Do Arlo Batteries Go Bad?

Do Arlo Batteries Go Bad

Arlo wireless cameras are quite handy because they’re wireless and mobile. They’re like mobile phones or smart devices but instead of making calls, they’re more focused on recording footage around your home, whether indoors or outdoors.

The very thing that makes them mobile is the fact that they use smartphone-like rechargeable batteries. This is as opposed to the disposable batteries you put into your radio or children’s toys. This enables them to work without all those pesky wires.

With that said, how long do these rechargeable batteries? Do Arlo batteries go bad? How often do they go bad? Should you be concerned regarding how quickly these batteries go bad? 

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Do Arlo Batteries Go Bad?

Yes. All security cam and Wi-Fi doorbell camera batteries do. In fact, all batteries for mobile devices and appliances will go bad if abused or not taken care of. By that question, are you implying that Arlo security camera batteries in particular have a tendency to go bad? If that is the case then that is false.

Arlo batteries don’t go bad any more than any other battery types do, whether they’re for Ring doorbell cameras or for Nest nanny cams. When rechargeable batteries go bad, it’s mostly after a long period of time.

However, as much as possible, you want a battery that lasts at least as long as the device itself. As the Arlo or ARLO disclaimer goes, they’re not responsible for any failure on your part to follow battery usage guidelines. You need to take good care of these batteries as well.

The batteries should function as intended as long as you follow these guidelines and maintain the integrity of these batteries. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of Arlo batteries that will be outlined below.

What Are The Safety Rules for Arlo Rechargeable Batteries? 

Before anything else, let’s have a refresher on the safety rules for Arlo batteries that you should be aware of before concluding that Arlo batteries are faulty by design. All wire-free cameras from Arlo use their own propriety rechargeable batteries.

  • Which Arlo Products Use Rechargeable Batteries? The models that use Arlo rechargeable batteries include the AL1101, VMC4030P, VML4030, VMC4030 VMC4040P, and VMC5040. The VMC3030 or the original Arlo Wire-Free Camera uses non-rechargeable batteries instead. Those batteries lose their charge by design and require you to replace them when they’re out of charge.
  • The Risk Involved in Abusing Your Arlo Batteries: As a bit of a disclaimer, the Arlo website acknowledges that there all their batteries can cause burns, catch fire, and explode if they’re exposed to fire, water, or high temperatures. Ditto when they’re incinerated, short-circuited, crushed, cut, punctured, or otherwise disassembled.
  • Storage and Clean Maintenance: To safely use Arlo rechargeable batteries, you must store them in a cool, dry, and ventilated area. The battery compartment of your camera should also be free of debris and cleaned out yet dry to the bone before inserting these batteries. The battery contacts should be aligned as well.
  • Keep Away from Children and So Forth: Keep Arlo batteries (or any batteries) away from the reach of your children. When charging your Arlo batteries, use an Arlo power adapter or charging station (a separate device) to do so. Don’t place these batteries inside receptacles, bags, or pockets, particularly those with metal objects that could trigger dire consequences.
What Are The Safety Rules for Arlo Rechargeable Batteries?
What Are The Safety Rules for Arlo Rechargeable Batteries?

What Are Other Circumstances Make Arlo Batteries Go Bad?

Ostensibly, you shouldn’t store these batteries with combustible or hazardous materials like gasoline, alcohol, bleach, hydrochloric acid, and the like. The battery compartment of your Arlo wireless camera should never get wet prior to installation, during installation, or after being installed. Even if your Arlo wireless camera is weatherproofed, its interior isn’t.

Never submerge your battery in water. It’s also prudent to follow recycling and local waste disposal laws when throwing Arlo batteries into the trash. Never disassemble the battery. Don’t cut it, crush it, puncture it, or short-circuit it. Disposing the batteries in water or fire is a no-no too.

Avoid exposing the battery to temperatures above 140°F or 60°C. Don’t freeze it either.  Finally, Arlo camera models like Arlo Go HD or Arlo Pro Wire-Free Security Cams were precision-engineered to only use Arlo rechargeable batteries. Only use these batteries with the Arlo Go and Arlo Wire-Free.

Arlo security camera
Arlo security camera

What About Unforeseen Arlo Rechargeable Battery Malfunctions? 

A recent issue cropped up regarding Arlo rechargeable batteries. For some reason, around May 2018, Arlo Pro and Wire-Free Cams that make use of such batteries suddenly couldn’t hold a charge for more than two weeks. This is problematic since the batteries should last much longer than that in order to prevent constant recharges or the risk of overcharging.

It’s also daunting when depending on these batteries to look after a vacation home or rental apartment you’re the landowner for that’s far away and you couldn’t visit often. Some might even be located out of state, far from your residential home. It’s also quite a waste of money if you were to buy a set of 5 or more Arlo cams for perimeter security and the like, only to have battery problems like this.

After customers complained to Arlo customer care, it soon became apparent that what caused it wasn’t something hardware-related. In May 2018, Arlo released a firmware update that caused the batteries to limit their charge to only two weeks as a glitch. A June firmware update was then released to resolve the battery drain issue. 

The Bottom Line 

While Arlo rechargeable batteries can and do go bad, taking good care of them will usually ensure that they’ll last your camera for a long, long time. Common sense rules like keeping your battery away from excessive heat, disassembly, or damage will ensure that it will last you for a long time.

It’s supposed to last much longer than the average smartphone battery, for sure (which lasts a day before recharging). The battery can last as long as 6 months or as short as 2 months before being fully drained. However, firmware glitches and updates can throttle its charging ability to 2 weeks.  It’s disconcerting but yes, the firmware update can mess with the quality of your battery and make it go bad as well. This is on top of outright abuse causing your battery to potentially go bad or even explode!


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