Blink Camera Troubleshooting (Causes and Solutions)

Blink Camera Troubleshooting

Blink has modernized home security cameras by introducing wireless connections to send high-definition videos and motion-activated alerts.

Blink cameras are easy to install. You just have to place it in the right areas in your home and turn it on.

There are instances, though, that your Blink camera will encounter some petty issues and you need to know how to do some troubleshooting.

Blink Camera, not Working: How to Fix!

When your Blink camera is not working, check these and make sure they are working properly:

Check the Cables

Check all cables. Unplug and reinsert the cables. Check if the cameras are already working.

Check the Batteries

If there is nothing wrong with the cables, check on the batteries inside the cameras. You may have not inserted the batteries properly. 

Check the Router

Check on your Wi-Fi connection to make sure it is working. Try to connect any of your other devices with the same network. Your Internet connection may be down, thus your Blink camera is not working. Check the Internet speed, too. If your Internet connection is working and the speed is ok, try to restart your router.

If your router is not working the way it should restart your Blink camera before calling your Internet service provider. Sometimes, a quick restart is all it takes to deal with petty technical glitches.

If your Wi-Fi is working fine but your Blink camera motion sensor is still not working, your camera may be too far away from the router. Place your Blink camera closer to the router. This may finally resolve the issue.

Blink Camera
Blink Camera

Clear the Path between your Camera and Router of any Obstacles

Remove all electronic devices like your TV, radio, etc. that are between the camera and router.

Factory Reset

If all the above troubleshooting methods fail, you may have to reset your camera to fix all the issues. 

Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion: How to Fix!

If your Blink camera is not detecting motion, scan your network. This default setting can be found in your Blink camera app. The system will diagnose your system and collect information so the Blink agents can evaluate your wireless network and determine why you are getting the error message.

You can also follow these steps to see if you can resolve the issue:

  1. Check your Wi-Fi connection. Move your Blink camera closer to the Sync Module. Check the strength of the signal on the Wi-Fi setting of your camera.

The signal should at least be 3 bars. If the signal is below 3 bars, it is not sufficient to power your Blink camera and you may experience delayed connectivity.

  1. Restart your modem. The connectivity issue may be due to the software being frozen because of a power interruption. Restarting your modem will reboot the system and make it function properly.
  1. If your camera is powered by batteries, you can also try to reinsert the batteries in the camera and check if your camera responds correctly this time.

Blink Camera Wi-Fi Issues: Here are Fixes!

Your Blink cameras rely on your Wi-Fi signal to run. All Blink cameras,  except the Blink Mini, include a Sync Module. The Sync Module is the central hub of all your cameras. The Sync Module relies on a Wi-Fi signal to keep your Blink cameras online.

A red light on your Sync Module indicates that your camera is offline. If your Blink cameras are offline, you will not be able to get a good camera view on your Blink Home Monitor App.

There are several reasons your Blink camera is having Wi-Fi issues causing it to be offline.

  • Poor to no Wi-Fi signal
  • The link between the router and Sync Module is disrupted due to power failure.
  • Your Blink camera and/or needs a reset.

Your Wi-Fi signal can easily get disrupted. Any changes with your Wi-Fi network may also affect signal transmission from the Sync Module to your cameras.

Resetting is a quick fix and works for most issues with your Blink Cameras and devices. There are, however, other fixes on how to get your Blink camera online again. If your Blink Camera is having Wi-Fi issues, start by checking the Sync Module’s signal strength.

You can check the Wi-Fi strength of the Sync Module and each of the Blink cameras via the Blink Home Monitor app. Open the App and tap on the Sync Module Status button. If your Blink Camera is not getting enough signal, you can move the camera closer to the router for an improved signal.

You can also opt for a range extender so you can position your Sync Module even far away from the router and extend the signal strength and overall range of your Blink Cameras. Without a range extender, the maximum signal distance between the Blink Cameras in your system and the Sync Module is only 100 feet.

Blink Camera Live View Failed: Fix!

The Live View features in your Blink Camera provide video and sound. One of the reasons you are getting a Live View Failed message is your Blink Sync Module may be offline. This may be because of the long distance between your router and Sync Module. It may also be because you are using rechargeable or alkaline batteries.

Position your Sync Module closer to the router. You may also remove all possible distractions between your router and Sync Module.

Remember to only use AA Lithium batteries in your Blink Camera because they have sufficient energy to effectively run your device.

Blink Camera and App
Blink Camera and App

Blink Camera Flashing Red: How to Fix!

The red and blue lights on your Blink Camera indicate the status of your device. When the red light flashes, it means your Blink Camera is not connected to your Wi-Fi.

Check the signal strength of your devices. Your Sync Mode and camera should at least show 3 bars of signal strength.   If you are not getting sufficient signal, try to reset the Sync Module or camera.

How to Fix When Mini Blink Camera Blinking Red?

A blinking red light on your Mini Blink Camera means Internet connectivity has been lost. Re-connect your Blink Mini to the Internet. When an Internet connection has been established, you will first get a blinking green light and then a solid blue light. You could also try a reset.

If the red light does not stop flashing for two minutes after trying any of the above fixes, the software of your camera may need an update.

How to Fix When Blink Camera Flashing Red on Indoor, Outdoor, XT, and XT2?T

The Blink Indoor, Outdoor, XT, and XT2 Camera are wireless and battery-operated. A blinking red light would mean any of the following:

  • No Internet connectivityOften, all you need to do is reconnect your Blink camera to the Internet. You can do this via the Blink Camera App. During setup, the red light will blink hard 3 to 4 times. It will then be followed by a repetitive blink. It will keep on blinking until it can establish an Internet connection.
  • When the red light blinks at least 5 or 6 times when the blue light (recording light) goes out, this means you will need to replace the batteries.
  • Motion detection. This could mean the camera is detecting motion.

When any of these troubleshooting methods do not work and the red light keeps on blinking, you may need to do a hard reset. Push the reset button on the inside of the back cover with a thin paper clip.

Light on Blink Camera
Light on Blink Camera

How to Fix When Blink Camera not Recording?

Here are possible fixes when your Blink Camera is not recording:

  • Check that the cables are properly connected.
  • Make sure the Blink camera is plugged into the power outlet.
  • Check if your Wi-Fi connection is running well.
  • Check if your Blink camera is receiving sufficient signals
  • Make sure the Sync Module is communicating properly with the camera
  • Make sure the Blink camera is within the connectivity range of your Wi-Fi.

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How to Replace Batteries on Blink XT / Blink XT2?

Each of the cameras in your system is powered by Lithium AA batteries. The lifespan of the batteries (Blink claims it can last for 2 years) depends on the amount of motion the camera detects and the frequency and length of time you access the camera for real-time video.

Your Blink cameras each have a battery indicator you can view in your Blink App. It is best to replace the batteries when they are down to 25%. With the Blink XT, though, the indicator only says ‘OK’ or ‘Replace’.

Blink recommends that you get non-rechargeable AA Lithium batteries. Avoid getting AA Li-ion or Lithium-Ion batteries because they have a higher voltage that may cause issues with your Blink camera.

You can find the battery cover at the back of the camera. The battery compartment is indicated by a rubber button in the middle.

  1. Slide the latch downwards and lift the back cover. Start lifting the cover at the bottom.
  2. Remove the old batteries.
  3. Insert 2 new AA Lithium batteries. Be conscious of the orientation of the batteries.
  4. Replace the rear cover.
  5. Push the rear button of the cover to make sure it is locked in place.

Do not wait for the cameras to run dead. When the battery indicator shows ‘Replace’, immediately replace the batteries.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Flashing Red Light Mean on Blink camera?

A flashing red light could either mean the Blink camera is not connected to the Internet or the camera batteries are dead. If the battery indicator says ‘OK’, it means that the flashing red light is because of lost Internet connectivity.

Why does Blink Camera Say It’s Busy?

The Blink camera will display a busy error when it is recording motion and you attempt to access the live stream. The camera will stop to display the ‘Busy’ message when it is done recording motion. Remember that your camera cannot record motion when you are watching the stream.

Are blink camera batteries rechargeable?

The batteries that come with your Blink camera are not rechargeable. It is also not recommended to use rechargeable batteries as replacements because the cameras may run into some issues.


When something is not right with your Blink Camera, it does not always mean that you need to take it to the professionals. Learn how to troubleshoot your Blink so you can keep your home safe at all times.


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