How to Mount Blink Camera (All Models)

How to Mount Blink Camera

When mounting your Blink camera outdoors, it should be directed away from direct sunlight. It should also be 8 feet to 10 feet away from the ground for good measure. This camera should easily hook up with any number of mounts, from gooseneck ones to ones that screw right into the center hole.

All the same, let’s now discuss how to mount blink camera devices and setups. Like with real estate, Blink camera mounting emphasizes the importance of location, location, location.

How to Mount Blink Camera

In general, you need to insert the mount in the ground opening found in all models of the Blink security camera, from the Mini to the XT and XT2 (and beyond). You can locate this hole in the center of the camera’s battery cover more often than not.

After mounting the camera to the wall or ceiling, you can rotate the mounting bracket to open and close the hinge. This allows you to choose the perfect camera viewing angle. Typically, you only need a screw in order to fasten the mount to the simply designed Blink camera.

The provided mount for the Blink cameras tends to serve as their best mounts, although certain third-party mounts could also be finagled to fit the device when push comes to shove.

Blink Camera
Blink Camera

Ideal Camera Placement

Indoor cameras can be installed behind closet doors, on shelves, near the baby’s crib, on the ceiling, on tabletops, and even directly into electrical sockets while they “pretend” to be phone chargers.

Outdoor cameras can be installed on trees, inside birdhouses, at the front door or backdoor, somewhere in the garage, or hidden inside the awning. Don’t forget lighting considerations since they’re important for both types of cameras.

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How to Mount the Blink Camera XT2

The camera mount included with your Blink Camera XT2 serves as a good example of a camera mount. It comes with two screws and a mount riser for good measure. If you’d like to order an extra mount as a spare, you can do so by ordering it at Amazon.

Mount Riser, Screws, and Other Accessories

A mount riser increases the distance from the mounting surface to the camera itself. It allows your device to get a wide range of motion when you’re positioning it on the mount. The wood screws serve as the screws for the XT2 mount.

When attempting to mount on any type of masonry and similar surfaces, get a proper screw type. These screws should only be used on wooden surfaces for placement of the XT2 on shelves, floorboards, ceilings, and so forth.

Hold the Camera and Try Live View

Preview the positioning of your camera by holding it where you wish to mount it and turning on Live View by pressing the correct icon on the Blink app. This enables you to verify that the device offers the best view possible relative to it position while also receiving good Wi-Fi signal strength on that area.

When choosing the right location for mounting, perspective and proper motion trigger activation should be kept in mind. After deciding where to put your camera, now you can combine the mount and riser as one.

Put the Mount and Riser Together

The two accessories both offer screw holes that line up on one another. Line those up then use the provided screws to attach the mount to wooden surfaces. Otherwise, use the screw holes to mark the masonry, drill holes, and put in the screws afterwards on the hard concrete and the like.

Don’t forget that using the included screws for the mount necessitates drilling or making two holes on the table, shelf, wall, or ceiling surface (preferably a wooden wall in light of the provided screws available with the device).

Securing the Mount on the Location

Secure the mount and/or the optional mount rise into place at your desired location. The beauty of the Blink mount is that it’s designed to snap the Blink XT2 security cam (and other cams) into place because it was designed for that purpose.

To be more specific, place the center circle on the back of your XT2 right into the circle portion of the mount. You should hear an audible (and satisfying) snap when doing this correctly.

After mounting rotate your Blink XT2 on the mount in order to get the best view possible. When putting your camera in the right place, keep in mind that the subject should go across instead of directly towards or away from the camera to get a good view of it.

What Else to Keep in Mind When Mounting a Blink Camera

No matter where you choose to mount the device, you want to ensure that the camera is placed at an angle or height where you can see maximum viewing visibility. This means a height of 8-10 feet above the ground or a few feet above you rather than chest height or waist height.

Many surveillance cameras end up overhead in banks for this exact reason. You should also consider whether or not you wish the Blink XT2 or some other model to be seen. Camouflage and hiding the device from plain view can increase its value and protective capabilities to you and your family.

Nighttime Surveillance and LED Indicator

Night vision mode should only be reserved for nighttime surveillance and should be assisted with things like an emergency or motion-triggered floodlight to illuminate or scare away potential intruders and robbers.

The camera’s blue LED flashes blue when it’s recording. Some people leave the light on to let visitors and guests know they’re being recorded. Other people can turn off the LED in case they wish the device to be hidden like a nanny cam or surveillance cam.

Expectations and Realities

Outdoor cameras should be pointed away from the ground and sun while tilted slightly so you can scope out the yard or the perimeter of your humble abode. Indoor cameras, meanwhile, should be positioned and hidden like nanny cams or elevated on your shelves or tables.

You can use these cameras by viewing them on the live view (without uploaded recordings) or by putting up hours of recordings in the cloud (all of the cameras have Wi-Fi capabilities).

Make sure that motion detection for the camera occurs when someone walks horizontally into the camera’s filed of view instead of away or directly towards the device. Instead of placing the camera directly on the hallway, have it go on the side or the corner to get such a view.


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