Do Arlo Cameras Have Audio?

Do Arlo Cameras Have Audio

Audio is an important part of a security camera system. Sure, in the olden says of closed-circuit TV and prison surveillance cameras with tons of VHS tape recordings, the sound isn’t as necessary as the footage. In those days, the sound was optional.

Nowadays, sound or audio is an integral part of a cam system, particularly security camera providers like Arlo, Ring, and Nest. Why? It’s because modern Wi-Fi smart cameras that upload high-definition footage in the cloud can double as a two-way walkie-talkie or intercom.

Audio is also used by modern cameras to better detect intruders, with sound activating the camera along with the movement. 

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Do Arlo Cameras Have Audio? 

Yes. Absolutely yes. Not all of them, though. As far as the wireless or wire-free line of Arlo cameras are concerned, the original Arlo Wire-Free (Model VMC3030) doesn’t have audio capabilities but the rest of the wire-free line like Arlo Pro and Pro 2 have it.

  • Which Arlo Cameras Have It? To be more specific, the Arlo models that do have audio capabilities are VMC3030, VMC3040, VMC3040S, ABC1000, VMC4030, VML4030, and VMC4030P. All these Arlo cameras save for Arlo Wire-Free VMC3030 could record audio and video together.
  • The Importance of Sound: It’s important for surveillance footage to not be in “silent film” mode because the sounds, the captured dialog or words from robbers, and so forth can all be added into the evidence pile. Indeed, audio recordings make the HD footage more solid when used as evidence against intruders.
  • Two-Way Talk Audio Technology: The audio capture technology also allows you to do things like establish two-way communication in case you’ve availed of an outdoor Arlo camera and you wish to use it as an intercom or walkie-talkie to discuss things with package couriers.
  • Sound-Based Detection: On top of recording audio, Arlo cams are also capable of sound-based detection wherein it activates due to loud sounds near it. It assists in camera surveillance and battery economy along with motion zones. It only activates when it detects motion and sound in certain areas.

How Do You Change the Audio Sensitivity on Your Arlo Camera? 

You can change your Arlo camera’s audio sensitivity in order to make its alerts come at the right times instead of in an excessive manner. Do the following to change Arlo camera audio sensitivity:

  • Login to Account: Login to your Arlo account at or open your Arlo app.
  • Choose Camera: Click or tap Mode then choose the camera you want to setup. Click or tap SmartHub or the base station connected to your camera if it’s connected to such.
  • Edit Icons: There’s a pencil icon next to the mode. Interact with it to change audio sensitivity. Tap another pencil icon next to the rule for the camera whose sensitivity you wish to change. Tap another pencil icon next to the audio trigger for further adjustments.
  • Adjust Audio Sensitivity: Once you’ve gained access to the camera whose audio sensitivity controls you wish to change and see a slider you can interact with, adjust its slider accordingly to your specifications.
  • Save and Click Done: From there, click or tap the save button to finish the job. Also, tap “Edit Rule” and tap “Done”. You’ve now saved your audio sensitivity settings. You can also adjust the audio sensitivities of the rest of your Arlo cameras using the same instructions.
Do Arlo Cameras Have Audio?
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What are Arlo Camera Modes in Relation to Audio? 

Arlo doesn’t only record audio. It also allows audio to come out of it for two-way communication and detect audio for surveillance purposes. With that said, if you wish to tell your Arlo camera or camera system what to do depending on the circumstances it’s faced with, you can set modes to react thusly to the device’s environment. A mode enables you to communicate with your Arlo device when you want it to respond and how.

You can set the times it should respond and how it’s supposed to react to different stimuli applied to it. In audio terms, it’s about audio sensitivity when it comes to detecting and reacting to whatever comes close to the camera. In such instances, you probably don’t want to receive alerts minute after minute about motion near your trash bin due to the abundance of stray dogs, cats, squirrels, and raccoons in your area.

Instead, you want to set your camera into a different mode at night compared to other strategically placed cameras, such as Armed Mode (triggered by motion and sound), Schedule Mode (will turn on according to the time), or Geofencing Mode (the Arlo switches modes when your smartphone is a certain distance away from it).

What are Arlo Camera Rules in Relation to Audio?

Arlo Camera Rules is simply the settings of each mode available to your Arlo camera. In audio terms, you can set the rules of Armed Mode in accordance to how sensitive to audio your camera can get. Ditto when it comes to the distance required for the Geofencing Mode to automatically activate different modes when you’re away from your home with your smartphone in tow. 

Meanwhile, in Schedule Mode terms, the rules are the dates and the actions your Arlo will take during such dates, like recording footage around your front or backyard periodically across the night to save battery life. Rules govern your different Arlo modes and how they behave. The modes are general behaviors while the rules specify what they can or cannot do when certain modes are activated. For instance, your camera can respond to sound or motion by recording video, taking a snapshot, or doing nothing. 

The Nitty-Gritty of Arlo’s Audio Capabilities

All Arlo wireless cameras have an audio recording and audio detection features included save for the original Arlo Wire-Free. You can set them in accordance with what’s more convenient for you.

You can get audio with your video feed, use them for two-way talk, or get them to detect sound for extra surveillance protection. Moreover, it’s possible for your Arlo to record a 30-second video when its audio sensor detects a sound from your bushes or its motion sensor is activated due to someone moving within its range. You can then be alerted of such actions via email. Arlo cameras are practically smart devices in and of themselves, so you can adjust them in accordance with what’s most convenient for you.


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