How to Reset Amcrest Camera?

How to Reset Amcrest Camera

Do you know how to specifically reset Amcrest model cameras? You’ve come to the right article or guide if you wish to know the details behind resetting an Amcrest cam as well as what this brand brings to the table.

To do a factory reset on an Amcrest or AmCrest camera—specifically the Indoor Pro HD IP Cam or IP2M-841-V3 model, although other units might follow a similar process—is to erase all the info stored in it to get it back to its factory settings or its original system state from out of the box.

Just like when you do a factory reset on your smartphone. Want to know how to reset the Amcrest camera? Keep on reading to find out.

How to Reset Amcrest Camera

You can reset the Amcrest Camera by going to the reset button lit by an LED found on the camera’s backside. This is the factory reset button. Press and hold the button for about 20 seconds or until the green light becomes a red light instead.

Once you’ve got the red light indicating you stop pressing the button, the factory reset process should commence. This restores your Amcrest Camera IP2M-841-V3 (or similar) to its original state when it was taken right out of the box.

You’ll have to reenter them one by one after the factory reset since the whole point is to restore the device’s original manufacturer settings to get over a bug or error.

How to Web Reset Amcrest Camera

Before doing a physical or hard factory reset with the button, you should do a reset via the web user interface or web UI of the camera on a computer or the smartphone. This allows you to do the rest if you don’t have physical or direct camera access.

Actually, you should only do the hard reset of your Amcrest Camera in case the web reset doesn’t work. For more info on how to do a factory reset on your camera’s web U.I., click on this link. Regardless, the factory reset restores the device to its original state right off the box.

Or right off the assembly line at the factory. This means all of the camera’s settings are back to default. Also, the factory reset finishes by panning then tilting the camera, which ensures it is working. Its light will then turn green.

What Does Amcrest Bring to the Table?

Amcrest—a company headquartered in Houston, Texas—offers a smorgasbord or cornucopia of security products. This massive company stands out among the pack in two ways—their products aren’t limited to the home and they don’t focus squarely on cameras.

They’re a security brand rather than a video Wi-Fi camera brand first and foremost. Their vast lineup includes binoculars, dashcams, hunting cams, baby monitors, hunting cams, drones, video doorbells, GPS trackers, and drones in their amazing inventory.

Next-Level Home Security from a Gadget-Forward Company

The gadget-forward company offers a wide selection of devices that go beyond visual surveillance. This wide breadth of experience allows them to make next-level home security video cams that go beyond what other brands dare tread.

Amcrest’s affordable line of cams go through a battery of testing protocols that showcase how they’re able to work under stress or over a long period of time. They’re comparable to Arlo and Ring as well as other big names in terms of cost-effective quality. More on this later.

The Pros and Cons of Amcrest Cameras

The benefits and drawbacks of the whole Amcrest camera line include the following.


  • Affordable cameras
  • Infrared night vision
  • Full HD image resolution
  • NVR and DVR storage hubs
  • Wireless and wired cameras
  • Smartphone and email alerts
  • Pan-tilt options in some cameras
  • Easy installation for Wi-Fi cameras
  • Option to self-monitor or buy cloud storage
  • Many models come in both black and white designs


  • Expensive cloud storage plans
  • Limited third-party compatibility
  • No two-way talk on some models
  • Multiple apps for different cameras
  • Complex setup process for some models
  • The myriad of features can be overwhelming sometimes

Unboxing and Installing Amcrest

As you unbox your first Amcrest camera—in our case, it’s the 4MP HD Outdoor Bullet Camera—you’ll get some good first impressions. You’ll see a well-designed piece of equipment with a simplified or modernist design and amazing function. As mentioned, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of security cams.

Many cams come with their Ethernet (PoE) ports and plug-in ports. There are also those that offer the IP67 weather rating for outdoorsy use. Even if it’s amidst the elements, like the middle of winter in Ohio, you can still get to use it.

You won’t have issues screwing the base to the wall with a handy-dandy drill. Once you’ve installed bullet-style cameras before you’ll know how to install these industry-standard outdoor cameras in a DIY manner.

The Amcrest Smart Home Network

Every Amcrest camera type has its own separate app that requires some requisite syncing.  Outdoor cameras use the Amcrest Smart Home app and the indoor cameras use the Amcrest View Pro app. It would’ve been better to have a more centralized app in our opinion.

The ideal way of controlling a house full of security cameras is to have one security app hub, like in the case of its competitors Arlo and Ring. However, when we tried it out, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Use one app for outdoor cams and the View Pro for the indoor nanny and baby cams.

Dividing the cams into outdoor cameras and indoor cameras has its own benefits and rewards. You won’t be as confused when switching from cam to cam or you won’t have to deal with a cluster of cams all at once—they’re halved at least.

A Few More Items to Consider

The Amcrest Security Camera line offers you high-quality 4K resolution video and many other sibling products under the Amcrest umbrella. If it undergoes a software error or glitch that requires a reset, you should reset it using web U.I. or by pressing its reset button at the back of the cam for 20 seconds.

Wait until the green light changes to red and then the camera will pan then tilt while the red light becomes green again. This has the dire consequence of removing all of your customizations and information. If you have customizations, reenter them.


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