How to Mount Blink Mini Camera?

How to Mount Blink Mini Camera

How do you mount the Blink Mini Camera? Learn more about it through this easy guide. It covers this and several other relevant facts about the device for your convenience. By the way, don’t be afraid to apply force when snapping the unit unto the mount.

The Blink Mini, like anything else miniaturized, serves as the compact version of the celebrated Blink line of DIY Wi-Fi cameras for consumer-grade security systems. It’s an indoor compact smart cam that offers 1080p Full HD video, night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, and Alexa compatibility.

What more can you ask for such a device? Well, for one thing, you need to know how to mount a Blink mini camera. Keep on reading to find out more about that topic.

How to Mount Blink Mini Camera

The device includes the camera mount attached in the desktop position right in the box. In also comes with two screws. Before making use of the Blink Mini, make sure to get rid of the clear protective film that’s stuck to the lens.

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The camera offers two mounting points. Above the USB at the camera’s rear, you should see the wall or vertical mount opening. At the bottom of the device, you can find the ceiling or horizontal mount opening. Mounts from other Blink Cams can also fit the Blink Mini.

Instructions for Mini Mounting 101

If you wish to mount the Blink Mini on an overhead surface like the ceiling, you should be aware that you can flip the image on the app camera settings for getting better viewing angles in a worry-free manner.

At any rate, do the following:

  • Remove Mount from the Camera: Hold the Blink Mini-unit and then pull the mount from the camera. Put the device away in a safe location where its lens doesn’t risk getting scratched.
  • Apply Pressure on Outer Ring: Hold the mount with both hands the apply pressure on the outer ring. Keep supporting the mount with your opposite hand as you do so.
  • Select a Location: Look for the right place to put your mount for your camera. Avoid any place full of reflections or shadows that might keep your camera video from being pristine image-wise.
  • Secure Mount: Secure the mount on your chosen location using the screws that were included with the mount and camera inside their box. Once secure, push the cable unto the molded clips of the base.
  • Work with the Retaining Ring: Thread the cable unto the retaining ring as well while making sure it lines up with the notch. Secure the cable into place by pushing or pressing on all sides of the retaining ring.
  • Put Mount Back on Unit: Press the Blink Mini into the mounting point once more after securing the mount. This should click into place and might require a bit of pressure.
  • Plug in the Cable: Plug the cable into your Blink Mini to power it on or activate it. Afterwards, aim your unit at the right angle and area you wish to monitor or do surveillance at.
  • Plug into Outlet: Plug the other end of the power cable to a USB 1A power supply (5 volts). Afterwards, plug the power supply into an electrical socket or outlet to provide power to your Blink Mini.
  • Test Mount Security: Make sure the device and the mount are both secure so they don’t fall or slip, especially if it’s a ceiling mount situation. Perhaps put a cushion, pillow, or box of packaging peanuts in case of accidental drops.
  • Test the Camera: Test the integrity of your cam by using Live View or taking a thumbnail snapshot. It will show you if you’ve placed or adjusted the camera lens at the correct angle when all is said and done.
How to Mount Blink Mini Camera
How to Mount Blink Mini Camera

How to Remove the Blink Mini Camera from Its Mount

Removing and mounting the Blink Mini from its mount is rather simple. You can remove the camera after mounting by design. However, be careful when removing it whether mounted on the wall or especially on the ceiling (where it could fall and break).

There’s no need to remove the entire amount. You can detach the Blink Cam by itself while leaving the mount on the ceiling or wall. Here’s how you can go about it.

How to Go About It Summarized

To simplify things, here’s how you can go about removing Blink Mini in just a few steps.

  • Firmly hold the mount.
  • Grab the unit then pull.
  • Put a bit of pressure from your pull until it clicks and pops out.
  • Don’t be afraid to pull hard.
  • Pop it back in with the same method—hold the mount and grab the Blink Mini and press.

How to Install the Mount to the Ceiling or Wall

The mount that’s included with the Blink Mini is a small piece of plastic that resembles a toilet seat. The angle of the way it’s seated can be adjusted even after camera mounting. You can use two screws to allow you to adjust mount angle.

After finding the perfect position for the camera, you can simply hand-tighten the screws at first then tighten them all the way with a flathead screwdriver. After installing the mount, put on the unit.

How to Install the Blink Mini Cam unto the Mount

You can remove it from the mount by securely holding the mount by one hand and pulling the camera on the other hand. So it’s a “on one hand” and “on the other hand” type of situation, but not as a figure of speech but more literal.

Most homeowners fear squeezing or pressing the mount too firmly to pull or press the camera. Don’t fear—the mount or camera cannot easily break by this way, although you should be careful when it comes to accidentally dropping the unit.

To Wrap It Up

Mounting and removing the Blink Mini from its mount can be done by anyone. It’s relatively simple as long as you follow all the steps. Most balk at the prospect of doing this because you need to apply a bit of pressure or force. You need enough force for it to snap or pop open/closed.

Many Blink users end up afraid of applying too much pressure or accidentally breaking their newly bought device. Don’t worry. This mounting system has been developed to withstand enough force so that it doesn’t break every time you need to attach or remove the camera from its mount.


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