Does SimpliSafe Work with Nest?

Does SimpliSafe Work with Nest

What is SimpliSafe? What is Google Nest? Most importantly, does SimpliSafe work with Nest or not? Can an alarm system work with another smart security system just because they’re both smart device technologies?

Should you choose one security system for another? Or can you use multiple security systems at the same time? Competitors typically don’t work with each other, even if they’re using the same smart device tech. However, you’re in the future and you don’t have to be stuck with one security system!

So does Simplisafe work with Nest? Keep on reading to find out. You might be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Nest?

Both Google Nest and SimpliSafe offer home security systems. They can be considered direct competitors, even. Therefore, could they coexist and integrate their products with one another as Amazon Prime did with Netflix’s Roku and other media stick formats?

Or are they too much in competition with each other to even consider the possibility of integration from the start?

SimpliSafe and Nest
SimpliSafe and Nest

What SimpliSafe Can Integrate with Nest

Google allows the Nest’s Learning Thermostat to feature integration with SimpliSafe. When arming SimpliSafe to leave, the system tells the thermostat of such so in turn, Nest lowers its energy usage. In that sense, SimpliSafe does work with Nest.

In regards to other Nest products, the company cites nospecific integration mode or compatibility with them. You can also use SimpliSafe with Google Assistant while Nest products can work with the same program. You can use Assistant to bridge the gap between SimpliSafe and Nest.

What is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe keeps you simply safe with its DIY installation alarm system with no contract. This gives you an affordable pro-monitoring plan you can use to keep an eye on your house or contact authorities within case you get robbed or suffer from fire hazards.

This includes protection from such things as carbon monoxide leaks, floods, and fires. You have 24/7 camera monitoring and sensors galore for nearly everything.

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System
SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

What is Google Nest?

Google Nest serves as a competitor to the SimpliSafe System as far as DIY installation alarm systems are concerned. It’s composed of smart home products that include security systems, routers, smoke detectors, thermostats, streaming devices, smart displays, smart speakers, and more.

They even include smart locks, smart cameras, and smart doorbells. They cover more than just security installations but serve as competition due to their smart security system on top of other smart devices to turn your home into a smart home.

Does SimpliSafe System Integrate with Other Smart Home Devices?

SimpliSafe can integrate with Nest Learning Thermostat, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. To learn how to set up such integration modes, visit the SimpliSafe website and follow the instructions. You might be required to avail of an Interactive Monitoring subscription plan though.

This activates integration mode. Fair warning—SimpliSafe can’t integrate with Apple Home Kit or most Google Nest devices that aren’t the thermostat. Regardless, they’re working on other methods of integration such as Google Assistant to Nest connections.

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What Does Google Nest Do?

Google Nest makes smart devices from cameras to doorbells as well as streaming and display devices. It allows for Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to download and use smart apps for various purposes. Google Home and Nest devices also offer Wi-Fi speakers for good measure.

Not bad for a hardware company established back in 2010. Earlier on, they mostly made cameras and thermostats. Since then, they’ve expanded their reach towards smart device manufacturing under the famous Google umbrella.

How Does Nest Work?

With Nest, you can do things like secure your property with smart security devices, locks, alarms and video monitoring. Or you can stream music directly from the cloud. You can access things like artists, playlists, songs, albums, and podcasts from anywhere.

You can even send music from your iOS or Android device using Google Cast. You can also use streaming devices to watch YouTube and Netflix on Google Nest displays and streamin devices for good measure.

What Does SimpliSafe Do?

SimpliSafe simplifies safety, as its brand name would suggest. You don’t have to possess an engineering degree to install a SImpliSafe system at the comfort of your own home. Instead, you can just plug it in and spread its sensors at key points of your home per instructions.

It’s also a good choice due to the reliability and high quality of its security system offerings that come with reasonable prices and subscription plans.

How Does SimpliSafe Work?

With SImpliSafe, you can use the following monitoring services in order to make full use of its different video doorbells, smart key locks, sensors and cameras galore.

  • Standard Plan: For only 50 cents daily, you can avail of a basic 24/7 alarm-based standard plan that does environmental monitoring of your abode along with cellular backup of such data. It monitors you home at real time and gives you archives to review if something’s amiss.
  • Interactive Plan: This offers maximum protection for you for 83 cents per day. It includes pro-level monitoring with environmental monitoring and 24/7 alarms like in the basic plan. However, it also includes expanded video storage and backup connection.

You also have verification in case of emergencies on top of private notifications. You can also enjoy full integration with Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant when under this plan (but it’s more limited with Nest integration).

  • No Plan: You can also go with no plans. This hampers your SimpliSafe security system since it can’t even do the standard plan alarms and environmental monitoring. You can avail of decent discounts from SimpliSafe when purchasing a security plan to optimize the system.

How Much is a Google Nest Subscription?

You can pay $6 per month or $60 annually ($12 savings) if you get a Google Nest subscription plan. This applies to all Nest devices such as security systems, routers, smoke detectors, thermostats, streaming devices, smart displays, smart speakers, and more.

Avail of Nest Aware Plus for only $12 annually ($24 savings) in order to unlock more event video history days and up to 10 days of 24/7 video recording history or archival.


Nowadays, you can avail of multiple home security providers. You can choose between them and stick with one. Or you can pick multiple smart home products and make them integrate with each other. Not all of them can integrate with each other and some require a special subscription to work.

Long story short, SimpliSafe can interface with some of the devices found in Google Nest on top of integrating with Amazon Alexa and Google Home through Google Assistant.


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