How to Connect Swann Camera?

How to Connect Swann Camera

If you wish to learn how to connect your Swann cam to Wi-Fi, to your phone, to your TV, to your laptop, to your MacBook, to Alexa, to the Internet, and so forth, you’ve come to the correct guide.

People are curious about the Swann camera because it provides a dependable and affordable alternative to your Ring cams, Arlo cams, and Nest cams. It does everything those cams could do in terms of Wi-Fi-based and app-based operation but in a format much closer to CCTVs.

It’s this dependability that Swann got a loyal consumer base who’d read articles like this about “How to connect Swann camera?” and whatnot. So let’s discuss how to connect the smart cam to different devices already!

How to connect the Swann camera to Wi-Fi?

In order to connect your Swann Wi-Fi or IP cam to Wi-Fi, you need to pair it up with your Swan Security app.

  • Go to the Menu: To do so, tap the menu on the upper-left corner of the screen, then select “Pair Device”. Afterwards, tap “Start”.
  • Scan QR Code: Attached to your camera is a QR code sticker. Have your smartphone scan that. If you don’t have the QR code, tap “Manual Pair” and get the MAC address above the serial number of your cam.
  • Enter Wi-Fi Password: Now you can enter the Wi-Fi password and tap “Next”. Enter a camera name then tap “Next”. Set the camera into “Pairing Mode” by pressing and holding the rest or pair button until the LED blinks blue. Now tap “Next”. Then tap “Start”.
  • Congratulations Message: If your cam successfully connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll see an overview on the app. After that’s done, tap “Next”. You’ll get a “Congratulations!” message once setup is complete.

How to connect Swann security cameras to Phones? (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Remember the section above, where you had to download an app and scan a QR code via the app in order to pair up your camera with your phone (whether it’s an Android, iPad, or iPhone)? That’s how you connect your mobile device to your Swann cam.

Get SAFE by Swann for Android devices, SwannView Plus for iOS devices, and SwannCloud for iPad and Android tablets. Swann Security App and SwannView Link can be used for multiple devices.

Finally, download HomeSafe View for desktop PCs doing NVR/DVR remote viewing and AlwaysSafe for NVW-485, NVW-490 & SWWHD-PTCAM Cameras.

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How to connect the Swann camera to the TV?

You can hook up your Swann cam to your TV using the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It has a hard disk of your recorded footage that a modern smart TV or flatscreen TV with an HDMI connection should be able to read and review videos with.

You can also connect Swann cam to your FireTV by first connecting the Swann cam to Alexa (more on this below).

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How to connect Swann camera to Laptop, Macbook?

Download the HomeSafe View for desktop PCs in order to connect your Swann Camera to your MacBook or Laptop. To view Swann cam on your Windows PC, launch the Device Configuration Tool and have it detect the camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder).

Any cameras directly connected to the NVR won’t be shown. The cam’s IP address should be visible here.  Click on it like a link to launch Internet Explorer and view it from there.

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How to connect the Swann camera to Alexa?

Open the Amazon Alex app. Click the three lines icon on the upper-left corner of the screen. Select “Skills and Games” tab. Search for the “Swann Skill”. Select the skill then login to your Swann account.  Press “Done” and then select “Discover Devices”.

The new Alexa Skill should then detect your Swann cams and have them listed on the “Devices” tab. Amazon Alexa works with Swann cameras to stream live camera video to your Echo Spot, Echo Show, or 4K Fire TV.

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How to connect Swann DVR to the Internet?

In order to connect your Swann DVR to the Internet, you need to first connect the DVR with your phone or tablet care of SwannLink. From there, it should have the ability to link to the Internet by proxy.

SwannLink connects systems care of peer-to-peer technology. Just scan your ID number or QR code to SwannLink in order for it to directly connect your smart devices to your DVR via the cloud, with the Swann DVR verifying the ID of your smart device as well as the username and password of the Wi-Fi.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the most frequently asked questions section of this guide.

Why is my Swann camera not connecting?

Your ISP or router might have a bad Internet connection. Reset or power-cycle the router to get it back online. If the issue persists, contact your ISP for more details. Or maybe your cam is out of the router’s coverage area. Make sure they’re both near one another for best results.

Finally, check the Wi-Fi password. Make sure this case-sensitive password has been entered correctly when prompted by your app.

How do I get my Swann cameras back online?

Enter the Wi-Fi password again and make sure it’s correctly entered since it’s case-sensitive. Put your cam nearer the router. Reset the router and make sure your ISP is providing you with a solid Internet connection.

If the camera itself is failing to connect to a perfectly fine Wi-Fi, you might need to troubleshoot the cam, its connection to the app, its connection to the NVR or DVR, and so forth. You might need to reset it to factory settings altogether.

How do you reset a Swann security camera?

To reset Swann Camera models NHD-805/806/810/811/815/815AF/816/817/818/819, locate the small reset button (usually found on the underside of the device) and press it with a reset key, needle, or pin for about 10 seconds. Before doing a reset, disconnect the camera from the NVR and PoE switch.

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What app do I use for Swann security cameras?

The Swann Security App manages all of your Swann cameras in one central hub. The HomeSafe View app for the PC or Mac is the desktop program for remote viewing of NVRs and DVRs.

AlwaysSafe is the app for NVW-485, NVW-490 & SWWHD-PTCAM Cameras. You can also download SAFE by Swann for Android devices, SwannView Plus for iOS devices, SwannView Link for multiple devices, and SwannCloud for iPad and Android tablets.

How to access Swann DVR from the computer?

To view Swann on PC, You can see this post:


Hopefully, this guide has shown you everything you need to know about Swann cameras when it comes to setting them up, connecting them to different devices, and troubleshooting any errors you might encounter when operating them.


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