How to Charge Blink Camera

How to Charge Blink Camera

Blink Cameras are worth it. They’re known for having excellent footage quality and affordable subscription plans for cloud-based recording.

Another notable thing about them includes their really long battery lives. Impressively, their batteries last for two years yet they’re still quite affordable.

However, in regards to how to charge the Blink camera (models: Blink mini Camera, Blink XT/XT2 camera), you need to keep in mind more than a few things. Keep on reading to learn the truth about charging the Blink Camera battery.

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How to Charge Blink Camera

More often than not, the camera requires you to hook up the USB charging cable to the USB port. From there, you’re good to go. Just link to a USB wall plug or the USB port of the laptop plugged into the electric socket.

The battery then charges with energy that could last it for two whole years. The 3 main connection points when charging the camera include the power supply into the camera, the power cable into the power supply, and the outlet to the power cable.

If any of those 3 points end up loose, the camera won’t charge. The blue circle light around the power button doubles as your indicator light.

If the light does a single blink it means you have a charging camera. A double blink means a fully charged camera. A solid blue light means you’ve turned on the camera.

How to Charge Blink Mini Camera Battery

The Blink Mini Camera also works by plugging the USB cable into the plug so it could connect to the outlet. Plug the Micro USB cable and adapter to power Blink cameras using the USB port found on all of them.

25ft/7.5m Power Cable for Blink Mini Security Camera
25ft/7.5m Power Cable for Blink Mini Security Camera


To safely charge their batteries, use 5V/1A USB power adapters, which are similar to the chargers available for smartphones, tablets, and other handhelds.

Because USB cables and power adapters power Blink Minis, such accessories come included in the box. You can benefit from using these cables in order to keep the batteries from draining when they’re frequently used for recording motion clips and activated by motion detect.

They also charge the batteries in order for it to hold about two years’ worth of battery life depending on usage. You can also hook up the camera directly to your power outlets while using the battery as an auxiliary power source in case of blackouts.

How to Charge Blink XT/XT2 Camera Battery

The USB cable and adapter also charge the batteries of your Blink XT and XT2. However, unlike the Blink Mini or the more basic Blink cameras available, they come with a lot more charging and powering options.

Power Adapter for Blink XT / XT2
Power Adapter for Blink XT / XT2


2 AA lithium batteries power this Blink Camera model. The Blink Company claims that the batteries of the XT and XT2 can last up to two years. However, extra power options won’t hurt. You can always take advantage of fewer battery swaps, which require you to unmount the camera.

You can access many charging options to provide powerful support for your Blink XT. You can shop for various charging accessories to enhance the lifespan of your security camera experience while keeping the batteries there as auxiliary power sources.

The Many Ways to Charge the Blink Camera

The Blink XT and XT2 can directly draw power from the cable connected to a floodlight and solar panel charger or weatherproof charger. The weatherproof charger, in turn, is directly linked to an electrical socket in your home.

With that said, here are the different ways to charge your Blink Camera. They can keep your battery charged and recharged so that it only really drains its energy when they’re not available.

Weatherproof Power Cable

A good old fashion power cable provides the simplest support for your Blink XT, especially if it’s a weatherproof one. These cables reach up to 16 feet or 5 meters long to allow for power cord extension all the way inside your home.

They also come in black or white colors. Make sure to get weatherproof cables that can be used outdoors for your outdoor Blink camera though. Such cables also possess ultra-thin bodies to allow for flexible connection to various power sockets.

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Solar Panel

Use solar energy by harnessing it using a solar panel. Blink offers solar panels you can easily install and adjust. They come with a mount with the ability to swivel in a circle or 360° while also tilting 180°. This allows you to position the panel in the direction of the sun every time.

Wasserstein Solar Panel with Internal Battery Compatible with Blink Outdoor & Blink XT2/XT Camera
Wasserstein Solar Panel with Internal Battery Compatible with Blink Outdoor & Blink XT2/XT Camera


The panel also features a weatherproof connection cable that comes with the same silicone tab as the power cable. This cable measures 4 meters or 13.1 feet. They’re as ultra-thin as the weatherproof cables described above.

Floodlight and Solar Panel Charger

Why get a solar panel when you can instead avail of a floodlight and solar panel charger? This combo device offers 600 lumens of brightness while enhancing the vision of your camera when faced with nighttime or low-light conditions without relying too much on night vision mode.

This enables you to monitor your home perimeter from dusk till dawn. This floodlight also features energy efficiency benefits by using a solar panel charger to charge it and a light intensity sensor that ensures the light heads will only turn on when it’s dark.

Motion Detection and Solar Panel

The motion detection also detects moving objects from up to 32 feet away, so it only activates when needed. It even comes with an automatic shut-off after 10 to 60 seconds after the detected motion stops moving to further conserve energy.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion and light intensity sensors to maximize energy conservation while balancing out the usefulness of such features. It’s a method of charging the camera and its battery because the solar panel charges both the camera and the floodlight.

Expectation and Reality

Although the batteries could last for up to 2 years, it pays to have other power options that enable the XT and XT2 to work without batteries. However, the Blink Mini depends mostly on an electrical socket or rechargeable battery power due to its small size.

The solar power panel serves as a renewable power source for your camera. The power grid or electrical power consistently powers your camera as long as you pay the electricity bill. The batteries can serve as backup power in case of power outages.


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