (2-month savings). It gives you 7 days of cloud video storage with custom motion zones. There’s still no video editing option though.
  • 30-Day Plan: The 30-day plan gives you supreme security at only $10 a month or $100 a year (2-month savings). It gives you 30 days of cloud video storage with custom motion zones and the option to do video editing.

This is the data for Funlux at the time of writing. The offers are subject to change.

Keep This in Mind

The Funlux Camera requires a pin or paper clip to be reset. Its pinhole reset button is found behind the camera (for most models). You only need about 10 seconds to press the pinhole instead of 30 seconds or so like in other models.

The reset function helps deal with the disconnection issues of this affordable camera that delivers more or less the requisite offerings of any Wi-Fi DIY surveillance camera out there, whether it’s a Ring or Arlo cam.


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