Eufy Troubleshooting

eufy troubleshooting

Eufy surveillance cameras have gotten a boost in their profile recently. However, with that boost come more customers and more complaints regarding how to troubleshoot its products and hardware when things go awry. This guide is here to help.

The affordable line of Eufy smart cameras can challenge the cream of the crop—Ring, Nest, Arlo, and Wyze—by offering you a fully functional home security system at the fraction of the cost.

However, this doesn’t mean the Eufy camera line is perfect. They do suffer from major malfunctions that require some Eufy troubleshooting to fix.

Why isn’t the night vision feature working with the Eufy Cam? How to Fix

The night-vision issue is one of the most common issues for the Eufy Camera. According to some reports, the night vision might be faulty by design but others insist it’s just an occasional bug.

This makes it difficult for users to see what’s happening in night-vision mode when monitoring their feed. However, if it’s an issue with the night vision just being a black screen, there are things you can do about it.

Power Cycling

The low levels of visibility could be a bug. In such cases, the black screen is temporary and can be fixed by simply power-cycling your device. To power cycle your device, just turn it off, wait a couple of minutes, then turn it on. Or unplug then replug it.

Restart it like a router with no Internet or a buggy PC. It’s funny but sometimes when you turn off a device and turn it on again, 90 percent of the bugs you encounter get fixed.

Factory Reset

You can also solve this night-vision issue by doing a factory reset. Just follow the manual on how to reset your specific Eufy Cam and you’re good to go. Most cams require you to press and hold the Sync button for 10 seconds until you hear two beeps.

Broken Infra-Red Light

If it’s not a software issue involving reboots and resets then it might instead be a hardware issue. The IR light that people contend is weak to begin with might be damaged altogether. Check the wiring on the IR light by yourself or with the assistance of a technician to see if it’s getting enough power.

Maybe the light itself is busted. Call Eufy customer support and ask if you can get a replacement for the device. Otherwise, you might instead have to buy a new camera or get a third-party repairperson to help.

Why is my Eufy camera offline? How to Fix!

Eufy Cams, like many other smart cams, tend to have Internet connectivity issues too, with them going offline on your app when you need them the most. This is normally caused by a few small glitches but it effectively renders you cam moot, null, and void. To solve this, do the following.

Restart Your Router

Most of the time, this issue originates from a bad connection. The error is as it claims—the cam isn’t getting enough of a signal to work. Thusly, the app won’t detect it’s there even if it’s turned on and working otherwise.

If it’s a Wi-Fi issue, reset or restart your router to get your camera back online. You should also consider placing the camera nearer the router or disconnecting several other devices to free up Internet bandwidth for your camera to use.

A Recent Change in Wi-Fi Settings

Check your network settings and configuration. Sometimes, you can inadvertently change your Wi-Fi settings like your password then forget to make adjustments across the board for all your Wi-Fi-using devices.

Your camera might be showing up offline because the password it’s using is outdated or you’re using a new Home Wi-Fi ISP. Make sure to always reconfigure your Wi-FI settings in accordance to whatever device is using it.

Why can’t my Eufy Cam connect to the Eufy HomeBase? How to Fix

If your Eufy camera can’t connect to the Eufy Homebase, Home Base, or HomeBase, it could be because of the following reasons. Based on these reasons, you should be able to troubleshoot the error accordingly and get your cam and home base working in short order.

  • No Power: If your HomeBase lacks power, check its wiring or the electrical socket it’s connected to if they’re faulty in any way then address the problem thusly.
  • Dead Battery: If the camera battery is dead then replace or recharge the batteries. If it’s a camera hardware issue, consult Eufy support for more details.
  • HomeBase is Offline: If your HomeBase is offline, connect it to the Internet. If the ISP itself has spotty service, reset the router to fix it or try connecting later.
  • Smartphone is Offline: Connect your smartphone back to your Home Wi-Fi or through mobile data (for best results, use the same network the camera and homebase are using).
  • Firewall Issues: Your firewall might erroneously block the cam or the homebase from connecting to one another. Add permissions that allow exceptions for your Eufy cam system.

Why is Eufy and Alexa not working together? How to Fix!

Eufy Cam is supposed to work along Amazon Alexa to allow voice commands to control it. That’s half of the point of getting a smart home camera in the first place. This might be caused by several issues you need to address.

They Should Connect to the Same Network

Connect your Amazon Echo (or some other Amazon Alexa device) on the same network as your Eufy smart cameras. After doing this, restart the both of them then see if they’re able to recognize and interface with one another this time.

Clear App Data to Fix It

The app data of either could be preventing them from detecting each other. So if you’ve put in the EufySecurity Skill on your Alexa app and your Eufy isn’t syncing with it then you should remove the skill entirely.

Go to the settings menu of your smartphone, then to the app settings, then to Alexa app. Afterwards, go to storage options and clear al app data. Restart the Alexa app, login to the app, then add the EufySecurity skill again.

After configuring your Eufy Cam once more, everything should work as normal. If the problem persists, consult the Eufy support team.

To Recap

The Eufy cam system is one of the most user-friendly CCTV solutions around compared to their archaic equivalents used in banks and corporations.

It’s this ease of use that allows you to also easily fix the Eufy cams when they go offline, stop working, or have features that don’t operate as expected. We hope this guide has helped you maximize your Eufy camera experience.


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