How to Reset a Canary Camera?

How to Reset a Canary Camera?

Do you know how to reset the Canary Camera? Does it involve pushing the reset button for a period of time and/or some other unique thing to trigger the factory settings restoration process? Or do you just unplug it then replug it? Read more to find out.

The Canary Camera Line is such that a single device can serve as your complete security system. What more a network of interconnected devices, right? The package includes the 1080p HD camera, night vision features, motion-activated recording, air quality sensors and the like.

The camera can protect your home when you’re away when you’re in the home when it’s night, and so forth.

Reasons to Reset Canary Camera?

There’s a host of reason s to reset your Canary device, chief among them Wi-Fi connection problems. Secondly, its issues with the app, issues with the camera reacting properly to the app, or issues involving motion sensors and triggers, and so forth.

Every time the Canary Camera has a glitch, error, or inability to do certain tasks, you can rely on a reset to help fix the problem. More often than not, it really does help like a cure-all for many of the cam’s ills, especially if they’re software-related.

You can accomplish fixing and troubleshooting your Canary cam with a reset by power cycling it like a router or going to the app and removing the camera from there.

How to Reset a Canary View Camera?

If you have network connectivity issues with your Canary View that isn’t just your ISP acting up, you can do a soft reset of it by power cycling. Power cycling involves unplugging the power cable from behind the View for a minute before reconnecting it.

If it is your ISP acting up, just turn your router off for a minute then turn it back on. It’s the same principle!

Deactivating the Canary View

Instead of doing a hard reset to factory settings, you can do the next best thing with your Canary view by removing it from your Canary app. Removing the camera allows you to set it up  anew or give the View to another person so he could set it up on his Canary account.

To remove a Canary device, open the app, tap the three lines icon, tap “My Devices”, tap the Canary View, tap “Remove Device”, and enter your Canary password to confirm removal.

Once the device is removed from your app, the location owner will receive a confirmation email. However, most connectivity issues could be resolved with power cycling instead of a hard reset by device removal from the app.

How to Reset a Canary Pro Camera?

Like with the Canary View Cam, you can soft reset your Canary Pro with power cycling. Just unplug the microUSB at its back then replug it after a minute. This restarts the device like how a reset button on your PC restarts it too.

Indeed, resolve network connectivity first by power cycling your router to see if it’s an ISP issue (turn off for 1 minute before turning it back on) then by power cycling the camera itself. Just disconnect the plug from behind the Canary Pro, wait a minute and replug it.

Deactivating the Canary Pro

There’s no factory reset option fro Canary Pro. You can remove the device and all of its configurations if you like. Do the same as above. Go to the three lines icon, “My Devices”, select the Canary Pro, and tap “Remove Device” like you did with the Canary View.

You’ll also have to enter your password for removal confirmation, by the way. Doing so allows you to add the Canary Pro back to your device and reconfigure out. However, we don’t recommend using this as a troubleshooting method.

Power cycling is your best bet for a soft reset that fixes things. This hard reset by removal only gives you more headaches by setting the device up from scratch without fixing your connection issues.

How to Reset a Canary Flex Camera?

While the Canary View and Pro depend more on power cycling, the Canary Flex actually requires you to press a “reset” button to reset it. In this case, you’re supposed to hold down the back button for 5 seconds. You’ll then hear the shutdown sound and then see its LED ring turning off.

Turn It On and Off for Reset

Holding the back button for 5 seconds is the Canary Flex’s version of an extra or hidden power button. Meanwhile, to turn it back on again, you merely have to hold the back button for a second or until the LED ring becomes white and spinning.

This is your cue to release the back button. You can also automatically turn on the device by plugging it in through the power cable and the nearest electrical socket.

Power Cycling and the Power Button

A power cycle is different from turning off and on. It’s also handy in fixing connectivity issues or if the camera has become unresponsive. For the Canary View and Pro, this involves unplugging the device for a minute then replugging it.

For the Canary Flex, it involves holding the power button for 12 seconds until it turns off. Continue holding this button until the Flex starts rebooting (the white spinning light will turn on again). At this point, release the power button.

How do I reset my Canary Wi-Fi?

The latest Canary devices use Bluetooth in order to change your Wi-Fi connection. As an alternative, the yellow audio cable should suffice in a pinch. To be more specific, older devices before firmware version 1.3.0 use the audio setup option over the Bluetooth option.

When pairing with your mobile device—i.e., your smartphone or tablet—your Canary Cam (View, Pro, or Flex) might encounter issues such as:

  • The pairing process with the app fails while the device light flashes blue.
  • The pairing process with the app succeeds but the device ahs a solid blue light state and doesn’t proceed with the pairing.

Toggle Bluetooth On and Off

Clear the cached connection on your Canary device and get it to recognize a new Wi-Fi connection by turning Bluetooth on and off.

  • First off, open the Settings of your Android smartphone.
  • Under “Wireless and Networks”, the app “Settings” should display a toggle button for Bluetooth. Turn the Bluetooth off by tapping on the toggle button.
  • Reset your specific Canary model using the recommendations above after disabling Bluetooth.
  • Restart your mobile phone or tablet after the Canary Cam has been reset. This typically involves holding the volume up and power buttons at the same time until the phone turns off.
  • After the screen fades to black, press the power button to get the mobile device to restart or turn on again.
  • Now check and see if changing your cam’s Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection can be done.
  • Only turn your Bluetooth on after the Canary app prompts you to do so.

You can also troubleshoot this issue by clearing Bluetooth cache and data on the “Application Manager” service or making sure that all Canary app permissions on your phone (Android 6.0 and later) are allowed.

You can even try changing Wi-Fi connections on a different tablet or mobile phone. When all else fails, just remove the device from the app then deactivate it. Reactivate and add the device afterwards to see if this fixes the Wi-Fi issue.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to the Canary Camera

How do I deactivate my Canary?

To deactivate or cancel your Canary, log in to first. Select your location if you have more than one camera placed in more than one location. Click on the “Manage Service Plan” option.

Click on “Cancel Premium Service” in case you’re paying a monthly membership for Canary. Also select “Remove 30-day Timeline” and then add a reason why you canceled (if you wish). Select “I still want to cancel” and “Okay” or “Got it” and you’re good to go.

Why is my Canary Flex offline?

If your Canary app for Canary Flex says “Canary is Offline”, it could mean a host of things. It might be offline because the camera is disconnected from the Internet, there’s a temporary service outage on the Canary Cloud Service, or your own Internet service provider’s connection might be down.

How do I update my Canary?

Check the firmware version on the Canary App by going to the menu, tapping “My Devices”, tapping the Canary device you’d like to check out, and selecting “About This Canary”. Send an email to with the device’s serial number if you wish to update it to the latest version.

Why is my Canary flashing green?

The Canary Flex and other devices don’t flash green. They only feature a solid green light. They do flash blue LED though. If your camera has 100 percent battery power, it should feature a full or solid green indicator LED when checked. If it flashes blue, this means it is entering Bluetooth pairing mode.


It’s relatively easy to reset the Canary Cam. You can reset it by power cycling. This involves turning it off and turning it on again, like a router with a poor Internet connection. However, if you wish to restore the device to factory settings, you can’t.

You can however use the Canary mobile app to remove it. This disconnects it from your account and removes all your settings so that you can reconnect to it later and reconfigure anything. It’s not quite a factory reset but it’s the closest thing to one for the Canary line of cams.


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