How to reset danale camera?

how to reset danale camera

How does one reset the Danale camera exactly? Does it involve pressing a reset button on the back of the device? Keep on reading to find out.

The Danale camera brand is designed with the goal to make the latest security tech accessible, easy to use, and affordable to consumers. Their products come with some the biggest online and brick-and-mortar retailers around, from Amazon to Lowes as well as Best Buy.

How to Reset Danale Camera

In order to reset the Danale brand camera, go access the small reset button at the back of the cam then press it for 10 seconds. Furthermore, you’ll need to open the Danale app and delete the device from the account.

You can now start fresh and re-add the reset Danale cam to your app once the reset is over. Do this whenever you have to do a reset. This is the rule of thumb when resetting a nonspecific model of Danale cam.

Take note that when setting up the cam for the first time or subscribing to the cloud service, you need 15 minutes for the cloud video to become available. After it becomes available, it starts recording from the time you subscribed.

how to reset danale camera
how to reset danale camera?

What If the Cloud Video Doesn’t Work?

A physical reset of your Danale cam will depend on the device you’re using. Usually, there’s a small reset button on the device, but where it’s placed depends on the make and model of the cam. You need to press and hold this button for 10 seconds.

Afterwards, delete the camera from the Danale app so you can add it later. Tap on the live video feed or interface for the device you wish to remove. Tap the settings button found on the upper-right hand corner of the screen. Finally, tap on the delete button the lower part of the screen.

A reset entails erasure of many settings, customizations, and whatnot. This is because a reset entails restoring the device to factory settings or its original state before adding it to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Danale Cam

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding how to use the Danale camera to its optimum capabilities along with its Danale app.

How Do You Log Out of Your Account?

Open the Danale app, tap on the three lines at the top left of the screen, tap on the picture above your username, and then tap on the “Log Out” option. You can sometimes get automatically logged out of the account too by simply closing the app.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Log In to Your Account?

More often than not, this is an issue with your Internet connection. First, check the state of the Home Wi-Fi you’re connected to. Check if your mobile phone or PC, for example, have Internet connections of their own to it.

You can either use your mobile phone Wi-Fi or connect to another network. Using a data plan can allow you connection to your Danale account, but normal data plan charges do apply. If this is the issue then just power cycle your router and see if that gets your Internet back.

Can You See Previous Notifications Before You Get a Cloud Service?

Will you be able to see your previous notifications after getting a cloud subscription if you had notification alerts before adding a cloud service?

Well, no. The notification alerts prior to cloud subscription can only be seen as soon as they appear. You can only record alert notification messages when you have the cloud service available. Also, only after buying the cloud service can the camera record video accompanying such alerts.

How Do You Change the Nickname for Your Camera?

Go to the main dashboard of the app and tap on the live feed video for the camera you wish to get an update for. Tap the gear icon found on the screen’s top-right corner.

Select the “Device Name” from the menu. This will allow you to change the name of the device to whatever name you want.

How Do You Adjust the Motion or Detection Alerts?

First, go to the camera you wish to add motion/sound detection adjustments to and tap on that camera’s live feed. Click on the gear icon or the three dots on the top right of the screen. A menu will appear. Select the “Security Settings” option from there.

Select either “Sound Detection” or “Motion Detection” options then adjust these alerts’ sensitivity. You can also opt out of them by turning them off. The more sensitive the detection the likelier you’ll end up with false alarms though.

How Do You Reset or Recover a Lost Password?

To reset your password, tap on the upper-left hand corner of your main screen to access “General Settings”. Afterwards, tap on the picture above your username and select the “Change Password” option. From there, change your password.

If you’ve merely forgotten your password, tap on “Forgot Password” on the login screen. Enter your phone number or account email. You’ll go to a page requesting for a reset code. You can get that code from your email or via text message.

Just enter the code exactly as you see it and now you can enter a new password to enter your Danale account.

How Do You Share Your Device with Another User?

While on the main screen, go to the top left of the screen and tap on the three bars there. A menu will appear. Select the “Share” option on the menu then select the “Add User” button for good measure. You can enter the username of the person you wish to share videos with or scan a QR code.

Please remember that sharing videos with another user entails him having their own account made by their own copy of the Danale app. This person will only get live-viewing privileges from your cam and won’t be able to view notifications or review your cloud video history.

Always Remember

Danale’s vision is to become the world leader in the smart security market. The company wishes to take care of people and make every home or business a safe place when push comes to shove. They take care of your commercial and residential needs with technology.

They’ve continued to evolve over time in light of the trends of the industry. They’re committed to always deliver security made smarter and more cutting-edge.


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