How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside? (06 Different Mounts)

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside?

The whole point of getting an Arlo camera is to catch snoopers who are would-be package thieves or burglars in the act or even before it to deter them from getting away with stealing your stuff Scot-free.

With that said, you should know how to mount your Arlo camera in the great outdoors to be able to properly secure your perimeter. At the very least, you can depend on these mounted cameras to help you know in advance who’s at your front door—a salesman or a real family guest.

The proper mounting procedure is mostly dependent on where you wish to place your Arlo camera. 

How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside 

To mount your Arlo camera outside properly, figure out where to place it. The mount should have instructions included to streamline the mounting process. Setting up your Arlo camera mount is ultimately done on a case-by-case basis.

When positioning your Arlo camera outdoors, there are several difficulties to take into account. Aside from the advice provided by this article, you will unavoidably have to go through a bit of trial and error to set up any mount for any Arlo camera model. You should also look for the right mounts and accessories that smooth out the Arlo mount setup process.

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06 Different Mounts You Can Use with Arlo Cameras

Here are the different outdoor mounts you can use with your Arlo wireless cameras. 

Arlo Magnetic Ball Mount

This default mount is magnetized. This allows you to stick your camera to it easily, like sticking a magnet to your fridge for easy detachment and attachment. When used outdoors, do so with out-of-reach placement in mind to prevent theft and accidental removal.

 Skylety Table Ceiling Metal Magnetic Mount
Skylety Table Ceiling Metal Magnetic Mount

Arlo Screw or Bolt-In Mount

If you wish for a more traditional outdoorsy Arlo mount, then the Arlo Screw Mount is for you. It solidly cradles the camera in question while at the same time is made of solid construction steel that you can bolt into walls or ceilings with its screws and a bit of drilling on your part.

Mount to Table, Wall or Ceiling
Mount to Table, Wall, or Ceiling

Arlo Quad Pod Mount

The main claim to fame of the Arlo Quad Pod is that it has a perforated, rough bottom that sticks almost anywhere in and out of your home. It sticks to surfaces in a seamless manner without screws and it lets your Arlo camera hang by a silicone arm.

Quadpod Mount
Quadpod Mount

Arlo Gutter Mount

The Arlo Gutter Mount is another flexible mounting solution for Arlo cameras that works by providing a mount that clips or sticks to most any common gutter type used in suburban homes. From there, it offers additional benefits like an adjustable bird’s eye view of your front or back yard through a 180° tilt and 360° swivel.

Wasserstein Weatherproof Gutter Mount
Wasserstein Weatherproof Gutter Mount

Arlo Gooseneck Mount

The adjustable Arlo Gooseneck Mount is named as such because its rubber stick mounting arm is shaped like the neck of a goose for extra versatility. This allows attachment to more irregular surfaces like railings, branches, doorknobs, and fences.

 Adjustable Gooseneck-Like Twist Mount
Adjustable Gooseneck-Like Twist Mount

Wall Mounting Bracket Mount Holder StanWall

Mounting Bracket made by Rigid ABS plastic, Waterproof, Anti-Acid rain, Anti-oxidation, and Stronge enough for your Security Cameras.

Compatible with Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, Essential, Go, and Cameras.

Wall Mounting Bracket Mount Holder Stand
Wall Mounting Bracket Mount Holder Stand


Best Placements for Your Arlo Cameras

To catch criminals and thieves, you need to put your Arlo camera in the right location while also making it face at the correct angle. A bit of camouflage might be called for as well. It’s also preferable that the whole perimeter is covered. This ensures maximum visibility, of course.

You should also sketch a layout of your property first before installing any Arlo cameras. This makes it easier for you to know where to place these eyes beyond your body and into your home. For example, you can start at the front porch then as you get more money to buy more cameras, you can extend from garage to backyard then to trees and birdhouses in your front yard. Not necessarily in that order.

Furthermore, anything you miss on one quadrant of your home can be captured in another quadrant since the burglar will naturally be on the move while committing his crime of burglary. Place your camera from the front yard to the backyard as well as in your garage or any entry points leading to your home.

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Don’t Forget to Cover All Points of Entry

Burglars and package thieves take the same routes as you do in order to enter your home. They can end up going up to your home and invade it like Santa, but since that takes time, effort, and planning, they’re less likely to do it. They want their burglary to be done short and sweet more often than not, which means that they’ll opt for the path of least resistance.

  • Resist by Proper Camera Placement: Resist potential robbery by placing cameras near or at your front and back doors. You can place a floodlight camera to deter them from entering since they’re being watched or a hidden camera in case you instead want to record footage of their act. Other high-risk locations for thief entry include ground-level windows that are out of view from the streets.
  • Cover Secluded Areas and Restricted Areas: Suspicious activities tend to happen in dark, secluded areas such as dumpster pads, parking lots, and alleyways. Once you’ve secured your home perimeter, you can then add cameras in those areas to monitor suspicious activities and surveillance on the criminals’ part. They might be waiting for you to go on vacation or leave the home empty before striking.
  • Cameras Aimed at the Home Itself: Don’t forget to further guarantee 360° surveillance of your property by placing cameras aimed at the home itself and not cameras giving you outward views from outside the home. It makes perfect sense to have a “first-person” and “third-person” point of view to get the whole picture when doing your monitoring.

When All Is Said and Done

A camera can be a deterrent to break-ins so that you won’t have to file police reports for stolen property (for naught) any longer. In order to properly mount your Arlo security cam, make sure it’s placed correctly.

From there, pick the right mounting type. Mounting can range from something simple, like sticking the perforated bottom of your mount to the wall to make it stick without damaging it. Or you might be forced to drill holes in your property in order to get a solid screw-in or bolt-in mount placed overhead on your porch’s ceiling or right at one of the branches of your huge oak tree. It all depends on the situation. 


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