How to Reset Foscam Camera?

How to Reset Foscam Camera

How do you reset a Foscam cam exactly? Yes, it also involves pressing a reset button but what’s the extent of the reset? How long should you press the button? More on this below.

This article intends to showcase the reset process of the FOSCAM or Foscam cam. At times, you might need to reset the settings because you forgot the password for a specific camera or it keeps disconnecting on a perfectly fine Home Wi-Fi connection.

How to Reset Foscam Camera

To reset the Foscam cam, search for the reset button. Afterwards, press it for about 30 seconds. In other camera brands, this involves pressing 10 or 20 seconds. On Foscam in particular, it’s half a minute. However, some models require only a 10 to 15 seconds of pressing.

Regardless, the long pressing time also safeguards you from accidental resets. Once the reset sequence starts, the camera will reboot to factory settings. It’s like the System Restore of your computer, in a sense.

Wait for the “Reset Succeeded” prompt on or before the 30-second timeframe. That’s your cue to release the reset button.

What Happens After the Reset?

After the reset, your camera returns to factory settings. This means your username will become “admin” and your password will be left blank (as in don’t type anything on the password field in order to get to your account).

The reset is mostly used to bypass the login prompt if you were to forget your password. After your first login, the camera will prompt you to enter a customized or new username and password. Please don’t forget them this time around, okay?

Reset Button Location

The reset button of the Foscam cam differs from model to model. Here’s a brief guide on where it could be on your specific cam.

  • Indoor PT Cameras: The reset button is at the bottom of the cam in a little hole or the side of the body. Use a needle, pin, or paperclip to press this button.
  • Indoor Cube Cameras: The reset button is at the back of the camera.
  • Indoor Dome Cameras: The rest button is right on the tail cable coming out from the back of the device.
  • Outdoor Bullet-Style Cameras: The reset button is found on the tail cable jutting out from behind the cam.
  • Outdoor PT Cameras: You can find the reset button on the tail cable coming out from behind the camera.
  • Fosbaby Series: Look for the reset button on the body of the device.

Technical Notes

If after you’ve pressed the reset button for 30 seconds, the camera doesn’t reset, try to power cycle the unit on and off like you would with an errant Home Wi-Fi router. Afterwards, repeat the process of pressing the reset button for 10, 15, or 30 seconds.

This should allow the camera to make a successful reset. If you need additional asistance, just contact the help desk of Foscam at the support email of

What Does the Foscam Camera Line Bring to the Table?

The Foscam camera line that includes products like the FOSCAM Wireless Bullet Camera offers you many benefits. They include the following.

No Moment Missed

You can remotely access the camera’s security feed, recordings, and motion events to enjoy peace of mind that nothing’s going on in your home while you’re away at the office.

It records and saves footage for free. It also features some requisite optional cloud storage subscription available with a free trial to boot.

External Microphone and Speaker Audio Jacks

Some models of FOSCAM come complete with audio jacks for mic/speaker to allow for outdoor two-way audio. It turns your device into an intercom or a way to ward off suspicious individuals.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

You don’t need to be some sort of technician in order to use this security cam setup or form your own web-based network for surveillance. This is unlike CCTV that requires a bit of technical know-how to operate.

The device connects with other Foscam products with its plug-and-play setup provided by the Foscam smartphone app. Just download the app and follow the onscreen prompts then you’ll be golden.

Advanced WDR

It can intelligently correct dark faces under heavy glare with its auto-IR cut filter. It also enriches its 1080p Full HD footage with ultra-high color accuracy to boot. Plus, it comes with a super-wide viewing angle to boot.

Watch Live Video in Minutes

You can get timed recordings for review, cloud storage, motion alerts, and a live-stream of what’s going on live on your camera when you access it via Wi-Fi and smartphone app.

It uses smart tech to do intelligent alerts and motion detection, thus you’ll receive real-time push notifications to your smartphone with captured images while you’re gone from home.

A 24/7 Camera with Night Vision

The outdoor version of Foscam delivers to you 24/7 surveillance with high-intensity infra-red LEDs to give you super-clear night vision that can reach up to 65 feet.

Multi-Cam Setup

You can also have multiple cameras installed around your home as far as your Wi-Fi could reach. This allows you to have a stationary view of your deck, a low-mounted cam near the ground, and multiple indoor Nanny or Baby cams.

Unlike other wireless models that require a cell signal and a subscription, you can use outdoor FOSCAM cameras with good Wi-Fi instead as trail cameras and whatnot.

Warranty and USA Support

The IP66 weatherproofed outdoor cameras of FOSCAM are FCC and CE certified. They’re also UL-compliant when it comes to their power supplies. The devices get a 1-year full USA warranty for good measure.

Wrap It Up with the App

Use the FOSCAM app in order to do things like routine mobile viewing from work on your Android phone or iPhone. It can also serve as your central hub or main configuration for recording features and motion detection control.

These items work great as basic units or with additional features like internal SD card storage and PTZ. You’ll get full 1080p HD footage saved locally or in the cloud.

Always Remember This As Well

The reset procedure of the Foscam camera restores the device to the settings it had when it got shipped out of the factory or you opened it fresh out of the box. You’ll have to set it up all over again with your app, of course, but some errors are best dealt with a nice refresh, restart, or reset.


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