How to Open Blink Camera (All Models)

How to Open Blink Camera

If you want to know how to open the Blink camera in order to access or replace the battery, you should approach it on a case-by-case or individual basis.

Every make and model of Blink wireless security or surveillance camera requires you to observe a different opening method.

How to Open Blink Camera

When it comes to how to open blink cameras (all models), it boils down to either sliding a latch or pushing a specific switch. You’re discouraged from opening the camera all the way, as in unscrewing its bolts and tinkering with its electronics.

If something is wrong with your Blink camera, you should have it looked at by a registered technician or simply have the device replaced in case it’s still in warranty. On that note, we’ve listed the different ways to open the Blink camera according to the model down below.

open the Blink camera according to model
Open the Blink camera according to model

How to Open the Indoor (Gen 1) Blink Camera

You can remove the back cover of Generation 1 Blink Indoor Cameras by accessing the latch found on the bottom of such devices. Slide this latch in order to release the battery cover of a Blink Indoor Cam like you would with certain TV remotes or laptop battery release tabs.

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Go to the official Blink website or the link to scope out what the 1st Gen Indoor Battery cover and latch looks like. You can also click here for good measures in order to discover the steps needed to remove the battery cover of the Blink Indoor and Outdoor Cam.

remove the back cover of Generation 1 Blink Indoor Cameras
remove the back cover of Generation 1 Blink Indoor Cameras

How to Open the XT and XT2 Blink Camera

Removing the battery cover for either the Blink XT or XT2 camera involves mostly the same steps. You can also click on the link instead to watch a video on how to remove the cover. Regardless, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Make The Camera’s Rear Face You: Hold the camera in such a way that the back faces you instead of its front. You should find a grey switch or dongle-looking button with an arrow facing towards the bottom of the device. It’s hard to miss.
  • Slide and Hold the Grey Switch: Slide and hold the grey switch in the direction of the arrow, which is downwards or towards the bottom of the cam.
  • Warning – Requires Some Force: As you do this, pull up the battery cover using your thumb. However, you might have to exert some force to make the airtight camera open.
  • Lift the Cover Off: After cracking open the cover by pulling it up using your thumb, simply lift the cover off. You can now see everything like the serial number of your device and the batteries themselves.
Open Blink Camera
Open Blink XT1 & XT2 Camera

You now have access to the batteries for replacement and whatnot. You can also look up the serial number of your XT or XT2 camera from here. The cover works like certain remotes with pop-out covers after pushing down on a switch. You can also snap the cover back as easily.

How to Open the Indoor and Outdoor (Gen 2) Blink Camera

You can find the serial number (QR code sticker) and batteries inside the back cover of your Generation 2 Indoor and Outdoor Blink Camera. You need to “crack” open this camera type because you need the serial number to add the device to your Blink security system.

Remove all accessories and mounts on your Gen 2 Blink Camera before proceeding to remove the back cover itself. This includes any attachments or accessories made by third parties or made by Blink itself.

To remove the back cover to open the camera, do the following:

  • Removable Silicone Cover: Remove the removable silicone cover protecting the back cover fastening screw. Use the opening tool found with the camera package.
  • Keep for Future Use: Keep the silicone protective cover for future use. It can also double as a right-angle mount adapter for good measure. It’s quite a versatile item.
  • Transparent Sticker: The removable transparent sticker found in newer cameras, meanwhile, offers signs that indicate the direction to turn for opening and closing the cover.
  • Loosen the Screw: Turn the fastening screw to the left or counter-clockwise until it ends up loose or out of the screw hole.
  • Press It Into Place: Attach the silicone protector as a right-angle adapter onto the back cover, turn it around, and press it into place. From there, pull gently to lift the back cover off altogether.
  • Apply Side Pressure: You can also use the opening tool instead of in order to apply side pressure onto the back cover to allow you to pry the cover loose.

You should now have access to the battery and serial number and batteries of your unit. Use them as required.

To close the camera’s back cover after removing it, do the following:

  • Line ‘Em Up: Line up the guide notches like so then carefully hold the cover into place.
  • Clockwise Turn: Screw the screw back to the right or clockwise for about three turns until you feel the screw snugly fit into the hole. Be careful about over-torque or over-tightened screwing.

The cover should fit flush unto its camera body if closed correctly. If it’s not closing, call Blink customer service for more details.

Can The Blink Camera Operate During Outages?

Yes. However, its abilities end up limited due to the fact that it requires Wi-Fi and a connection to the Sync Module for it to operate at its full capacity. Look into locally stored clips using an internal storage device for more details.

After power loss, the Gen 2 Blink Camera will attempt recording the first motion event and upload the clip to the cloud once it gets an Internet connection once more.

Other Things You Should Notice

Some cameras make it easy to access the battery with a cover reminiscent of the one found on your TV remote. Others require more in-depth removal steps for the sake of safeguarding the batteries from thieves, intruders, and saboteurs.

Regardless, this guide has most of everything covered regarding which Blink camera type should be opened in which specific way. If you have any further comments and suggestions, just leave a comment below.


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