How to Connect Lorex Camera to Wi-Fi?

How to Connect Lorex Camera to Wi-Fi

Lorex cams are powerful cameras with reliable technology and no monthly fees. With that said, how do you connect the Lorex Cam to your Home Wi-Fi exactly?

Lorex cams might not have the name recognition achieved by Ring cams from Amazon and Nest cams from Google. However, they have many other things going for them, such as staying in power. The famous Canadian brand that’s making their splash stateside has been around for quite a while.

Regardless, let’s learn to connect the Lorex camera to wifi down below. We’ll also discuss Ethernet connections to NVR, restoring the camera to factory settings, and the things that make Lorex products stand out.

How to Connect Lorex Camera to Wi-Fi

Here’s how you can go about connecting or changing the Wi-Fi provider of your Lorex Camera. This process works whether you’re setting up your Lorex cam for the first time, right out of its box, or if you’re switching from one Wi-Fi connection to another.

  • Activate the camera hotspot by pressing the reset button once.
  • Open the Lorex Home App. Go to “Device Settings” by tapping onto it.
  • Scroll down the menu then select “Wireless Network”. Tap “Next” afterward.
  • Tap “Join” once you get a prompt to join the Wi-Fi network.
  • Wait for your device to connect to the Device Hotspot.

Restore Your Lorex Camera to Factory Settings

In order to reset your camera to default or factory settings like it’s fresh off of the box it came with then you should do the following:

  • Look for the reset button. Depending on the camera, it could be located at the base or back of the camera.
  • Press and hold this reset button for 10 to 15 seconds or until you hear the chime indicating that the camera has undergone the reset process.
  • Look below the lens for the flashing green light. This indicates whether the cam has fully reset and restored factory defaults or not.

Why Does the Lorex Camera Say It’s Offline?

You might need to simply reset or power cycle your router (turn it on and off) until the connection returns. If it’s an issue with the camera itself then that’s what the reset function is for. Go ahead and reset the camera to see if that puts your cam back online.

If your connected Lorex Cam claims you’re offline on your NVR, it could be an Internet connectivity issue, internal settings of your NVR, or an Ethernet cable connection problem.

If your offline camera has a direct connection to the back of the NVR, check the ports for damage or a loose connection. Or you can restore your NVR to default settings in order to see if that fixes the issue.

Things That Make the Lorex Camera Stand Out

The best of the best of the cream of the crop of Lorex Camera products—Lorex Ultra HD 4K 8-Channel Security System—has a lot going for it.

It’s able to take on rivals like Amazon’s Ring Cams or Google’s Nest Cams because of features like its exceptional video quality up to 4K, commercial-grade quality and construction, and several custom recording options.

Furthermore, Lorex Wireless camera batteries last for 4 months of regular use. While this might sound short compared to other devices that have batteries that last 6 months, those devices tend to get to the 6-month figure by putting their cams on the lowest settings.

What More Can Be Said of 4K Quality?

Writing about how good a camera’s audio and video doesn’t do it justice. Instead of just using your imagination, look for good video reviews on the Lorex camera, particularly their best offerings like the Lorex Ultra HD 4K 8-Channel Security System or the Lorex Wireless Camera.

Their best cameras offer Ultra HD 4K or better than the standard 720p HD or 1080p Full HD of other camera brands like Amazon Ring or Google Nest. They showcase a detailed video display worthy of a Super Bowl livestream or the latest Marvel superhero movie.

In security and surveillance terms, everything becomes more detailed. The faces of would-be burglars or package thieves will be revealed or the license plate number of their escape vehicle would be exposed.

Lorex Camera Customer Service

You can get to the Lorex Cam customer service from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You have to wait if you get problems with your system outside of those hours. Thankfully, its website has an FAQ, help desk, and support for common issues and glitches.

The reset button option, by the way, covers most connection and account access issues even though it can get quite annoying having to reconfigure your cam or set of cameras every time.

The Global Home Security Market

According to recent reports, the global home smart security market has gotten a value of $2.14 billion in 2018 and is estimated to grow to $4.37 billion by 2022 (this year).

The demand for Wi-Fi or IP cams has only grown during pandemic times even though no reports are forthcoming exactly because we’re dealing with Covid-19. People want to feel safe and secure even when they’re stuck at home during lockdown.

As lockdowns get lifted and everyone starts going back to their offices, they also want to keep an eye on their empty houses with the ease of a mobile app.

Even When Faced with Stiff Competition

Even when faced with stiff competition from Ring, Blink, Nest, Arlo, and Wyze, Lorex finds a way to outdo them in more ways than one (particularly in terms of offering 4K Ultra HD cameras versus their 1080p or 720p offerings).

They might have name recognition, the backing of industry giants like Google and Amazon, and a large market share. However, more and more people are becoming more aware of consumer-grade Wi-Fi cameras and using smart devices for security and surveillance purposes.

Never Forget

Never forget that to connect your Lorex Camera to your Wi-Fi, you need to press the reset button once (don’t press and hold, just press it) to activate the hotspot of the camera. Open the Lorex Home app, tap “Device Settings”, scroll down, tap “Wireless Network”, and tap “Next”.

When you get the prompt to join the Wi-Fi network, tap the “Join” option and then wait for your device to connect to the “Device Hotspot”. You’re now all good.


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