Byron Doorbell Not Working? Tips on How to Fix It !!!

byron doorbell not working

There are many reasons why your Byron stops working. Some do after battery removal and replacement. These units intermittently work but require you to remove and replace the battery every time. Others just don’t ring at all no matter how many times you push them.

Is yourbyron doorbell not working? No problem. Just do the following tips to fix it. Let’s properly diagnose what’s wrong with it and why it stopped working.

Tips on How to Fix a Byron Doorbell If It’s Not Working

Here are some helpful tips that can help troubleshoot your Byron Doorbell in case it stops working.

Reset the Byron Doorbell

If your Byron Doorbell is buggy or filled with errors, a good reset can return it back to normal. Do the following for any doorbell or door chime models with a volume or L button:

  • Hold down the L or volume button for 10 seconds until the doorbell beeps twice or plays a melody.
  • Press the bell push button only after the melody has stopped. If successful, the chime should ring afterwards.
  • If your chime beeps after the reset, release the L or volume button then hold it again for an additional 10 seconds until you hear a single beep sound.
  • Release that button then hold it again for an additional 10 seconds until you hear two beeps this time.
  • Now press your bell push button to check if the chime is now ringing.

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When resetting your Byron Doorbell without an L or volume button, you shouldn’t just remove the battery then put it back inside willy-nilly. Do the following instead:

  • Remove the battery from the door first before the reset.
  • Push the bell push battery for about 10 minutes.
  • Press it a couple of times to remove residual voltage.
  • Until all voltage is gone the reset won’t happen.
  • Start the reset by putting the battery back after all voltage has been removed.

To properly reset your portable Byron Doorbell unit, do the following:

  • Remove the batteries then insert them back. This should make the chime ring.
  • Press the button on the inside of the bell push. Press it for about 20 seconds. The reset will be confirmed with the chime ringing.
  • After the reset is over, put the doorbell in pairing mode. This also involves taking the batteries out only to insert them back until you hear a chime ring.
  • Now press the bell push button. Within 20 seconds, the chime should ring confirming the pairing.

To properly reset the Byron Plug-In Chime, do the following:

  • Remove the doorbell from the socket then plug it back in. The chime should ring if successful.
  • Now press the small button on the inside of the bell. Push it within 20 seconds. The chime should sound to confirm the reset process is underway.
  • Pair the unit again after reset by taking it out of the socket and putting it back in until the chime rings.
  • Again, press the bell button and wait for the doorbell to ring to confirm pairing.

For other Byron Doorbell models, refer to their individual manuals for more details on how to properly reset them.

Check the Quality and Type of the Batteries

The Byron Doorbell might be malfunctioning because of the batteries. Diagnose the problem by doing the following:

  • Check the Bell-Push Battery Quality and Placement: Check if you have a good quality bell push battery. Also inspect if it’s inserted correctly, with the positive and negative terminals matching. The bell push button should light up when you press it.
  • Inspect the Door Chime Battery Type: As for battery-powered Byron Door Chimes, also check the quality of their battery. You should get either Lithium or Alkaline batteries for the unit. Don’t use Zinc-type batteries instead.
  • Press the Bell Push Button Quickly: After the door chime is powered up, press the bell push button quickly. Press it within 30 seconds or quicker. The chime should ring after the bell push button is pressed. Otherwise, you might have a faulty unit or bad batteries.
  • Chime Volume is Too Low: You might need to turn up the volume of the chime to make it nice and loud enough to hear. Instead of the unit not working, it might instead be a volume issue.
  • Power Failure: The bell push might light up for a short time when pressed after 12 months or so, even after it has long lost its power for signal transmission.

Fixing the Chime Using the Volume Button or Dip Switches

Go to the Byron website on how to fix Byron units that lack a volume button. If you have a door chime with a volume button, hold that button down until you hear two beeping sounds. From there, press the bell push button.

As for TX, RX, and SX models with their small, white dip switches, go check to see if the bell push button’s dip switches match the door chime’s dip switches. Adjust them accordingly until they match. This allows you to fix their frequencies until they resonate with one another.

Troubleshoot the Frequency of the Doorbell

If your doorbell requires multiple resets to work, only for it to go into the fritz once more, it might be a frequency issue. Fixing the unit depends on its design, if that’s the case.

  • Fixed frequency units require you to make sure that the second unit matches with the frequency of the first unit.
  • If the Byron Doorbell instead prompts you to select the frequency (usually in the form of dip switches), you should be able to troubleshoot mismatched frequencies between units that way.
  • Take a look at your existing setup. By trial and error, try to set the right frequency for your units.
  • You can get a different unit that can change frequencies or is capable of learning frequencies for self-adjustment.
  • The frequency issue might root from a battery or power failure as well. A weakened doorbell or chime won’t have juice to transmit a signal.

The Byron Doorbell Troubleshooting Checklist

A Byron Doorbell is composed of the door chime and the bell push button that supposedly synchronize or pair with each other using the same frequency in order to properly work. A host of issues could get in the way of a properly operating Byron Doorbell.

  • Batteries: Don’t use Zinc batteries. Only use top-shelf Lithium or Alkaline batteries. Make sure they’re strong, full of remaining power, and not expired to keep them from compromising your battery-operated door chimes.
  • Plug-Ins: Plug-in doorbells shouldn’t be plugged next to appliances that could generate electrical interference. These include another chime unit, Wi-Fi boosters, night lights, plug-in air fresheners, mobile phone chargers, and power adapters.
  • Pairing Mode: If you have more than one door chime, even if they’re all Byron plug-ins or battery-powered chimes, please pair each door chime individually.
  • Reset: Reset the chime if it still doesn’t work properly despite all your precautions. Every individual model has their own reset sequence outlined in the user manual.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about fixing the Byron Doorbell.

How do you reset the Byron Doorbell?

It depends on the model. It typically involves removal of the batteries and inserting them back in. It’s like power-cycling your modem or router to make the intermittent Internet connection come back. You might need to do specific things to get all the voltage out and start the reset process.

The chime should ring after the reset. You might also have to press a small button inside of the bell for about 20 seconds, with the chime ringing confirming that the hard factory reset is successful.

Why is the Byron Doorbell not working?

The issue might be the doorbell button or “bell push”, the chime unit, or the transformer.  Your doorbell could also stop working if there’s a tear or damage to the doorbell circuit wires. If you wish to fix a non-working doorbell, you’ll need a few tools and replacement parts. Or you could hire a pro.

Why does the Byron Doorbell keep ringing?

It might be a battery problem. Resolve this issue by replacing your Lithium or Alkaline batteries with new ones. Don’t use Zinc batteries. If the beeping persists, please make sure the buttons are brand new. Even one low-powered button will activate the beeping mode indicating low power.

How do you connect or pair your Byron Doorbell?

It varies from unit to unit, model to model, or type to type. Judging by the previous entries, it usually involves doing the reset sequence twice. If you reset your door chime by pushing the volume button for 20 seconds or removing the batteries, you might need to do it again to pair up the door chime.

How do you fix the Byron Doorbell?

It depends on what’s wrong with it. Replace its batteries, reset it, check if the door chime and the bell push are using the same frequencies or dip switch settings, and so forth. A properly operating Byron Doorbell should sync with the bell push during pairing mode.


When fixing these devices, it’s best to narrow down what’s causing the issue. If a DIY fix isn’t working at all, you can always contact Byron itself by email or hotline to get the unit fixed or replaced.

Usually, the main culprit is a power supply issue. It could also be a software-based issue or glitch that you can fix with a quick full reset. There’s also frequency concerns specific for Byron doorbells that you won’t encounter with Ring, Arlo, Nest, or Wyze doorbells. The chime could also be broken.

When push comes to shove, you can always call Byron customer support to have the unit repaired or replaced. If it’s off-warranty, consider buying another model of doorbell altogether.


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