How to Charge Ring Video Doorbell?

How to Charge Ring Video Doorbell

Some ring video doorbells will need to be recharged once or twice a year. To check the battery life of your video doorbell:

  1. Choose the menu lines you like on the Ring app‘s home screen (dashboard).
  2. Select “Devices” from the top of the screen.
  3. Check the battery on the Devices page for the device you want to use. On the Ring Doorbell device page, you will find a “Device Health” option in the app.

In case the battery needs recharging, we’ll go over the specifics of how to recharge your Ring video doorbell in the sections below.


How to charge Ring Video Doorbell (First Gen)

With normal use, the battery in your Ring Video Doorbell First Generation will last between one and twelve months. If your Ring records a large number of motion events every day, the battery life may be reduced. Your phone’s Ring app will notify you when the battery is running low on power.

The Ring Video Doorbell 1st Generation includes an inbuilt battery. This is most likely the model you have if you purchased your doorbell prior to 2020.

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The procedure for charging the Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen is as follows:

1. When the Ring app notifies you that it’s time to charge your battery, you’ll want to do so immediately. According to Ring, if you let your battery die, you may have to repeat the entire setup process.

2. You’ll need to bring the entire doorbell inside to charge it, as the battery is integrated into the unit. To detach it from the mounting bracket, loosen (but do not totally unscrew) the unit’s two security screws on the bottom. After that, slide it off.

To Charge Ring Video Doorbell First Gen
To Charge Ring Video Doorbell First Gen

3. Connect the orange cable (or any other micro-USB cable) to the rear of the doorbell and the other end to a power outlet or the USB port on your laptop. The battery will fully charge in between five and ten hours. The circular light surrounding the doorbell button indicates the battery’s charge level. Once the entire circle has become blue, the task is complete.

4. Reinstall the doorbell on the mounting bracket and secure it with screws. In the app, you may check the battery level. If it does not update immediately, ring the doorbell several times to allow it to sync.


How to charge Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Second Gen), Ring Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus (Third Gen)

The battery in your Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, and 3 Plus will last between six and twelve months when regularly used. This relies on various aspects of the environment surrounding your home, including the local weather and the number of activities captured.

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To recharge your Ring Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3, and 3 Plus, follow these simple steps:

1. When it’s time to charge your doorbell, you’ll receive an email or an alert from the Ring app. The first step is to locate the cable. The one included in the box is bright orange — but if it has been misplaced in the depths of your trash drawer, any micro-USB cable will suffice.

2. Remove the security screw from the bottom of the faceplate and then raise it upward and toward you. Following that, detach the battery by pressing and sliding it out.

charge Ring Doorbell 2 and 3
To charge Ring Doorbell 2 and 3


3. Charge the battery within. The micro-USB cable should be plugged into a USB port or a wall outlet. The red and green indication lights will both illuminate. When the light stays on, the battery is fully charged. This process, according to Ring, can take between five and ten hours, depending on the power source used.

4. Reinstall the battery. When the connection is secure, it will click. After that, wait 30 seconds for the doorbell to re-power on, replacing the faceplate with a new one and screwing it back in.

How to charge Ring Peephole Cam (Ring Door View Cam)

The Ring Peephole Cam has a quick-release battery pack that is rechargeable by using any standard micro-USB charger. There is even a free orange one that comes with your device!

charge Ring Peephole Cam
To Charge Ring Peephole Cam

Just use a power adapter to charge the Ring Peephole Cam, and you’re all set. Depending on the power output of your adapter, the device might need at least 5 hours or up to 10 hours to charge up.

How do I Power my Ring Doorbell Pro?

Your Ring Doorbell Pro is hardwired and does not need to charge, unlike other models of Ring Doorbell devices. This means that the Ring Doorbell Pro does not have a battery and must be hardwired to your home’s chime circuit to be powered and work as intended.

How to Install the Elite Power Kit for Ring Video Doorbell Elite

  1. Install the elite power kit first. The elite power kit functions as a POA injector, converting these internet connections to power over ethernet.
  2. Connect the elite power kit to any regular wall outlet close to it—the Ethernet source. The elite power kit includes plug adapters that enable it to be plugged into outlets worldwide.
  3. Connect the included 3-foot Ethernet cable to the internet in port on your elite power kit.
  4. After that, connect the 50-foot wire to the port labeled ring elite.
  5. Connect this cable to your ring doorbell Elite, if required routing it through walls.
  6. Once the Ethernet line has been run and the elite power kit is fitted, you can install your ring elite.




How to check the battery level on Ring Video Doorbell?

Your “device health” section in the Ring app has got all the info you need! Just select the menu lines in the app (top left of your screen) and then select “Devices.” Afterward, choose the device that you want to check the battery on. Lastly, select the “Device Health” option, which shows you the battery level and all other sorts of stuff!

How do I extend the ring video doorbell battery life?

Three things: turn off motion alerts, have a Ring Chime Pro and ensure the device has a strong WiFi connection.

Why does my Ring Video Doorbell battery die so fast?

If there are high motion events and alerts, a weak WiFi signal, or you’re live-streaming your cameras to a screen device. You must expect that your device’s battery will use its power faster than usual. 

What do I do if my Ring video Doorbell battery dies?

You just have to remove the battery pack from the device and then charge it through a micro-USB cable. If the battery light turns green, it is good to go (100% level), and you can put it back on your device.

Does Video Doorbell Elite have a battery?

Short answer, no. However, even if the Ring Video Doorbell Elite has no battery, it must be powered by an Ethernet (LAN) cable. The Ethernet cable is something you commonly see in computers, which are usually these thick blue or yellow lines used to connect the computer to a server or the Internet.

Does Ring Video Doorbell Pro have a battery?

No. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has no battery. It is to be hardwired, specifically into your home’s bell chime circuit to be powered.

Ring Video Doorbell 1, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, and 3 Plus Battery Life

The battery life of these devices, on average, lasts six months to twelve months. Many measures are done to extend battery life, such as showing the first four seconds of the footage detected by motion capture in a lower resolution. However, specifically for Ring Video Doorbell 1, it only usually lasts for a month so you might need to charge it more frequently.

How long to charge Ring Video Doorbell 1, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, and 3 Plus?

It takes 5 to 10 hours to charge fully. As they have the same battery type, they will both last the same way, only differing with how you charge them. 

How long does Ring Video Doorbell 1, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, and 3 Plus battery last?

On average, the battery lasts 3 to 4 months if used in a way that’s conserving the battery. However, if the user streams the video live into devices with screens (such as monitors and TVs) in real-time, the battery might just last them about 3 to 4 days. This applies to all the models.

How to replace Ring Video Doorbell 1, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, and 3 Plus battery?

Just like a phone, you just have to plug it into a micro-USB charger. This also applies to Ring 3 and Ring 3 plus.

How to replace Ring Video Doorbell 2  battery?

You simply remove the security screw, the faceplate, and you’re ready to remove the battery itself. Afterward, you can slide the new battery in, line it up, snap the faceplate back to its place, and then screw the security screws back in.


A lot of things happen on your front door, no matter what the time is. Ring’s Video Doorbell devices offer solutions that are practical, unique, and quite robust.

Now, even if you’re busy doing kitchen work or you’re down in the basement, these Devices will let you see through your front door through your mobile device or any other screens that you want to have it installed on.

With its very user-friendly User Interface that suits both those unfamiliar and very knowledgeable with technology (and everything in between), Ring’s devices will surely be an excellent pick for everyone.

You’re safe, secure and most importantly, you have eyes on the only doorways that you have in your own home. Ring Video Doorbell has your back, from the front door, from friends to authority members to intruders.


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