How to Remove Nest Doorbell Properly?

How to Remove Nest Doorbell Properly

You need to know how to install and remove the Nest Doorbell properly in order to use it and to access its battery compartment for battery replacement. It wasn’t made easy to deter ne’er-do-wells from stealing its batteries as a prank or as a way to rob you.

What is Google Nest? It’s a line of smart home products developed by Google that include smart doorbells, smart cameras, smart locks, security systems, routers, smoke detectors, thermostats, streaming devices, smart displays, and smart speakers.

Having them will turn your humble abode into the home of the future, where everything is a smart device and has a Wi-Fi connection. In regards to how to remove nest doorbell, keep on reading to find out.

How to Remove Nest Doorbell Properly

In order to remove the Nest Doorbell properly, you need to consider first whether they’re the battery or wired variety. With the wired Nest Doorbell and the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, use the release tool included in the box.

Removing the Nest Doorbell with Battery

It’s easier to pull a battery-powered doorbell from its base compared to a wired doorbell. In the box that came with your Nest Doorbell, It should have what’s known as a release tool. This releases the Nest Doorbell from its mount or base.

If you’ve lost the tool for whatever reason, you can instead use a flathead screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver or tool unto the hole at the top of the doorbell. Afterwards, pull the doorbell up and away from the wall.

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Removing the Nest Doorbell with Wired

If you have a wired Nest Doorbell and you wish to remove it from its base, you will still need the included release tool regardless. This tool differs from the battery Nest Doorbell release tool so its alternative is a thumbtack or paperclip instead of a flathead screwdriver.

This time around, the thumbtack-sized tool should be inserted at the bottom of the doorbell and press forward until the doorbells snaps loose. Now grip the doorbell’s bottom to pull it away from the base and the wall.

What is the Nest Doorbell?

The Nest Doorbell by Google works as a wireless video doorbell. It’s both a doorbell and a video surveillance camera in one device that replaces your more primitive analog doorbell.

Furthermore, it gives you a tall field of view to allow you to see from ground to sky with its special design compared to the more claustrophobic views offered by other video doorbell brands out there. It’s also a smart device that works wirelessly or as a wired device.

How to Remove Nest Doorbell Properly
How to Remove Nest Doorbell Properly

What Does Google Nest Do?

Google Nest covers multiple devices from doorbells to cameras. They’re all smart devices, which allows for Wi-Fi connections and the ability to download and use apps for various services. Google Home and Nest home devices also include Wi-Fi speakers.

They can therefore do things like stream music directly from the cloud. This allows you to access your favorite music services for podcasts, albums, songs, playlists, and artists using your voice. You can even send music from your iOS or Android device using Google Cast.

How Much is a Google Nest Subscription?

The Google Nest Doorbell works excellently as a video doorbell. It requires a subscription though. It’s $6 per month or $60 per year or $12 savings annually. This applies to the Nest Doorbell, speakers, cameras, and displays.

Nest Aware Plus allows you to unlock more event video history days and about 10 days of 24/7 video history for only $12 a year (this will save you $24 annually).

How to Remove Nest Camera from Its Stand or Mount

To remove your Nest Camera from its stand or mount, it depends on whether you’re using the Nest Cam with battery, Nest Cam Indoor, and Nest Cam Outdoor (among other iterations of Nest Cam).

Removing the Nest Cam with Battery

If you wish to remove the camera from the wall mount, you need to grip the base of the camera and pull it away from the plate. The plate and the camera connect together using a strong magnet as well, so removal should be easy.

To remove your camera from the stand, grip the base of the camera stand first. Afterwards, pull the camera from the base. This also makes use of a strong magnet.

Removing the Nest Cam Indoor

The Nest Camera Indoor links to the metal wall plate using a strong magnet like the battery cam. Removing it from the plate requires gripping the base of the camera then pulling it away from it.

The stand is also magnetic. However, you should grip the metal ring atop the stand to turn and unscrew it. You don’t just pull it like the others.

Removing the Nest Cam IQ Indoor

If you’ve placed the camera on a shelf or other similar surfaces, you don’t need to do much of anything to remove them. The base and stand have no detachable parts from the camera head. They come as one unit and should not be messed wiht.

If it comes with a wall mount, rotate the base until it unscrews from the mount. Without a mount, you can’t do this. Also take off the screws holding the mount in place on your ceiling or wall for good measure.

Removing the Nest Cam Outdoor

The Nest Cam Outdoor links to a metal plate with a strong magnet. Removal of such requires a grip on the camera to pull away from the plate. To make the outdoor cam stick to unusual places like porches, walls, and gutters, metal plate installation should be done solidly.

Furthermore, if the camera gets attached to a tripod instead, make sure to grip the camera’s base when removing it from the tripod too. As a rule of thumb, you should grip the base for safe removal every time.

Long Story Short

You can easily remove the Google Nest Doorbell by simply using the included removal tools in the box. If you lack or lost the tool, you can substitute them with everyday objects. In the case of the battery-powered doorbell, use a flathead screwdriver. In the case of the wired doorbell, use a thumbtack or paperclip.

The guide also covers related Google Nest device removals like in the case of the Google Nest Indoor and Outdoor cameras. The video cam doorbell from Google has all sorts of smart features and app-playing abilities but you still have to remove it from its stand or mount manually.


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