Dahua Camera Troubleshooting

Dahua Camera Troubleshooting

What are the basics of troubleshooting a Dahua Camera that’s not working, that’s offline, that has poor picture quality, and so forth? This guide is here to help. Keep on reading to find out!

This Dahua smart camera guide to troubleshooting should hopefully help you fix common issues with the brand, thus allowing you to seamless stream video and protect your home from burglars 24/7 in a reliable manner.

How do I get back the lost video signal from my cam to my NVR/DVR? How to Fix!

If when you connect the green analog or HDCVI camera to your Dahua NVR/DVR device but you can’t get a video output, here is how you go about troubleshooting it.

  • Menu Settings: For DVRs supporting standard definition or high definition digital cameras, go to the “Main Menu”, “Settings”, “Camera”, and “Channel Type” in order to select the right channel type for your cam then restart the DVR.
  • Check the Power Supply: Do you have a faulty power supply? How about a loose data cable connection? You might not be getting sufficient power from your power source to your cam. Just a voltage tester to check the outlet.
  • Check the Coax Connection: If you have no video, check the coaxial cable connection. Unsecured connections or faulty cables can result in intermittent or no video on analog cams.
  • Cable Run Length: Check the length of the cable run. There are limitations of cable length that could result in video feed attenuation or video loss, especially on analog camera models.
  • No Analog Camera Support: Make sure your Dahua device supports analog cameras in the first place. Makes sure it’s an NVR device and it supports your specific analog model.

Why is the night vision weak or poor for the Dahua Cam? How to Fix!

First and foremost, enable the infrared (IR) lights.

  • Power Supply: The cameras should have the right voltage for their specified power supply. Using the wrong power supply can result to camera and IR light damage. Or the cameras might end up underpowered.
  • Far Objects: The IR cannot illuminate certain far objects because the lights can only reach so far. Please refer to the camera specifications for more details.
  • Set as Color Mode: The IR-CUT might be set as color mode. This is caused when the front-end sensor isn’t able to sense the IR light. The Camera IR setting should be on “Auto”. This setting allows the front-end sensor to do IR detection.
  • The Picture is White: If the IR or night-vision is all-white, it’s possible the IR rays are reflecting off a reflective surface like window panes and glass doors. They cause the IR to reflect all of it. You can fix this situation by changing the angle and elevation of the camera.
  • The Object is too Close: Having the device too close to the object will also result in the IR shooting back to the lens, causing some sort of glare. If this is the case, adjust the lens elevation angle or place the device on the edge instead of on a table with a rough surface.
  • Glaring IR Picture: If there’s glare on the IR check the camera glass for debris. Removing the debris can also remove infrared glare or IR bouncing off from the debris back to the lens, causing the glare effect.
  • IR Should Be Set on Auto: If the IR is set to manual, the light won’t illuminate as effective in darkness. IR should be powerful enough to showcase the video in low-lighting situations. Make sure the IR is set on auto and the plastic is off the camera lens.

What if your device fails to record video and snapshots? How to Fix!

If your device fails to record video or do a snapshot during a motion event, here’s how you troubleshoot it.

  • Possible Reasons for Snapshot and Recording Error: Your “Video Mode” might be set as off, the storage path could be incorrect, or you’ve set the “Snapshot Time Period” wrongly. Fixing them should fix recording.
  • Recorder Menu: Go to the recorder menu, check the motion detect option if it’s enabled, and then check if the snapshot check box is checked off under event settings. Otherwise, check the boxes then apply and save your settings.
  • Schedule MD: Go to “Schedule” and make sure you’ve set a proper schedule for your motion event. Check of the “Motion Detection (MD)” option under the “Schedule” tab as well. Setting your motion event schedule ensures the system detects events on a set time and date.
  • Set the Time Period: Set “Video Time Period”, “Snapshot Time Period”, on the WEB Interface for good measure. Go to your specific model of Dahua cam manual and know how to set the time period there.
  • Check FTP and SD Connection: Check if your connection for SD and FTP of video and snapshot storage is normal. Use your computer and try to connect to FTP from there.
  • Manual or Auto: Set your “Video Mode” as “Auto” or “Manual” on your WEB Interface.
  • Trigger Snapshot Mode: Go to the WEB Interface in order to set the snapshot to “trigger”. Go to “Setup”, “Image”, “Encode”, “Snapshot”, “Mode”, and then select “Trigger”. This should work for face detect, motion detection, and IVS (if available).

What do I do if the IPC fails to recognize the SD Card? How to Fix!

Don’t panic, the SD card might simply be loose, causing your IP cam to not read or recognize the SD card. Check if the storage device is secure. Otherwise, the SD card itself might be faulty.

  • Connection Pins: Check the connection pins of your SD card. Some models might have a slot lacking connection pins. If this is the issue, refer to the specs and place of purchase to get things fixed.
  • Check the SD Card Itself: Check if there’s no abnormality or damage on the SD card. Use it on other SD-card-supported devices like a PC to make sure it’s still working.
  • A Bad SD Card: After trying the SD card on other devices and it’s not recognized this might mean your card ahs gone bad and its connections have become damaged beyond repair. If it’s the case, get a new SD card.


Why is my Dahua camera not working?

Check if the network environment is good and the network cable hole plug of IPC end is loose. Check if there is IP conflict. Check if the device is under normal power supply. Check if the device upgraded to a wrong program.

How do I reset my Dahua camera?

How to physically reset your password on a Dahua IP Camera

What to do if all cameras display no image on the DVR monitor?

Is this an existing camera that was working and at some point had video loss? Follow these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Test Your Power Supply.
  2. Check Power Supply Box Fuses.
  3. Test Camera on a Different DVR Port.
  4. Use a Test Monitor.
  5. Use a Test Cable and Spare Power Supply.

Why are my security cameras black?

Loss of power is the most common reason why security cameras go black. It happens when power adapter is disconnected and cable that connect the camera to the recorder and monitor becomes loose and faulty. To fix the issue, we recommend that you check any point of contact on your camera, recorder, and monitor.

What is over decode ability?

Over Decode Ability – The maximum processor time is being used to convert video to a usable form and deliver it to your monitor. No additional streams can be displayed.

How do you initialize a Dahua camera?

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Launch ToolBox and run ConfigTool.
  2. Click Initialize.
  3. Select Device and Click Initialize.
  4. Create Password and Enter Password Recovery Email.
  5. Select options for Easy4IP and update settings.
  6. Your device should now be activated.
  7. Select Edit and change IP to DHCP.

How do I reset my Dahua PTZ camera?


  1. The camera should be connected to power.
  2. Click the reset button for at least 5 seconds until the camera restarts, and then the camera will be restored to factory default settings.
  3. If there is a PWR indicator, you can check the indicator go off and on again.

How do I reset my Dahua IP camera without reset button?


How do I reset my Dahua pinhole camera?

Continuously press the button for over 5 seconds in the situation where the device is working normally, then the system configuration info can be restored to factory default settings.

Why did my security camera stop working?

Reboot the security camera

Reboot the device. Rebooting your security camera will release its cache to flush, re-calibrate the settings, and revise connections. Directly unplug the security camera from its power supply then wait for a few seconds before plugging it again. This will reboot it.

Why is my camera saying no signal?

Although other factors may contribute to camera failure, the most common causes are wiring issues. Fortunately the wiring of a CCTV camera is fairly simple. The camera requires a positive voltage, a negative voltage or ground, and a 75-ohm cable to deliver the signal to the monitor.

How do you blackout a security camera?

You can blind security cameras by pointing LED lights or flashlight directly to its lens. This can affect the resolution of the images it captures.

What happens if you unplug a security camera?

When your house, the cameras won’t record. When you are away from the home, the cameras record. They’ll still be “working” but not recording.

Why is my security camera flickering?

CCTV Cameras can Flicker due to Lighting or Electrical issues. Some lightbulbs can operate at a frequency that will cause the camera viewing it to flicker. The frequency of power being sent to the camera can be incompatible and also cause flickering. Insufficient power is another possible cause.

How do I setup my Dahua IP camera?

Dahua IP camera setup with remote view – no NVR- step by step – 2021

How do I connect my Dahua camera to my computer?

How to Use Dahua SmartPSS on PC

  1. Download the latest version of Dahua SmartPSS here.
  2. After installation, click the icon to launch the SmartPSS.
  3. You will be asked to enter password.
  4. You will be asked to set answers to the security questions.
  5. Login the Dahua SmartPSS.

How do you reset a PTZ camera without reset button?

What is PTZ reset?

To restore the camera to default settings:

Press and hold the reset button below the camera module for at least 10 seconds. While still holding the reset button, disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable. Hold the button for 15 seconds before releasing. LIMITATION: Not all PTZ cameras have a manual reset option.

How do I reset my PTZ IP camera?

Press and hold the rest button for 10 seconds to restore the camera to the factory default settings. Note: If the standard 10 second button press does not factory default the camera, press and hold reset button until the camera reboots (power light changes status), then release.

What is the default username and password for Dahua IP camera?

Note: the default Username and Password for the device is “admin” and “admin” respectively.

How do I unlock my Dahua camera?


  1. Open the iDMSS / gDMSS app. Select ‘Me’ in the lower right portion of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Password Security’
  3. Select ‘Reset Device Password’
  4. Scan the QR Code from the WebUI of the IP Camera.
  5. Enter the Security Code into the WebUI of the camera, Select Next.

Where is the reset button on Dahua NVR?

How to Perform a Factory Reset on Your Dahua NVR

Why won’t my security camera connect to my wi-fi?

Hold your phone in the location of your camera and check the number of dashed Wi-Fi coverage on your phone. If the connection is poor, if possible, reduce the distance between the camera and your Wi-Fi router. Consider a wired installation or consult your internet provider for solutions.

How do you test a security camera cable?

How to test the proper termination when BNC cable connected to DVR

Why does my night owl camera says no signal?

Ensure the HDMI cable is connected from the recorder to your TV/Monitor. Ensure you are tuned to the right HDMI input if your TV/Monitor has more than one. Try replacing the HDMI cable, to see if you have a faulty cable. Try connecting the recorder to another HDMI input or a 2nd TV/Monitor.

Why does my night owl say no signal?

Ensure the video / power cable (analog cameras) or Ethernet cable (IP cameras) is connected to the camera. Ensure the cable is properly connected to the recorder (DVR / NVR). Try connecting the cable to a different video input port to see if the camera appears on another channel.

Can my Neighbour video record me on my property?

For the most part, your neighbor is legally allowed to have security cameras installed on their property, even if those cameras are aimed at your property. However, your neighbor does not have the right to record you or anyone else without consent in areas with reasonable expectation of privacy.

How do I blind my neighbors camera?

Disrupting Security Cameras with Grown Trees or Fences. Another good way to blind your neighbor’s security cameras is to plant a grouping of shrubs or grown trees that are tall enough to block off where the camera is aimed. Also, you can close the curtain or shade on the window to block security cameras.

Do all night vision cameras have red lights?

You may have seen one in person while you were out shopping. While this may be a common thing that you associate with a security camera, most real security cameras do not actually have blinking red lights. Usually, when you see a blinking red light on a security camera, that means that the camera is fake.

How do you jam a surveillance camera?

Disable a Wi-Fi Security Camera with Aireplay-ng [Tutorial]

Can wired security cameras be hacked?

All security cameras, wired or wireless, can be hacked. Although wireless security cameras are easier to hack due to their network availability, wired cameras are also often configured to access the internet. If hacked, criminals might be able to record footage and monitor your surroundings.

How do I stop my security camera from being unplugged?

Note: Don’t paint or cover the camera. This can affect it’s sensors and performance, and may void the warranty. If your Nest Cam Outdoor is plugged into an outdoor outlet, install a lockable “while-in-use” or “water and dust” cover that will help prevent it from being unplugged.

How do I stop my camera from flickering?

In general, the intensity of flickering can be decreased by using a slower shutter speed. Similarly, the flicker frequency can sometimes be decreased by using a shutter speed which is as close as possible to a known safe shutter speed.

Why does my camera flicker on and off?

The flickering you are experiencing is commonly due to the interaction between your camera shutter speed and the lights in your room. The electricity supply used to power lights uses AC (Alternating Current) power. This rapidly oscillates the current.

Before We Forget

The Dahua Cam line should benefit from this guide because it’ll teach you how to make it reconnect to the Internet, make its various faulty features operational, and deal with video loss from different types of camera models.


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